EVLYNN: The First Story

First Thoughts … …

By F John Reinke

Blame it all on Cathy Gauthier Joyce. She went got married as all young girls are want to do. And, she invited her workmates to join. Two agreed. Hey, weddings are great places to pick up guys, right? No, girls don’t think that way, but back to the story. So, these two Bayonne girls think nothing of hopping a bus to the city and train to the end of the line. Pop out the station and you’re at Good Shepherd Church. (Those who have succumbed to reading my massive ego trip will recognize that locale.) And, they’re there for the wedding.

Since it’s a small wedding and Irish, they were immediately welcomed into the family. As if they’d never left. You have met Momma Diddy? And, they both knew one of the bosses, Mrs. Reinke, from AT&T, they did not feel out of place. Especially after Big John pronounced Mary Serizwold, Sir-Iz_wald, Serrizzewald, (OK, Mary with the big miggupies in my fat old white guy injineer terms.) as an official Irish lass, they were part of the family. You have met Big John right?

Despite pleadings of the family to join in the party, and sticking to their guns that they had to get home before curfew. Using the excuse that they had a long long trek, despite being given their choice of chauffeurs Mickey’s son John or Diddy’s son Peter, they demurred. Aunt Pattie and Aunt Rita were offered as chaperones. To prevent any appearance of impropriety. And, Mrs. Reinke would call both their Moms personally and immediately to get approval of the arrangement. They still persisted to take the Subway. So some of the wedding guests escorted them to the Subway, through the turnstiles — paying the token each — and stood with them on the platform. The train departed with everyone waving. These two young girls escaped the Venus fly trap and made it home safely.

(I have no reports of their reactions, discussions, or impressions. But later, any time the topic was discussed in the presence of Ms. Mahoney and Ms. Serizwald, there were looks between them, followed by hysterical laughter, and a joint trip to the ladies room. Some how, I don’t think they were impressed.)

The new Mrs. Joyce returns from the honeymoon and goes back to work. This fat old white guy injineer wanted to date a “foreign” girl. Jersey was pretty foreign. I’d dated young ladies from all over the “globe”. From as far south as Dykman Avenue and as far North as Crestwood NY (a glorified ritzy suburb of Yonkers). So as the man said “Go West, Young Man.” Where the wild women are. I asked my cousin, the new Mrs. Joyce, to be the Irish version of a Shadchen, what the uninformed would call a Yenta, you know a Matchmaker.

(At this point in the story there is a substantive disagreement on the facts of the matter. The two young ladies who might be crudely described by a less gentlemanly person as myself, as Gams and Muggupies. Shocking I know but there are males out there who do think that way. Or so I am told. I don’t know any like that. Nor would I associate with such that would do that. I’m sure that knowing my proclivities, I would have requested Muggupies; not Gams. The only other party to the transaction, Mrs. Joyce, insists I requested Gams. This issue is still in dispute. I assert that somewhere in this, someone’s thumb was on the scale. Ms. Joyce, being friends with both young women, may have had an agenda. Perhaps punishing her cousin for using such labeling. Perhaps now as an “old” married women, she knew what was best. Perhaps even there may have been some collusion, like a female tribal meeting, where some decision was made in the best interest of Little Johnny Reinke.)

After several reminders, she inquired if Ms. Mahoney would accept a call from Little Johnny Reinke. (Here too there is a further dispute as to the facts of the matter. Ms. Mahoney always maintained she was just doing Mrs. Joyce a favor to stop her cousin’s nagging. A pity date. On the other had, Ms. Joyce alleges that Ms. Mahoney was very eager and willing date such a young, handsome, and employed Little Johnny Reinke. Credibility is left to the jury.) In any event, a phone number was released. The call made. And the date set.

On the appointed date and time, Little Johnny Reinke arrives at the Eighth Street apartments, and presents himself. Upon admission, he introduces himself to the family, presents flowers to Mrs Mahoney, and a small corsage to Miss Mahoney. After the chit chat, the details of the date were discussed: displayed tickets for the 2030 show at Rockefeller Center movie theater. (I forget what we saw? Who was looking at the screen. She was a knock out.) Dinner before hand at (I forget the name — I think it was the Irish Pub on 48th and Sixth.) a name restaurant. Return was promised promptly 0005 hours. This late hour was necessitated by the movie and Rockettes stage show. With the caveat that there can always be traffic, but since we could use any of the Hudson River crossings that should not be a problem. If it was, one of us would call asap. The date happened.

(Here too there are disputes as to the facts of the matter. Miss Mahoney has asserted that Little Johnny Reinke never shut up and gave her a headache. Little Johnny Reinke still asserts that it was a pleasant non-committal evening. As a defense, Little Johnnie Reinke points to his reputation as the silent type. Neither party has ever commented as to what happened at the apartment door upon return.)

