LIBERTY: We can’t be the world’s police!

A Word to the Unwise
by L. Neil Smith

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First, we are not the cops of the world. Every time we try to be, young Americans die by the thousands, instead of living to discover a cure for cancer or a matter-antimatter drive—or simply getting married and raising children and grandchildren in peace, freedom, and prosperity.

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L. Neil Smith, in addition to being a great writer, is a pithy libertarian commentator.

His ten points are well taken.

But, there is zero chance that either “major” party will listen. Our only hope is that the people will throw them both out.

JOBSEARCH: Introverts need to network as well


Networking Strategies For Shy Professionals
By Judy Rosemarin

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Unlike extroverts, you aren’t energized by contact with others. Frankly, you prefer being alone.

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I’m not sure that is how I’d describe it. But from childhood, we were trained “to be rarely seen and not heard”.

As an ITSJ, techies are used to working on tough technical problems. Heads down. Fingers to keyboard. And, you get used to it.