PRODUCTIVITY: Plaxo nukes some of “my” data and I’m miffed!

An interesting thing happened today. I was doing my birthday greetings. And, one of my fellow alums record was basically null. It was missing an email address. That’s plaxo’s key. All other fields had NA in them. There may be as many as four other records in the same shape.

Now, the counter party can do what ever they want to their data. But not to mine. I know that there was contact information in those fields that I input. Plaxo has no right to nuke that data.

I usually keep a copy of the source record (i.e., web page, email. or whatever initiated or updated my interest). That was gone to.

LinkedIn does something similar when it “silently” disconnects a LinkedIn contact. Presumably that is at the counterparty’s request, but how do you know it’s not an error by some clerk.

This rattles my confidence in other people controlling my data or access to it. When I create a record, I don’t want it changed. Perhaps, it’s time for me to get out my quill pen and put everything in long hand.

At the very least, maybe my old system of text files wasn’t so bad.

Neither of these two services Plaxo or LinkedIn, nor Corex Cardscan, nor Outlook itself ages the contacts so I’m not happy with any of the technology solutions.

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