PRODUCTIVITY: A bloger triggers a rant about backing up

[This poor person just wants to copy some stuff from one blog to another and has no copies other than what is on he blog]

>Copy over some posts from one blog to another

My observation is that you have all your “eggs” in the WordPress basket. No insult intended to WordPress I use them to … BUT …

… being a belt and suspenders kindda guy …

… and having “lost” more data than I’d care to admit over my career …

… two instances of which occurred at WordPress …

I’d suggest you need a backup.

WordPress now facilitates an XML output from your blog to local file.

Anally, OCD-like, I have:

(1) BLOGDESK client that I write almost all of my stuff on. It has a copy. If I don’t write it on BLOGDESK, then I still cutnpaste it to BLOGDESK and let it do the heavy lifting to my blog. SO BLOGDESK has a copy of EVERYTHING.

(2) FEEDBLITZ sends a daily summary copy (one message of all posts) to a dedicated email account where it is retained forever on my local desktop in Outlook and in that dedicated GMAIL account. SQUEET sends each individual post to that same account.

(3) I use RSSBANDIT which also makes a copy locally for a week.

(4) Often I use EDITPADPRO fro complex articles, that I can’t dash off in one sitting, those are stored locally in a BLOG directory forever.

Since I have been doing this, I haven’t lost a thing.

If you did this, you’d have more choices how to move stuff.

AND, you’d have a recovery strategy.

IMHO you’re taking an unnecessary risk.

Back in my younger days, I had a data drive that the corporate IT types were backing up for me. (Yeah, you see it coming!) So fat dumb and happy, I created content. Emails, white papers, spreadsheets. One day my hard disk died. NBD! Call pc support, they come slide a new one and press the big red easy button to restore it. Oooops, no data found. Turns out that NO ONE in the enterprise was backed up. I was just the first fool to find it. I lost several years worth of data. I was able to pull bits and pieces for all over but no comprehensive store existed. Not only that, but I didn’t know all that I had lost. To this day, I can still remember from time to time, tuff I have to recreate. (Luckily, I violated company policy and certain CYA things I cced to my home email. Now I do it as a matter of course. Encrypted of course.) I will NEVER make that mistake again!

So, no one needs to pay tuition for that particular lesson. You can learn from my mistake. (Trusting others to back up for you!) You must have a backup strategy that INCLUDES testing. How do you know that the data can be recovered. In this example, I can go to gmail and SEE my blog posts.

imho fwiw ymmv.

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