LIBERTY: Education dumbs the children down; which is right where gubamint wants them!

Running with the turtles
Posted: November 20, 2006
1:00 a.m. Eastern

***Begin Quote***

Two of the basic assumptions that underlie public schooling is that mass education is beneficial to society and that group education does not inhibit the intellectual development of the individual student.

***End Quote***

My war cry against big oppressive intrusive government, aka the gubamint, is: honest money, private education, and stop the dole!

This article supports the second of that troika!

It seems that, when the Communists have reeducation camps for adults and children, every one sees immediately that it’s terrible. YET, when it’s done right under their very nose in their neighborhood, they can’t see it.

These local “reeducation camps” teach the government agenda, which includes all sorts of strange things! One of which is that the government is God! It’s the answer to every problem: popular problems, perceived problems, ones that the gubbamint wants us to fixate on, but never ever the real one — gubamint!

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