FUN: Following your own advice

I was playing “let it ride” and was losing. A while ago, I decided that I wanted the big kill. So, in evaluating the game, I decided to “chase low pairs”. It basically means that on a low pair (i.e., nine or less), that I would let my first bet ride. It increases the house edge to over 5%. But, I’m only going to be there until I lose 6 hands in a row. So today I was tempted to renege on that strategic decision. I decided not to when on what was to be my next to least hand. Dealt a 6 – 6 – 3, was sore tempted. But I was strong. The only way you can get four of a kind without starting with trips is to bet on the low pair in your hand. So I was focused on the dealer turning a 6. He didn’t. He turned a three! I had to check my cards. So that gave me two pair. So, of course, I let my second bet ride. Sure enough, he turns a 6! Full house. Yes! 200$ bonus and 110$ for each of my three bets. $530!! Yes. So, when you make a decision, you have to be strong. Strong enough to follow your own advice!

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