POLITICAL: Further proof that the left is no more anti-war than the right


March 6, 2011
Indiscriminate Killing
Posted by Stephan Kinsella on March 6, 2011 07:11 AM

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Further proof that the left is no more anti-war than the right. Their problem with the US military is not that it is a killing machine, but that it has been too anti-gay in its hiring practices.

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No difference between the D’s and the R’s.

Bring all the girls and boys home.


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EVLYNN: The proposal

Earlier, I wrote about how I knew I had found the girl I was gonna marry. It was obvious to me. I broke up with a beautiful girl I was dating. And, I signed off another girl I had seen from time to time. (Yes, watch the quiet ones. Treat the gals nice and they’ll over look all sorts of shortcomings in looks, charisma, and character.)

On her birthday that year, I proposed. And, she promptly said “No!”. No hint of a smile. No hint of disgust. No hint of shock.

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Correction: It wasn’t on her birthday. It was in the Fall of 1967. I don’t know why I was confused about the date. Should have written it down. Should have written a lot of things down.

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In a trembling voice, I asked if that meant she no longer wanted to see me. And, she promptly said “No!”.

I asked for an explanation because I was crushed. She explained that it was too soon, too many things were outstanding, to many clouds in our way. And, not on her birthday! She wanted a special day.

So I took the ring — of course, I had a beautiful, but small, ring in my pocket that I had picked out by myself without telling anyone — back to the jeweler. Paid the 10% “rental” on the $1200. And the old guy asked about it, he said: “She sounds like a great girl. You pretend she said yes. Assume it. And, eventually she’ll see what a good guy you are. And come back when you’re ready to propose again.” Yeah right. He made a $120 a pop dispensing that advice.

But, I was hooked. Line and sinker.

I later found out that my Mom had spoken to her Mom and they had agreed I had to finish school first. So her Mom had a conversation with her. When this all transpired, I was oblivious. Guess it was obvious to the women folk.

Some time later, when it was getting close to completion, my semester grade’s came in. At that point, I had enough credits and GPA to take my degree whenever I wanted it. (Remember the VietNam war was raging. And, I had a deferment for school.) She let me know that she would entertain another proposal. All she said was: “Remember your proposal? It’s time to try again.” With that sparkle of trickster, vamp, and Irish entertainer.

Hey, I’m not easy, I made her wait a month.

Pete Gunston, Andre Straza, and I were all in that same state — impending engagement. So, we decided that a triple engagement date would be a good idea. (Never considering what it would mean if one, two, or three would refuse? I was reasonable sure I could, would, might close my “deal”. But with a crazy headstrong Irish colleen, it was never assured.) So we planned a movie and dinner afterwards. Fancy restaurant reservations.

We met at the movie theater.


The boys paid. It was more expensive because it was midtown NYC, “premiere no passes no senior citizen discount”, and it just was. I member 8$ / head. We got popcorn and stuff. (I ALWAYS get pop corn.) And, sat down. I remember the opening. Jane Fonda, who was not hard on the eyes, disrobes in a zero gravity space ship. (Interesting concept. Which I was interested in studying. Just from an engineering perspective mind you. A woman’s bust unconfined in zero gravity does what?)

Our Girl had seen enough to know where it was going. She stands up, and in a loud voice, says: “I’ve seen enough. I’m leaving.”

Of course, I was a few feet behind. Followed by our companions. (I’m not sure if the other young ladies would have led the walk out but they were sure ready to follow her.) The rest is a little bit of a blur. I remember a ferocious Irish Princess convincing the theater manager to refund the ticket prices. And, the comment that this movie was improperly rated. “XXX” was her assessment.

I believe I was told that “I’ll tell you when it’s time for you to see such things.” (Boobs?) She never did tell me; guess she just forgot.

So “plans are meaningless; planning is everything”. The men regrouped. We end to a chinese restaurant for appetizers to await our reservation time. To fill the time, the rings were presented and we were three for three. Went on to dinner, and laughed a lot about the walk out.

Later in the evening, privately, she said she was surprised at the choice of movie and “I was disappointed that you were not first up and out. It was so unlike you.” I explained my engineering interest in the topic so I was temporarily “distracted”. She said: “Grow up they’re just breasts.”

