RANT: Does anyone ever fall for this stuff?

***Begin Quote***

From: Sears Card [mailto:accounts@searscard.com]
Sent: Monday, November 06, 2006 9:47 AM
Subject: Sears Card Account Payment Notification

Sears Card Account Payment Notification

A payment posted to your Sears Card account on or before 30 October 2006.

IP address:

Because the Lookup Country for this IP address, we decided to restrict your Sears Card account features in order to protect our entire payment system form future fraudulent transactions. To report unauthorized use of your account, to change your password, to check available credit, or for more information about your account, go to:

<link is deliberately destroyed>

h t t p : / /




This message is for information purposes only.

Please understand that we cannot respond to individual messages through this email address. It is not secure and should not be used for credit card account related questions.

For questions about your credit card, please Contact Us:

<link is deliberately destroyed>

h t t p : / /



After you have submitted your information, check for a response within 4-four business days. Just return to the Write to Customer Care section and select the View/Update Messages link.

***End Quote***

Why would you go to anything but http:// www. sears. com?

While I have a sears account, and they have my email address, it’s not one used for ANY other purpose. Also, that email account, is EXCLUSIVELY Sears! So if something, anything, comes purporting to be from Sears on ANY other email account, it is –prima facie (on its face) –res ipsa loquitur (it speaks for itself) — a FRAUD!

Even if you don’t want to go to the trouble of setting up different email accounts for different financial uses, you can do the same thing with gmail. Use the plus sign when you give out your gmail account to anyone. Regardless if you use or don’t rules or sort on it, it’s its own credential. After all how many spammers are going to guess that 6D4EAEBB87685D @ gmail.com will go thru with their spam fraud, but that the had to say 6D4EAEBB87685D + 57USHYW1 for me to really believe it was from the real Sears. (I know the address from writing them nasty letters.)

So maybe I create a code log. And, +58BD is Pennys, +BDFD is food town, +7BB3 is my bank, and +A6F1 is my credit union.

Go ahead try and fool me!

I can even carry a list in my wallet of the next forty strings. If I lose it NBD (no big deal). I can just make up another.

You don’t need to risk being fooled. You can take simple steps to protect yourself. I’ll help.

Here are some random plus codes for your to use:

5DC6E8 748A46 C9737A 4D5C6F
E5634C 3D4D42 222986 8C8F5A
CF9678 F349F3 776962 355D48
EEDD4D 53A768 C25D4F DA356E
698A7E 7768B3 C9F39B E244F8

Yell if you need more!

JOBSEARCH: Jason’s “carnival” exposes some key ideas


Here’s a “carnival”. It has the thinking of some very smart people, and Jason even posted my entry in that elite company. (He probably felt sorry for my modest effort.)

Basically, we were all supposed to respond to the “You just lost your job; what do you do” question.

Oh, oh, OH! I know, I know, first I clear the airway, check to see if the patient is breathing, and then begin compressions. Oh, wrong test.

Seriously, 14 “contestants” submitted entries to the carnival. I’ve read all the entries, and mine isn’t the best. Which one do you think is?

Even I learned some things by reading each entry carefully.

Some after-deadline ones are coming in. I’m planning to read those as well.

One can’t always take “free advice”, but in this case, I suggest that everyone who is “in” take, make, and / or dedicate time to this wake up call.

LIBERTY: We see the pictures; we don’t see the silent harm!


October 31, 2006
Hubble to be Repaired

***Begin Quote***

Finally some good news for the “aging” space telescope. From the AP:


NASA will send a space shuttle to repair the 16-year-old Hubble Space Telescope, agency Administrator Michael Griffin announced Tuesday, reversing his predecessor’s decision to nix the mission.


Something I can actually agree with Sen. Mikulski about. I am sure that there are plenty of folks who will gripe about the price tag but this country has wasted far more on far less.

***End Quote***

Now this is disappointing from a Libertarian. But, we all lose our heads from time to time. Heck, I’m sure I liked some benefit or another from the fascist Big Gubamint.

Why should I be forced at gunpoint to fix the Hubble?

It’s not “mine”. I certainly didn’t put it up there. No one came to my door — virtual or physical — and said “knock, knock! We’re collecting to put up a space telescope and would you like to kick in a few bucks?” A local boy scout did that for his Eagle project.

NO, using tax money, collected by violence on our fellow citizens, is immoral and wrong. No matter how neat the pictures are.

I always look at the margins. (Read the great Austrian economists to really grok it.) Somewhere, something was silently crowded out by this theft. Maybe a Mom could make a special cake. Maybe a Dad couldn’t buy his kid something they wanted. Maybe an investment was missed. Maybe a privatized Hubble was precluded. By stealing our money for this, they preclude us from doing that! It always happens because we live in a world of scarce resources.

We see the pictures; we don’t see the silent harm!

I hope that this Libertarian can convince that Libertarian.

JOBSEARCH: Contest entry to “Yikes! You just lost your job!”


Here’s the topic/theme/question:

> Yikes! You just lost your job!

Hey, no surprise! The First Sunday of every month, I have a meeting with my mythical team of me, myself, and I. We discuss the implications of “the only paycheck you’re assured on is the one that is in the bank”. I’ve been expecting this to happen ever since I took the job.



> You’ve been so busy at *work* that you don’t feel your
> network is as strong as you would like it to be!

Kick myself in the ass. I knew better than not to trust them bastards. Sneaky SOBs. Can’t trust them. OK, now it’s time to find my “last job”. (Given my age, I’m only planning one more job max before I go teach, consult, and write. Shift job search activities from “passive and fussy” to “active and discriminating”. (Yes, there are other gears, frenzied & panicked & desperate hamburger flipper & WalMart greeter.)

>What are you going to do with (and to) your network in the next 6 weeks
> as you begin an aggresive job search campaign?

Week 1: Immediately, draft a press release! Ring up my three friends, consume a suitable number of adult beverages, and commiserate how life sucks. Update my Plaxo mini bulletin board with my new status.

Week 2: Reopen consulting efforts; tell existing clients that their free ride is over; retainers anyone?; contracts? orders?

Week 3: Notify my graduated turkeys that their tuition bill is due and they are now on the hook to help me. Reactivated the resume and automatic job feed on the NINE boards that I watch regularly (weekly).

Week 4: Notify my 900 LinkedIn contacts that I need their help. Notify the three job search groups I belong to that I am now in play.

Week 5: Message my 1750 fellow alums, who read my ezine, that I’m available to make big bucks. Message the other 9k fellow alums that I can be hired for wakes and weddings. Message the 3k of non-alumni non-linkedin contacts that I’m in play.

Week 6: Now, grow up, get over it, pull up your big boy shorts, and get to serious work. What IS the UVP and USP that I am trying to exploit.

>And, outside of your network, what job search tactics will you employ?

Machine gun mass mailing of it (resumes) to public lists.

Shotgun it to some various subset of good companies.

Rifle shots it at key targets of known entities.

Pistol shots putting it up close at personal networking meetings.

Job search is WAR. Hence the metaphor!

>Or your best networking tips related to job searches.

Awareness, prior to being nuked, that it could happen. The first Sunday morning of every month should have an hour dedicated to the topic. Fore warned is fore armed! Or is that four armed.



Establish which of your value propositions that you are going to sell by market testing. Test, test, and test! It’s not your opinions that count, it’s evidence that leads to results.

Follow a sales funnel approach. Selling yourself is not different than selling any other product or service. No, no, no, … … YES! It just wading thru the NOs to get to the YES.