A second date was proposed. When Miss Mahoney asked what young Johnny Reinke had in mind. (Hey, out of the gutter. This was the mid-sixties PRIOR to “free love” hippie movement.) Little Johnny Reinke suggested joining a few of his friends at their usual Saturday hang out, The Red Garter in the West Village. He continued that his friends were the most courtly, considerate, and gentlemanly men of good character that she’d ever meet. And, that there would be at least two other young women there. Ms. Maire (who pronounced like French) and (What was the name of the Mountie that Fanning was dating?) For some reason, Miss Mahoney asked about the gentlemen and Little johnny Reinke described without hesitation. Then when asked why, Miss Mahoney disclosed the fact that she and her girl friends may have been there over the last two years. (Drinking age in NY 18; NJ 21) And, while she might quibble about some of the adjectives, she felt comfortable the venue. And the date locked in.

Blah, blah, flowers for Mom, small corsage for Miss Mahoney. Public transportation was to be used; Mom was given the keys. Since there was the very slight chance that some small modest amount of alcohol MIGHT consumed for the purposes of being sociable. And, since that was in and of itself dangerous, public transit was planned. As such, the 1205 curfew might have to be flexible since we were leaving at 1800, grabbing a snack, and our expected participation in the venue’s entertainment was to conclude at 2300, train delays might need to be expected. But, either Miss Mahoney or myself would call should that happen.

(Now again there are disputes about the facts of the matter.) Some witnesses recount it as the 60’s version of Girls Gone Wild; others described it as an Americanized version of a pre-Hitler German beer hall musical. Personally, due to the amounts and types of beverages consumed, as well as copious peanuts which further distorted the measurement, I don’t recall the details — there was table dancing, there was close contact due to the crowding, and there was ample time for conversation as long as there was mouth to ear or mouth to mouth contact. Exactly what was discussed and for how long is disputed. Miss Mahoney returned home at 0100 after the requisite phone call from the subway station. Weekend subway service is so unreliable. Car keys were retrieved from Mom while Little Johnny Reinke waited patiently on the landing. Miss Mahoney spent some time in conversation before a knock from inside sent little Johnny Reinke home at about 0200.

That was really it. I was hooked, line, and sinkered. After that date, I told several people that I met the girl I was going to marry. She, on the other hand, took a long while to come around to the idea. She was, like always, fun, intelligent, smart, lively, focused, determined, honest, faithful, charitable, disciplined, and demurely sexy in a way that would drive the boys wild. And those were nice GAMS. Even if they were hollow.

Maybe it was a match made in heaven. Maybe it would last a few years. Maybe we’d both be perfect for each other.

Maybe the new Mrs. Joyce was right.

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MONEY: Henry Hackel’s “box of money” or my mythical pirate’s chest


The Box of Money
By Eric Fry

*** begin quote ***

02/21/11 Laguna Beach, California – The most persuasive arguments for buying gold do not reside in musty old economics textbooks or in the minutes of the latest FOMC meeting…They reside in Henry Hackel’s “box of money.”

Henry, as faithful Rude Awakening readers will recall, is the president of R.F. Lafferty, a broker-dealer specializing in options trading and resource stocks. In his 26th floor corner office overlooking the Hudson River sits a non-descript cardboard box – a simple shoebox that contains a powerful message: Buy gold.

“Hey Eric, have you ever seen my box of money?” Henry asked one day, wearing an impish grin.

“Um…no,” your editor replied. “I think I would have remembered that.”

“You gotta see this… C’mon, follow me,” said Henry, as he grabbed the box and marched toward the conference room. After seating ourselves at the conference table, Henry slung the box across the table like a bartender slinging draft beers and said, “Take a look.”

Your editor peeled back the lid, peered into the box and saw money – lots and lots of money…but all of it worthless. There were rubles from pre-Soviet Russia, 50 million-mark bills from the Weimar Republic period in Germany, pesos from the 1950s government of Cuba’s Battista regime, and even a few extinct Brazilian cruzeiros.

*** end quote ***

Another version of my pirates’ chest. “Open that pirate’s chest and what do you want to see: greenbacks, Confederate currency, or gold coins?”

I think that says it all!

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Read more: The Box of Money http://dailyreckoning.com/the-box-of-money/#ixzz1EdHNg0nm

EVLYNN: DId I get my monies worth?



They screwed up the layput. Thereare only three paragraph breaks. DO I get a partial refund? It’s hard to read. I have to see the actual papers. Hope it doesn’t look like a “legal notice”.

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Preferred spot for stories is http://1000memories.com/evy-reinke It’s supposed to be eternally free? And, I’ll be backing it up to my own personal site later in the week.

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February 19, 2011
Scientific Theory of the WTC 7 Collapse
By Michael Fullerton
Foreign Policy Journal


*** begin quote ***

On September 11, 2001 a third building came down. This building was 7 World Trade Center (WTC 7), a 47-story building about the width and length of a football field. NIST, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, was tasked with officially explaining how WTC 7 fell. Their theory is documented in the report entitled Final Report of the Collapse of Building 7[1]. Many people are under the mistaken impression that NIST’s theory of how WTC 7 fell down is a valid scientific theory. In science however, a valid theory must be the simplest theory available that best explains all the available empirical data.[2] This article will show that the NIST theory is a highly convoluted theory that cannot explain important observations.

*** end quote ***

Any more, I don’t believe anyone.

