LIBERTY: Tell a big gubamint columnist to stuff it!

Here’s what the new Congress should do help taxpayers, retirees, and investors
By Jeff Brown | November 18, 2006

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With the Democrats taking control of Congress and President Bush becoming Mr. Cooperative, every interest group in the country will forward its legislative wish list to Washington.

So here’s mine — the things I’d like done for investors and taxpayers.

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Social Security. Alternative minimum tax. Roth IRAs. Annual investment taxes. Estate tax. Sarbanes-Oxley.

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I could go on . . .

But, I’d rather hear from you. E-mail your thoughts on legislative or regulatory issues you’d like Washington to tackle, and I’ll assemble the good suggestions for a future column.

Jeff Brown is a business columnist for The Philadelphia Inquirer. E-mail him at

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Stop stealing people’s money! Period. We don’t need Mommy Government telling us “to take our medicine, like good little citizens, cause mommie gubamint knows best”! Name one government program that works?

Government is the problem!

SO tell Washington to take the rest of their lives off. The dead Old White Guys were right about shackles.



GUNS: No bear hunt

NJ DEP chief: There will be no bear hunt
– Daily Record (NJ)

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New Jersey’s top environmental official late Wednesday scotched this year’s bear hunt, and hinted that none would be staged in the future, saying non lethal ways to keep peace between humans and bears need to be tried. Jackson’s move comes some two weeks after Gov. Jon S. Corzine said he wanted to explore non lethal ways to deal with the state’s growing bear population.

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You have to admire today’s liberals, who don’t live in the real world. They are going to spend a lot of money, stolen from NJ taxpayers, to convince the bears not to procreate. You have to love when some one plays poker with your chips.

Which politicians goes to jail when, not if, someone gets hurt by a bear?

ALUMNI: High School Alumni group has some life

I’ve been distracted by a particular spinning plate in my life. My high school alumni activities have warranted some attention. Last week, I went galavanting to have dinner with a tad more than a dozen. It was a hoot, but I’m still trying to catch up. They did introduce me to a great restaurant in a “interesting” NYC neighborhood. As a result, the need for a memorial has some interest and I put up a wiki, specifically pbwiki, for that purpose, gave it some see content, and it’s having some traffic. In the process of doing that, I was shown a free web stat tool. I also created a button for one of the sites.