TECHNOLOGY: IE doesn’t rend the blog correctly

I use the FOX as part of my get ready for LINUX. I was shown the blog to someone today and was stunned to find it didn’t rend correctly. Argh! FOX, OPERA, and NETSCAPE all work. But IE doesn’t!

I pinged WORDPRESS feedback and they came back lickty split. (See below)

I fixed that one. And several others. And, IE still doesn’t like it.

I’ll keep looking for the long links. Any idea what the right number of characters in a link is?

It displays correctly in FOX and OPERA! Darn MSFT.

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From: M @
Sent: Wednesday, November 08, 2006 1:12 PM
Subject: Re: Feedback –

reinkefj wrote:
> I was showing my blog … our blog … after all I appreciate that you
> host it for free … to someone and he uses ie6. There was nothing on
> the side column. No seach. No most active. No nothing. Help?

It was this post:

There is a link it it:

It sticks out the side in IE6

If you shorten that link the sidebar will zoom back up.
IE7 would behave normally ;)

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