LIBERTY: Permission to exit the amerika

Friday, November 03, 2006
U.S. citizens to be required ”clearance” to leave the United States

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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (HSA) has proposed that all airlines and cruise lines be required to obtain clearance for each passenger they propose taking into or out of the United States.

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What is this nonsense?

Someone needs to take these tyrants to the woodshed!

WRITING: What my blog’s voice … …

The Sound Of Your Blogging Voice
Steven Bradley
Expert Author
Published: 2006-11-03

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“To gain your own voice, forget about having it heard. Become a saint of your own province and your own consciousness.”

-Allen Ginsberg

A good writing voice can carry most any idea for a blog post. And a poor writing voice can ruin even the best of ideas. So what sound does your writing voice make?

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… … it has to be a whine! ;-)

TECHNOLOGY: Microsoft and Novell in a desperate partnership to … …

Microsoft, Novell partner on historic Windows, Linux interoperability deal

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Microsoft and Novell Thursday announced a wide ranging business and technology partnership designed to make it easier for companies to run, integrate and manage Linux and Windows in their environments while steering clear of patent and intellectual property concerns.

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Sorry, but I don’t trust either corporation to do what’s best for me. Whatever that is. Let’s look at some motivations.

Microsoft is in a dying desktop monopoly position. And, there server position isn’t so hot either.

They have just shot themselves in the foot with Vista; does any one really expect consumers to buy new hardware with Vista and consign what is working to the trash heap? Or, go thru the techie high jumps trying to “upgrade”? Or, invest money for Vista and the try to make Vista run on old hardware. Don’t forget “You’re a thief” WGA! And you’ve bought into “Only One Activation”! And, those are the swords behind the matador’s cape we know about. What don’t we know?

No, I expect Microsoft’s consumer market to fragment into three distinct parts:

(1) Users got to the web to sites like Google to replace fat client desktop software. Office replaced by Writely. Project by Basecamp. MSNIM by MEEBO. Outlook by Gmail. Any desktop will do for web users. Ubuntu Linux for them. No dollars to MSFT any more ever again.

(2) Users go to Linux like Ubuntu, but don’t trust the web. SO they deploy Firefox, OpenOffice, Thunderbird, and other Linux Open Source stuff as needed. A little bumpy but no dollars to MSFT either.

(3) Users, who can afford to, may need a new platform because hardware breaks or winrot becomes so bad. For most people a bare metal restore is undoable, unthinkable, or just too much work. So they drink the Microsoft KoolAid and get Vista as part of a hardware deal. An ugly migration but it’ll work. But very few new dollars to MSFT either.

SO I expect MSFT wants to FUD Linux and mess up the works.

NOVELL is acting as if they were LINUX! They have A distribution. But they are by no means the MSFT of LINUX. I’m sure of that based on their past history of shooting themselves in the foot. (Remember at one time they OWNED the word LAN in the world’s mind! MSFT edged them out of that position.) SO they are probably looking an the “declining mountain range” (business profitability chart used in all the cartoons) and saying “help!” or worse.

SO here we have two sinking ships, one the Titanic, and one the SS Minow, trying to stay afloat making a “historic” deal. I’d call it histrionic!

And, you think this is good for the industry, or you in particular?

No, I think the partnership is to try and allow them stay afloat. To do that, they have to FUD the Lunux space, and convince the public (mostly CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, and the ultimately important CFOs) that their “Edsel” is the best.

I don’t trust ’em and I ain’t buyin’ that particular load of barbara striesand!

JOBSEARCH: “findability” is a key element for passive seekers.

STRATEGY: “findability” is a key element …

… for passive seekers.

There’s a pretty good dialog going on over at [LinkedInnovators] a Yahoo Group I belong to. See “Digest Number 503” Over the value of LInkedIn in a job search.

One of my favorite topics!

LINKEDIN is a cross between the yellow pages for professionals and an ersatz networking tool.

I haven’t figured out the value for me yet. If there is any?

But two things I took out of the discussion:

(1) Get your linkedin profile on your resume with a substantive number of contacts and some endorsements. Thinking outside the box on your profile is more acceptable than on your resume (i.e., pity plays well — my dog died AND hobbies count towards the value proposition).

(2) Participate in the inet groups as a passive strategy to get recognition.


TECHNOLOGY: Link shortening may avoid problems

MIKI> Me and my tech are trying to insert links to books at Amazon into my
MIKI> blogs (using WordPress), but when we Save and Update the blog the link
MIKI> that we pasted in seems to reformat and contains random characters.

Dear Group:

I blog at WordPress and have always had prompt responses to all my questions when I use the feedback mechanism from the dashboard. I usually get it in hours, sometime minutes, I think once was a day. Sometimes the answer is “no you can’t do that” but at least I didn’t waste a lot of cycles frustrated. I’d ask them for a definitive answer.

I have two suggestions, despite my ignorance of what the real cause is, that might be a work around.


First, may I suggest that you use TinyUrl to create a “short link”. For example, I took your link and “tinyurled” it (i.e., went to, pasted in your long amazon link, and got this back.

***Begin Quote***

TinyURL was created!

The following URL:

has a length of 237 characters and resulted in the following TinyURL which has a length of 25 characters:

***End Quote***

In my mind, it would seem that 200+ plus character link could easily title something. Maybe wordpress, the browser, or some other component has a hidden limit? Maybe there a code combination in their that has a magical mystical value, that gets translated, like %22 for quote, by some “helpful” piece of software.

Shortening the URL, may help.

There are some people who suggest for security reasons that one should never click on such a link because I could have put a tiny link for the latest Russian exploit. (I used to be a security weenie so I have heard ALL the arguments.) To which, my answer would be, “so why click on any link at all?”, but the paranoid whiz by that. TO cut down on the discussion I usually just give people both links.

Also, when I want to find a link I recommended, I can usually want the “read site” not the tinyurl. SO it really self-interest that I do that.

**********ONE — FOOTNOTE ******

It is possible in Firefox and IE to get a TinyUrl widget on the toolbar so that, if you have the URL in your frame, clicking on it, gives you the TINYURL for it. It saves a few keystrokes. I use it extensively.

**********ONE — DISCLAIMER ****

There are many URL shortening sites out there. TINYURL is the first one I found, and I have never found any reason to change. I guess that is one argument for quoting both the original url and the tiny one. Should TINYURL fold, you could always use the long one.


I use a free tool called BLOGDESK. It seems to do quite nicely getting my wonderful lucid ramblings from my desktop to WORDPRESS quickly and accurately. I use it because, from time to time, when interacting with WORDPRESS directly, something would happen in the cloud and I’d lose my content. I suspect some type of network error would occur before the screen was really saved and one of my pearls of wisdom would be lost for ever. AND, it was SO GOOD, that I couldn’t remember it, despite having just wrote it. I lost several good zingers. I could generally recreate it but I KNOW it wasn’t as good a post as the one I lost. BLOGDESK, has some other nice features, in that it keeps copies of all my wisdomly words for me to reuse and it allows me to template certain topics so I stay with a consistent format. It might help you all with your url problem.