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I didn’t do anything but use the various stuff.

And, what makes them think that I’m gonna spend time working on THEIR problem. I just move along to stuff that WORKS. I thought I was being nice just telling them.


JOBSEARCH: OK the bets on, the roulette wheel is spinning and the ball is clacking around the edge … …

I challenged a bilingual baby turkey-ette to send out twenty letters and resumes in her second language to some targets that I picked out.

The bet is that I’d pay the postage if she did it and didn’t get a good response.

She got her first rejection today. Nineteen chances to go. Will I be twenty bucks poor or be acclaimed as the Biggest Turkey in all Turkey-dom.

In my stupidity, I think if your fluent in a second language that you should flaunt it.

We’ll see if I’m out of luck.

Time for the special prayer to Saint Anthony, the patron saint of hopeless causes.

Dear Saint Anthony come around some thing’s been lost and needs to be found.

I’ll pull out all the stops. I can’t afford to be shown up here.

I’ll have to consult the owner’s manual: does Saint Anthony do “job search”?

Hmmm! Where’s the FAQ!

TECHNOLOGY: Putting a big file up in the cloud and emailing the link

I needed a place to quickly stuffing a 2 meg mp3 file for a friend to listen too.

Normally I’d have emailed it, but yuck! It would have been left spinning several places for eons.

From his POV, both worked perfectly and flawlessly.

From my POV, mediafire was faster and worked on the first try; the other was slower and two two tries.

Isn’t the net amazing?

TECH: JIBBERJOBBER feedback – make refs simpler

ONE: Sitting looking at the network contact screen, it is not dead drop obvious who among my contacts are on JibberJobber and who are not. I know I have one because I signed up a Zombie and cross linked them. So that contact should be differentiated from the rest.

TWO: Looking at my contact list, I’d like to recommend this site to them, but it’s not apparent how to do that, and it is not brain dead easy to do. Like check contacts and hit a button somewhere.

THREE: After I do figure out how to recommend, those contacts should have a differentiator.

PS: Did I mention that the screen doesn’t fit. Too much info so one has to right an left screen.