JOBSEARCH: What are the things you took away from this carnival?

Jason Alba

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So what are the main things that you learned/took away from this carnival?

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Remember I said that I read the entries “carefully”.

What I did was create that OPML of the participant’s blogs, pushed into a Google Reader, and read, not only their entry, but everything that the reader would show me from their blog.

So, what I learned from the carnival that there were 13 people that I never knew before that I could learn from. (I was already reading Slim’s Escape from Cubicle Nation!)

The long term benefit of the carnival is the new sources of DIKW that I have now “gathered”.

Here’s some detailed observations that I “collected” as well!



So many great blog posts from a lot of folks I had not known of in the past.

FJR> Hmmm, people will give you their best thinking if you ask!



Someone once said that “nothing focuses one’s mind more than the sound of bullets whizzing past.” Anyone who has been laid off can tap into this energy, if they try to. The key is doing it methodically.

FJR> Methodically! I need more and better meth!



Exploring the Candidate Bill of Rights

FJR> Unthinkable! Candidate’s rights?



Thinking back over the experience, I asked myself how Nate had created such a perfect buying experience for us. His questions were the key. Through his questions, he found our exact need, then provided a great solution for the need.

FJR> Steal this concept!



Entrepreneurship and generating passive income through blogs, products, speaking, consulting.

FJR> Either next, or the one after that. (Before WalMart greeter!)



I can see now that he was right – because I never regained my interest or focus, and that potential is no longer a part of my life.

FJR> Decisions cut off other avenues. “Choose wisely”



Pick a strategy, tweak it here and there, and you’ll have better success than aimlessly bouncing the ball around.

FJR> Don’t have one? I need my next two strategies, Now!



Before writing your essays draft a few thoughts on paper for each question.

FJR> If I’d have done that, maybe I’d have won Jason’s car. Or produced a better essay.



Your best shot at fast employment is still your current employer.

FJR> Disagree. You’re damaged goods! But, suck everything dry before it happens!



There’s almost always a reason why they haven’t been as visible. This is a great opportunity to find out why.

FJR> I try an age my contacts, but I could should, must do, better.



My skills are not as current as I’d like them to be.

FJR> Me2; so what do I do!?!



Play up how your skill sets and abilities are exactly what the company needs in order to maximize, optimize, advantagize (is that a word?).

FJR> Need 2 advantagize!



Always insist on obtaining either verbally and/or in writing his/her response and commitment to the job offer.

FJR> Make them pay for it!



The First Sunday of every month, I have a meeting with my mythical team of me, myself, and I. We discuss the implications of “the only paycheck you’re assured of is the one that is in the bank”.

FJR> My best idea!



Attend Events

FJR> But I’m a lazy ITSJ!



ALWAYS be thankful (very thankful!) to anyone

FJR> Even BEFORE they help!



Always know the 2 things you want to learn each quarter.

FJR> Great Idea!



Contextual Authority Tagging is the use of folksonomy to discover and define cognitive authority through reputation within communities of users.

FJR> Wow, how can I exploit that insight?



Morgan Fairchild Marketing is composed of Reach, Frequency and Awareness.

FJR> And knock out beauty. How as a FOWG can I overcome that?



TECHNOLOGY: open source Democracy Player

“Want to see the future of Net video? Download the open source Democracy Player”
Wired Magazine, May 2006

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Stop squinting at tiny web video. Instead, download and watch all the best internet TV shows in one powerful application: any video RSS feed, video podcast, video blog, or BitTorrent file. Fullscreen, high resolution, 100% free and open source. New channels arrive daily in the built-in Channel Guide

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Looks very VERY good to me.

LIBERTY: A chat about being like Patrick Henry

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Well, the media has me so mad, as they usually do!

That is the one area where I feel we need bugamint [Big Government] to get in. Believe it or not. My reasoning … they have too much power in their little hands … way too much power to influence people the way they want to free enterprise isn’t enough to take care of it

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Well of course I disagree.

“Congress shall make no law regarding … “.

We have to get the gubamint out of things. Not into them. The old media is “dead man walking”. They’re not making any money and the inet is eating the business model whole!

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You are missing the point my friend .. they are still are on TV today and will be tonight spreading their untruths and opinions that many people follow like lemmings … you can’t allow something like that to occur, in a free society or not.

ok, if not govt, then somebody, come type of control is needed

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You have the control. OFF button.

