TECHNOLOGY: SKYPE doesn’t integrate completely with OUTLOOK

That didn’t take long did it?

Before I found the first “feature”.

I have outlook’s contacts divided into different files. SKYPE only sees the main contact address book ‘contacts”.


I have about 20k of contacts and need some sanity.


TECHNOLOGY: SKYPE is out with a new version and losts of buzz


***Begin Quote***

Calling any phone within the US and Canada is free until the end of the year. To make a call to a landline or cell phone, click on the “Dial” tab, insert the country code +1 in front of the number and press the green call button.

***End Quote***

New download. Version 2.5. Old ids work. EWeek October 30 has a big write up saying how good it is and the corporate IT type can’t really keep it out of the network.

Free calls until end of year. Neat!


Chatted with Vincent Wright about my idea, LINKEDIN by ZIPCODE.

Once I established the rationale, that New Jersey or any mass transit challenged area, had limits on the ability to get like-minded folks together. I thought that LINKEDIN-ites who live or work in a particular zip code could get together if they could find each other. By creating yahoo groups, similar to the one Vincent has created for bloggers and power users, by zip code, we could over come the challenge of geography. Hence the concept of LINKEDINzipcode is launched.

So, for example, LINKEDIN90210 would be for Beverly Hills CA. If they have a fool to try and start it.

So, I’ve created LINKEDIN08824 and LINKEDIN08054.

Now, all I have to get, or make, are snazzy badges!

GUNS: Let’s sprinkle in a few “sheepdogs” with big teeth in the flock


***Begin Quote***

November 1, 2006 — ALBANY – The city should slash the number of people who are allowed to carry concealed weapons, Mayor Bloomberg said yesterday.

“We’ve taken a look at it to see whether we couldn’t have fewer,” Bloomberg said. “I can tell you one thing: We will keep it to as a minimum as we possibly can.”

Bloomberg added that he has asked Police Commissioner Ray Kelly to tackle the issue.

“If you want a gun permit, you should have to really show that your life is in danger, and that having a gun will protect you, will improve the chances of you surviving,” the mayor said.

***End Quote***

This is really entertaining!

Never mind that the Second Amendment enshrines EVERY person’s Intelligent Designer given RIGHT to self-defense.

Mike travels the NYC Subway accompanied by his SECURITY DETAIL. Not just one guy with a gun, but lots of guys with guns.

Unlike the law of gravity, political “laws” only impact the law abiding.

I like to envision the poor “cleaning woman”, who has to travel home at night, riding the subway without HER security detail. Personally, I’d trust her to be PACKING.

I like the old bumper sticker “God made men and women; Sam Colt makes them equal!”.

My aunt was mugged in the subway during rush hour. Her life was never the same after that. Forty years of disability was the result.

I see the wisdom of the dead old white guys.

I particularly like unlimited concealed carry. If the criminal regards the general public as sheep to be shorn, then let’s sprinkle in a few “sheepdogs” with big teeth in the flock.

Guess which gay to bash? Buzz, wrong, you picked a Pink Pistol and you’re dead! Guess which woman to bash? Buzz, wrong, you picked a Paxton Quigly and you’re dead! Guess which brown person to bash? Buzz, wrong, you picked a Massad Ayoob and you’re dead!

Nah, Mayor Mike, you’re living in fantasy land! The bad guys have all the guns they want. All you’re doing is making more victims. Stop the drug war. Arm the citizens.

And, you’ll see violence come to a screeching halt. You’ll run out of bad guys. Or their get “religion”, and find a new line of work. For those criminals, maybe they’ll go into politics.

Oh that’s it, you don’t want the competition!



Hey, FEEDBLITZ ate my content. (sounds like the dog ate my homework!)

I actually sent in a report to them like the good internet user I am.

(If they GIVE it to me free, then there’s a moral obligation to PAY BACK by letting them know that they have a problem.)

Within an hour, they sent me an email that acknowledge the problem was on their end and that they were fixing it.


Usually you get silence, or worse, where they want you to do lots of WORK!

LIBERTY: EPIC has lots of great points

***Begin Quote***

E P I C A l e r t
Volume 13.22 November 1, 2006

Published by the
Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
Washington, D.C.

Table of Contents
[1] Two Reports Criticize Security, Privacy Holes in RFID Technology
[2] Microsoft Announces New Identity Management System
[3] Voting Integrity Group Recommends Measures for Election Day
[4] Student Creates Fake Boarding Passes to Show Air Security Flaws
[5] EPIC Launches Privacy and Domestic Violence Project
[6] News in Brief
[7] EPIC Bookstore: Aviel Rubin’s “Brave New Ballot”
[8] Upcoming Conferences and Events

***End Quote***

These folks are on the front line. It really points out how flawed many of the “great ideas” that are foisted on us.

JOBSEARCH: JIBBERJOBBER’s recruiter section leaves much to be desired

For example, I went to my Job Seeker’s PIM and said hmmm, let me plug in my favorite recruiters.

So I took my list of 2006 “award winning” hunters.

and plugged them into the recruiter relationships.

It appears that it took it. What it did with it I have no idea? It doesn’t even tell me that I plugged in their email. It should at least echo it back to me that x@y.z was submitted, ending, rejected, or bounced.

It would be nice to see, and modify, the text of the email.

Maybe they are being send and invite and an invoice? I wouldn’t know.

I don’t understand why they are not just like a contact.

A lot of room for improvement here.