TECHNOLOGY: Sharewood Picnic 77 delivers a winner, three maybes, and six nahs. Same as last week!

TECHNOLOGY: Sharewood Picnic 77 delivers a winner, three maybes, and six nahs. Same as last week!

November 5, 2006

New Media Tools Of The Week: Sharewood Picnic 77

Livia Iacolare and Robin Good

{Once again, they challenge us with new web services.}

*** Begin Their List ***

1. Windows Live Mobile is a service that brings e-mail, blogging, web search, maps, and driving directions directly to your mobile phone.

FJR> Nah, I want nothing to do with Microsoft!

2. PhotoShow is a photo sharing service that allows you to upload pictures (even from URLs) and create slideshows.

FJR> Nah, why would I want another one?

3. Desktoptwo is a free web-based desktop that imitates the look, feel and functionality of a local computer, all contained within one browser window and fully accessible from any Internet-connected device.

FJR> Maybe, might be useful.

4. Instan-t Express is a web-based instant messaging service that allows you to sign onto public and IM networks with your existing usernames and passwords offering complete interoperability with MSN, AOL, ICQ and Yahoo! Messenger.

FJR> Nah, I already have MEEBO.

5. Compete is a search engine based on Yahoo! that records what its users are searching for to profile any websites they visit.

FJR> Nah, why would I want them to do that?

6. Zamzar is a service that allows conversion between a wide variety of different file formats.

FJR> Maybe, it could be useful in a pinch.

7. Wikiupload is free file hosting service for all file formats including video, mp3 and images.

FJR> Nah, already have many such services.

8. Gickr is a web tool that enables you to create animated gifs with whatever picture, even on Flickr.

FJR> Nah, I have no need for it.

9. Open Stock Photography is a site that helps designers find free stock photography.

FJR> Good, that’s a winner.

10. FundooWeb is a mashup search tool that enables users to retrieve information from several sources in a single click.

FJR> Maybe, if it’s fast and easy.

*** End Their List ***

Always worth spending a little time with!

RANT: The ABCTV news sounds like DEMOCRAT cheerleaders

I just listened to the supposedly unbiased ABCTV NEWS. It sounded like they were democrat cheerleaders.

Common guys, at least pretend objectivity.

Now I don’t like the fascist from either flavor of big government “party”. But, you have to laugh at the pretensions of the “reporters”.

WOW! What a joke!

TECHNOLOGY: Moving to a new computing paradigm

***Begin Quote***

So one day I decided to look for alternatives. We’re starting to see interesting services online. You can’t find a complete replacement for your desktop using your browser (yet) but it’s getting there. So I decided to start this website to share my story of trying to get it to work. But I want to take it to the extremes! I want to challenge the technology!

***End Quote***

An admirable objective.

It’s certainly one way to deal with win rot!

I think with a healthy shove from a stupid Microsoft with Vista, there are three interesting “prime directives” of the users — use the web for everything, Linux not Microsoft, and wireless uber alles.

MYUNINSTALLEDLIFE is on the crest of the first wave. (Although I’m not sure what one does when the web is offline).

The second one is all those who are not going to pay Microsoft, or Dell / Intel for new hardware to run Microsoft’s new pig (Old hardware on Ubuntu works nicely!)

The third is wireless connectivity everywhere (free?) to use zero or thin footprint clients. (Although I don’t know what one does when that wireless ain’t there or is expensive?)

It is certainly going to challenge my view of the world.

I have always used my framework (Users – Systems – Apps – Data – Wire) where Systems covered Platforms and Operating Systems.

I may have to rethink this paradigm.


MONEY: Why don’t kids create their own wish lists

The internet retailers all have wish lists, (i.e., nothing more than bridal registries without the sappy flowers). It surprises me that inet savy parents and children don’t use this to make relatives’ lives easier. Open up a registry for the child at WalMart, Amazon, or that ilk and email the relatives. Saves a lot of effort and duplicates. imho

PRODUCTIVITY: Divide big tasks into lots of little “next actions”

My alumni ezine used to be a giant pia. Each week it was a mad rush to do the stuff needed to pull it together. “Getting Things Done” says to focus on next actions. So, what I did was over several months, divide this big glump of work into parts. Small. Discrete. Little lumps. So for example, one task is to create the framework for the next week’s issue. It takes AT MOST fifteen minutes. So, now on Saturday night, while I am waiting for the Yahoo Group to accept my submission and say “Our you sure?”, instead of playing a game of Solitair, or alternatively pounding on the refresh button, I create the next week’s framework. Obvious you say? I’ve been doing this for 8 years and it just never occurred to me to get that much of a head start on the next week’s work. So, I have carved this particular turkey into lots of parts. I use Google Calendar to chastise me when I fall behind. But, all in all, it’s been working well. An hour a night, has meant no crazy Friday / Saturday wee hours, making mistakes, trying to get it done.

Lesson Learned: Kissing small frogs is less disgusting than big ones.

