TECHNOLOGY: Private and Encrypted document sharing

Your documents are Private and Encrypted

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Write and share documents easily, quickly and privately!

With WideWord you can invite any amount of friends or partners to collaborate on a document with you. All you need to do is enter their email address and we send them an invitation straight away. WideWord ensures that the document remains secure.

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Interesting, but why should someone trust this, or any service provider?

FUN: Different _________!

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Steve started off the conference with a parable:

A man on a safari in Kenya gets separated from his group and wanders off, lost. He comes across an elephant lying in a clearing, nursing a foot that has been pierced by a branch.

Carefully and slowly, the man approaches the elephant. Once he gets close enough to touch the beast, the man yanks the branch from its foot. He runs back across the clearing, then stops to look back at the elephant.

The huge animal stares at him. Then it rises to its feet, walks slowly over to the man, and touches him on the forehead with its trunk. Then the gentle giant turns and walks away.

The man eventually meets up with his group and goes home.

Ten years pass.

The man goes to the zoo with some friends. At one enclosure, he notices that an elephant is staring at him intently. The elephant drops the food it is eating and approaches the fence, staring all the while at the man.

The man’s friend says, “Hey, looks like that elephant recognizes you.”

And the man starts wondering, Is this the same elephant?

As the elephant stares at him, he becomes more convinced that this is the same elephant he saved in Kenya. He goes closer to the fence. The elephant stares at him. He starts to climb the fence, despite the protests of his friends. He drops into the enclosure. The elephant stares at him. Then, slowly, the elephant reaches out its trunk and touches him on the forehead.

I know this elephant! the man thinks. Then the elephant stretches out his trunk again, and grabs the man around the waist and slams him on the ground.

It wasn’t the same elephant.

Steve got a lot of laughter from this story. But his point was that info marketing is not the same elephant.

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I gotta kick out of thins and a new catch phrase “different elephant”!

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TECHNOLOGY: Yet Another Skype

Make, and receive, calls for free

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iCall features sophisticated new technology which uses your existing Internet connection (cable, DSL, wireless, or dial-up) and your PC to plug you directly in to the regular telephone network. Stick it to the man – you already pay for your Internet connection, and the Internet is changing everything!

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Yet Another Skype.

Except it’ll be free after the first of the year.

It allows free dial in, that skype and yahoo charge for.

But it is as an extension. That may be hard for people to remember.

And, the call in numbers may cause a caller to incur a toll charge.

So, it’s a maybe.

Good for outbound free calls after the first of the year, and forget all the rest.

MONEY: Return to a gold standard

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Return to a gold standard — or hell, a silver standard or a platinum standard or …

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I read this thread and two thoughts came to mind, actually three.

(1) The german hyper inflation that led to the rise of hitler. It could happen here. Politicians tax, borrow, and spend. (Sound familiar) the Fed runs the printing press. And runs it and runs it. I knew a Jewish family that send their wealth to Switzerland and the US in the form of diamond, postage stamps, and jewelry. Some of them got out; most didn’t. The old gent told me that, and his wife confirmed, that she would come by his office and take any money he collected that morning and go buy something. Anything. Because by nightfall it would be worthless. The hyper inflation was catastrophic. he would do the same thing on his way home with the afternoon’s collections. By the morning it too would be worthless. The country quickly devolved into barter, valuables, and metals. quite scary.

(2) If the us debt becomes to onerous. The Gubamint could just walk away from it. “Oh green funny pieces of paper? You should take that to the Federal Reserve Bank. We don’t have anything to do with it!” Repudiation would have some interesting consequences. If you think that the world is mad at us now, then wait till we pull the rug out from under them. The Chinese, Japanese, Arabs, and Europeans would find themselves sitting on worthless paper. It would be interesting to see it happen.

(3) There’s a “law” in Economics, (Not like a government law, but more like the Law of Gravity), that says something like “In an inflationary economy, bad money drives out good. In a deflationary one, the reverse is true.” Hyperinflation, or demonetization of a fiat currency, will imho act like a deflation (the ultimate kind). AND, if people stop taking FRBies, then money will be redefined QUICKLY into coins, “medallions”, or stuff like that.

I think we can roll back fiat currency if we educate, if we personally refuse FRBies when we can, and if we can “save” in metal backed stuff.

For example, I personally: nag people about “dead presidents” and “pretty green pieces of paper”. I like Mises’ line “only a government can take valuable paper and make it worthless by printing on it”.

For example, I REFUSE to take the dollar “gold” coin. It really annoys the cashiers who want to palm if off on me because it doesn’t fit in their draw.

For example, I make small buys of gold and silver bullion coins as “savings”. If the world goes to “hell in a hand basket”. I’ll have things of value “buried” at home.

RANT: Montezuma’s revenge … but I haven’t been anywhere?

Took last night off from life. Due to Montezuma! Now I haven’t been anywhere near South America; nor, have I even thought of South America, so why is he exacting his revenge on me? Aghh.

Maybe I have given myself an ulcer with trying to keep too many “plates” twirling. Hmmm?

Oh well, today will be better.

Especially since the NuJerzee taxpayers have something to show for all the money they have pumped into the pigeon hole labeled “State U”.

(Every real state has to have one right? Don’t want our distinguished Congress critters to be looked down on as rubes by their fellow fascists. Do we?)

Anyway, the Rutgers semi-professionals beat the Louisville semi-professionals in an exciting football game last night. As befits an educated and cultural elite group (in their own minds), there was no violence in the streets “celebrating” “their” victory.

(Never understood how buying a ticket to watch some men, who have sweated their butts off, who have practiced “a lot”, and who  have sacrificed a lot, when those men win, how does your ticket, your tuition bill, or your tax bill, make that”your victory”?)

In the grand scale of things, I’d have rather they announced a cure for <insert your favorite disease: aids, breast cancer, montezuma’s revenge>. But I guess you have to take joy where you find it.

And, no, I’m not jealous because there’s no Jasper football. There is Jasper Rugby! Now that’s a real man’s game. No equipment. No “scholarships”. Nothing professional about it. Just played for the joy of sport.

Isn’t that what student athletics and amateur is  supposed to mean?