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Me yes, but I am not talking about me. That is the issue, other People don’t.

For Example, station runs a polit ad that contains lies against an opponent. The station doesn’t like the guy. So it runs the ad anyway. People see if and believe it, not all, but enough to swing an election.

Now should we allow that to take place?

Not in my USA

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Yup, because you and you neighbors can exercise market control on the politician, the station, and the ADVERTISERS of that station. Get everyone in your church to see it your way and watch how fast that changes.

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You should be made to run your ad by a neutral group that verifies the validity of the statements … no validity, no runnee ad.

Maybe not the govt, but some type of censor group

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So, get on the horn to all you local media and SPEAK Up. It does no good to pick on those who can’t do anything about it.

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I know … but there aren’t enough Patrick Henry’s out there … we need help unless someone does do that. I think the TV is the most powerful thing this country has ever faced … and it is winning.

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Nope, the internet is. It BYPASSES the established channels.

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But who will help? You are right in that sense, until someone does take them on it will continue.

OK so in the meantime I will just complain

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NO, no, no, what I want you to do is become a citizen journalist. It’s cheap and easy to blog! You can have your own local “channel”. It’s doable NOW!

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We can ALL be citizen Patrick Henry’s.

That fellow goes to a church of at least a hundred families.

That’s voting bloc. And, an economic bloc. And a media bloc.

The church itself is a tax exempt corporate entity. Buy taken as individuals they can be a mighty force. The 60s civil rights movement began in the black churches. Gandhi wrote from prison.

If’n I was him, I’d start a Yahoo Group. I’d get every email of everyone in the church, without using the church. I’d have little business cards printed up. The Beverly Hills 90210 Value Coalition! (No, I’d use the name of their town and zip code.) I’d put the Yahoo Groups subscribe address and his name, phone, and email on it.

Then every time I spoke to a church member, I’d give him a card. After chatting, I make a note of the person, date, time, and topic. Keep some records and poof you have got a force to be reckoned with.

Dear Mister Politician, we didn’t like your lying ad. Come explain yourself.

Dear Mr. Newspaper, You stink and we ain’t buying. Come apologize.

Dear Mr. TV Station Owner, We don’t like you filth, bias, …

Dear Mr. Advertiser, You support lies, porn, nonsense, we ain’t buyin your product.

Then inet is the “queen of the chessboard” when it comes to politics, the media, and the grass roots.

There’s a reason we are seeing the formation of “astroturf” groups (entities pretending to be grassroots orgs). It’s POWER!

TECHNOLOGY: PRIVATEPHONE as a way to control inbound calls


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What is PrivatePhone?

* A NEW phone number, with BETTER privacy features, and a voicemail that gives you MORE CONTROL over your social and professional life.
* Access your voicemail messages any time, anywhere over the phone or on the web.

Is my PrivatePhone number really FREE?

* Yes, your PrivatePhone number is free. There is no obligation, no hidden charge. No Catch.
* PrivatePhone will be introducing future enhancements that will make your PrivatePhone experience even better; some enhancements will be available for a nominal fee, others for free.

How can I use my PrivatePhone number?

* Use PrivatePhone whenever you meet interesting people and want to get to know them better while maintaining control of your privacy.
* Use it on sites such as eBay, Craigslist and Rapleaf.
* When you want just your friends to hear your funny messages.
* These are just a few of the many uses for PrivatePhone; watch the videos for additional inspiration.

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Of course, I think it MIGHT be very useful for RESUMES, especially if you only have one line into your home, and confidential job search when you’re fully employed.

INTERESTING: Capitalist Manefesto

The Capitalist Manifesto: Managing the Rise of Citizen Investors
Stephen Davis, Jon Lukomnik, David Pitt-Watson

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The citizen investor is you.

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I’m so not sure I believe this. The mutual fund managers have the big stick! I’d suggest that they are not immune to pressure. CEOs that tick of the general public and / or the investing public, like the Home Depot example, are doing so at their own peril. But, a underlying change in the corporate structure, nah! AND, certainly government regulation is probably the proverbial thumb on the butcher’s scale. Businesses disciplined by markets appeal to the government to save them from themselves, the stockholders, and consumers. With out of control government, businesses have little power. We need a different paradigm. True, but this isn’t it. imho