TECHNOLOGY: Another wiki appears

A Brief Intro to Congresspedia
By Shirl Kennedy, Senior Editor

***Begin Quote***

Congresspedia is part of SourceWatch, a wiki-based project of the Center for Media and Democracy, which defines itself as “a directory of the people, organizations and issues shaping the public agenda.” If you’re one of those people for whom the word “wiki” is synonymous with “chaos,” you need to know that there are real, live human editors behind Congresspedia — experienced investigative journalists, researchers who verify contributions and sources. A powerful concept. In true wiki style, anyone is welcome to register and contribute; you don’t have to use your real name.

***End Quote***

An interesting resource!

We need more ways to keep track of the criminals in Washington DC.

RANT: WalMart’s plan versus the Gubamint’s Medicare Durg Benefit?


I found one comment this morning which, of course, “spun up my ire”.

***Begin Quote***

From: Bill
Sent: Sunday, November 05, 2006 6:50 AM
Subject: [Reinke Faces Life] Comment: “MONEY: Wal-Mart to offer $4 generic prescription drugs”
New comment on your post #780 “MONEY: Wal-Mart to offer $4 generic prescription drugs”
Author : Bill (IP: ,

This is only for a thirty pill supply

***End Quote***

OK, that’s a fair enough comment.

So I shot back the following:

***Begin Quote***

Bill: You have to admit regardless if 30 pills or 30 days for some body’s four bucks, it’s a hell of a deal. Certainly better than for example the gubamint’s Medicare Drug Benefit with the crazy rules and the “doughnut hole”. Fjohn

***End Quote***

Nothing like starting off the morning with thinking about gubamint!

I have some other RANTs to pass out this morning in no particular order.

(1) I have some old folks that I poa for. Why do the docs insist on:

(a) prescribing expensive drugs in large batches that the old folks won’t take? Those old codgers are too polite to tell the good doc that. They yes the doc to death, go home, and do what they want. I know there are several hundred dollars in their various apartments sitting on the top of the counter that will never be taken. Wasting money, and these ain’t rich people.

(b) prescribing complicated dosing regimes to old folks, who while not doddering idiots, have a hard time remember stuff. Take this pill at 11am, that pill at 4pm, except on alternate Thursdays, unless the month begins with a vowel. Hey dummy doc do you realize that it has to be sesame street simple. Even for me, when I was taking lost of meds, it got confusing. And, I was a doddering idiot! DO they think that these people live in a nursing home with 24 hour nursing care? Heck, even hospitals make drug erros if it gets more than one a day!

(2) The Gubamint’s Medicare Benefit, with the stupid doughnut hole, is a joke. Despite having 4 old folks, on the gubamint plan, taking lots of stuff, I have yet to have one qualify for something. When I talk to the various druggists involved, they universally and uniformly describe it as a “scam to fool the old voters”! That’s their words, not mine. They also tell me that the BIG WINNERS in this were CORPORATIONS. Huh, yup, you got it, they were allowed to dump their retiree drug plans cause the government let them. Argh!

(3) Those corporations that drop their retirees either thru bankruptcy or shenanigans. A special curse on you! May your balance sheets get Cloroxed to the “holy land”, and may your bedsheets get starched! And, you better hope you don’t need me to buy something from you.

(Ahh that feels much better!)

(4) The Gubamint for getting the WW2 wage and price controls that allowed businesses to get into the “benefit business” in order to avoid those controls. This hid the true cost of stuff, got people used to getting free stuff, and tied people to their jobs to keep their benefits. Can we ever roll it back? From my consulting business I still carry my own benefits. It’s not that much, about 4k / year. But, I am not an indentured servant to any corporation, beholding to them for protection from outrageous medical expenses.

(5) How dumb are we, the American people, for allowing this to go on? Welcome to the new fascist Amerika, home of the stupid, land of the handout, and cesspool of corrupt politics.

How’s that for a morning rant?!

P.S.: Bill left a fake email address. I wonder why? A drive by commenting?

JOBSEARCH: Certain “job” email is spam

METHODOLOGY: Plan to deal with the “noise” … …

… … take out the “trash”!

Here’s a classic example of non-traditional spam. I received three of these. So to me, that makes it spam. If I had only gotten one, I’d have been duped. SO here’s some points:

(1) It’s non-specific. It alludes to a “great job”, but doesn’t personalize what it is.

(2) It came in on the “right” email address. Addressed as “Ferdinand” *a sure tip off that the person has NEVER interacted with me.

(3) Taking the link brings you to a general jobsearch site with all the typical tools and advertisements and popups. So, the “jobs” are probably scraped off other sites.

Like with most spam, unsubscribe is a joke. Outlook’s spam filter is my choice.

That’s my take. YMMV FWIW
The Big Turkey

From: Andrea Tucker []
Sent: Friday, October 27, 2006 12:50 PM
Subject: job of interest

Dear Ferdinand,

Based on your background and experience, we believe that you may be interested in one or more positions recently posted by our corporate clients. Please take a look at these recently posted opportunities. You can view the jobs in detail and submit your resume by clicking the links below. Our client is currently hiring for several positions across the country.

Job Match 1

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Best Regards,

Andrea Tucker


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