LIBERTY: Have we lost the republic?

Libertarians are always alert for “everything but the one thing”. It’s those “one things” that kill liberty. Cause everyone has their own one pet thing. Libertarians say “liberty for everyone, everytime, everywhere, no exceptions”. ;-) The big L libertarian political party has only one criteria. Everyone agrees “Never to initiate force to achieve political or social goals”. A pretty powerful principle.

The dead old white guys gave were Classical Liberals. Individual Freedom over the Conservative supporting King and Country. The DofI, Constitution, and BoR are all right out of the Classical Liberal playbook. We drift or “improve” at our peril.

We have lost the republic!

(A Republic is a representative system of government where there are strict limits on the government and everyone has their rights recognized.)

There have been failings. The DOWG themselves failed to “solve” slavery. The Civil War was a “tariff” war in disguise in which we lost the United STATES of America, and became the USA. The Socialists of the 20’s brought us “gubamint skools”, to import the German “cannon fodder and willing workers” philosophy to America, and made us stupid. FDR brought us socialism as a relief to the Great Depression which was cause by the Congress’ Smoot Hawley tariff. We lost the gold standard under FDR when he uncoupled government spending from taxes (i.e., unleashed the printing press fiat currency). We have an series of “presidents”, that have acted more like idiot kings: committing troops to stupid undeclared wars; meddled in the affairs of other sovereign countries, and pushed forth the democratic “advance auction of stolen goods” and “two wolves and a lamb” deciding what’s for dinner. Recently, the Military Commissions Act (The end of Habeas Corpus) and the Warner 2006 Defense Budget Act (President designates enemy combatants) have fundamentally changed the USA into AMRIKA. The next step is the North America Union of Canada, Mexico, and everything in between.

Remember Ben Franklin!

“Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”

“A Republic, if you can keep it.”

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