But we were engaged. Of course, we were back by 1230 for the 1AM curfew. And, we sat on the landing at 39W8, her Mom opened the door and said: “I see your home on time. I’m going to bed. Don’t stay out here all night.” I knew my status had changed. How it had changed! We exchanged … ideas about the future that night. And she scooted in before too long.

But, after that, I always checked out the movie before I would take her.

The girl had grit, standards, and a fierce independent streak.

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MEMORIES: Frau Reinke was a season ticket holder when it wasn’t kool

Watching the Rutgers Women’s BBall team play on ESPNU.

I remember how we had season tickets to them since 1974. When they played in front of no crowd at College Avenue. Never missed a game in those early years. She used to pick me up at the train station from New York City to get there in time. She always said she was born two decades too soon. I think she saw herself in those girls and what might have been. When one of the “stars” would go Prima Donna, do something especially dumb, or lose their temper, she’s always say: “They have no idea how lucky they were.” A rare judgement of someone on her part. Some how I think she rooting for the RU women to play well. As she always did.

It was not about winning, but doing one’s best at all times. Winning was usually the result of that.

Donna Nobis Pacem!

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Footnote: RU won and advanced.

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EVLYNN: In a cowboy saloon restaurant

Hi John,

I read the obit you sent for Evlynn. I was so sorry to hear of her passing. I remember meeting your wife several times on our business trips and always thought how special a person she was. For some reason a trip to Orlando sticks out where Alan Bowden and I took you and your wife to some kind of cowboy saloon restaurant.

I just wanted to tell you I’m thinking about you during this difficult time.


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Thanks, Gary. I forgot about that. She loved music. Even what I’d call “goat roper”. Guess she and Alan are laughing about it now. Sigh!

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Thanks, Gary. She loved music. Any kind! We were inseparable. Now, I have to travel “my last mile” alone. It’s something I knew was coming. We always knew she was going to leave early. That’s why she filed for her Social Security as soon as she was eligible. Even though from an after tax perspective it made no sense. But it was “her money”, the taxes came out of “our money” or “my money”. ROFL. Maybe it did make sense. She pulled the wool over my eyes again. I think it was the smile in her eyes. Bewitched me.

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MEMORIES: Celtic Women

Just watched the PBS special “Celtic Women”.

I’m reminded of our trip to George Mason University to see them. This when Frau Reinke, while sick, was still able to do a lot. Nowhere near what she had be capable of in the past. After a bundle of screw ups, bad organization on the campus, and poor directions provided on campus. Eventually we figured it out and I was able to drop her right in front of the venue.

She absolutely LOVED the show.

Music, especially Irish music, was at her core. Regardless if it was the Red Garter, the many concerts — she allowed herself to be dragged to too many Judy Collins concerts — PP&M – Ray Charles – multiple folk groups, or endless Irish Pub crawls, she had the music in her heart and soul. She was a different person when the music was playing.

I always looked to get her to the music to see her transform.

In her last days, when she was in and out of consciousness, one day @1300 I had turned the TV to her favorite soap, Days Of Our Lives, which she had grown up with watching with her Mom, that I sarcastically called DrOOL, there it was the opening tune. She roused herself to the music, watched the opening scene, had sip of soda, and went back to the Land of Nod. Such was the power of music over her.

And, I’m sure her and her Mom are listening to the opening tune and watching DrOOL together every day @1300.

Donna Nobis Pacem.

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NEWJERSEY: Public-sector unions are, per se, corrupt


Thursday, March 03, 2011
Public-sector unions are not the problem

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New Jersey’s public employee unions are starting to fight back by doing what working people should have been doing in this country for years. They are taking it to the streets. The teachers were in Trenton last week; today, it was the police and fire unions. Who’s next? As glad as I am to see them take to the street, we have to face the fact that these rallies lack the unity and sense of larger purpose that the Wisconsin fight has had. Workers in the Badger state face the prospect of being stripped of bargaining rights, even after giving the governor every concession he has requested. The issue there is the basic right to organize and act collectively.

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“New Jersey’s public employee unions” ARE part of the problem. Part!

This a corruption.

These Unions “donate” huge amounts of money to political campaigns. Usually Democratic. They supply free labor. And, muscle.

Then, they turn the page and “negotiate” “agreements” with the politicians that they elected.

It’s always been “wrong”. But, now it’s reached absurd levels.

We need a systemic fix.

IMHO, the Gooferment should not be running or operating anything. And, certainly not extracting wealth from real people by force.

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