If this is plausible, then following it to its logical conclusion is like a horror film. But this is real life.

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SERVICE: CAREMARK is robotic and uncaring.


in response to my simple message: “My wife, Evlynn, is dying in Saint Peters Hospital. It’s now inevitable. Please stop ALL RXs.

# – # – #

Caremark Customer Service
Date Sent
RE: Other – Other (Call Us, Better You, Corp) – ZBA21

Your Unique Tracking ID is: 493432

Dear Plan Member:

Thank you for contacting CVS Caremark. We strive to provide quality customer care to every one of our plan participants.

All pending orders have been canceled per your request. Thank you for allowing CVS Caremark the opportunity to be of assistance.

Should you need additional assistance, please respond to this e-mail or you may contact Customer Service at 1-800-701-5833. We appreciate the opportunity to serve all of your prescription benefit needs and to help you better manage your health.


Brandon M.

CVS Caremark
Web Support

This e-mail communication and any attachments may contain confidential and/or privileged information for the use of the designated recipients named above. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that you have received this communication in error and any review, disclosure, dissemination, distribution, or copying of it or its content is prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify the sender immediately by telephone and destroy all copies of this communication and any attachments.

Coming Soon!

The New Caremark.com

Always working hard to make things easier for CVS Caremark members, we will be launching a new and improved site soon! The new Caremark.com has simplified and enhanced the features of the current site to make getting your prescriptions, finding savings, and learning about your medications even easier. Get a preview of the new Caremark.com at http://www.caremarkrelaunch.com/”>< a=””> face=”Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif” size=2>www.caremarkrelaunch.com<>.

— Original Message —
From: EVLYNN REINKE_76299229 <SecureOutboundEmail@caremark.com>
Received: 2/25/11 12:24:55 PM CST
To: Caremark Customer Service <customercare@advancerx.com>
Subject: PSDCSV: [CVS-76299229:76299229:902966664:APCS]

Email Address = evlynn@reinke.cc
Question Subject = Other – Other (Call Us, Better You, Corp) – ZBA21
Question Type = Customer Service
Portal logged-in =
Group Code = ZBA21
Member Id = 902966664
Contact Me = Yes
Phone = 908-209-3625
Benefit Question =
Address Line 1 =
Address Line 2 =
City =
State =
Zip Code =
Plus 4 =
How did you hear about us =
You are =
My wife, Evlynn, is dying in Saint Peters Hospital. It’s now inevitable. Please stop ALL RXs. Thanks, fjohn reinke

# – # – #

Argh! Doesn’t anyone really think about what they are doing? Do they really think we are fooled by this “caring” email? And, what about all the “barbara streisand” in and around it?

Finally, can they make the font any smaller?


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RANT: A comment about Gooferment Skrules

Despite having no children of my own, I fought about this during the NJ Tax Revolt of the 80’s. This is a multi-part problem. And, it’s not ALL the fault of the Teachers’ Union. The politicians and bureaucrats have created a mess and “We, The People” have allowed it to happen.

First problem is the Parents. Yup, they are part of the problem; probably the most important part. They tolerate this “barbara streisand”. No one has children and wants to see them ruined. Yet, that very decision they make to procreate, I am expected to pay for. Education is the parent’s responsibility. First and foremost. No one else’s. To assume that the Gooferment has a role, any role, in “education” is to cede the very ground that the battle must be fought on.

So now let’s deal with the situation at hand. We can’t wave a magic wand and make it “magically delicious”. People have been trained, like dogs doing tricks, into thinking that this is the best or only way. We have to reverse that over time and allow people to adapt.

Right now, “we” have Gooferment Skrules. The Gooferment “pays” and “operates”. So I would suggest we have to adapt out of it in two steps. Two twenty year plans! (Yeah, I know it sounds like the USSR and its always failing Five Year Plans.) Focus first on operation. Create vouchers equal to 20k and give them to 5% more students each year. At the end of 20 years, parents will have been trained to “buy” their children’s education. Then, for the next 20 years, reduce the voucher by 5%. This will push the bill more and more to the parents. (They decided to have them and they will have to pay to educate them.) Churches, businesses, and a civil society will create new forms of schooling for new subjects and the poor. (Remember Catholic schools were created for the poor.)

I think this would solve the problem. Not quickly but eventually it would. Permanently!

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HARDWARE: Thermostat absurdity


OK, here’s a hospital room thermostat. It’s cold in the room. How do I make it warmer? Or, colder.

Those three buttons must DO something, I feel like I’ve been dropped into a future civilization. Or stuff changes, and I didn’t get the memo.

How about a big + and – sign?


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LIBERTY: A libertarian is … …


Zero Aggression Principle (“Zap”)

A libertarian is a person who believes that no one has the right, under any circumstances, to initiate force against another human being for any reason whatever; nor will a libertarian advocate the initiation of force, or delegate it to anyone else.

Those who act consistently with this principle are libertarians, whether they realize it or not. Those who fail to act consistently with it are not libertarians, regardless of what they may claim.

— L. Neil Smith

Formerly called the “Non-Aggression Principle”, or “NAP”

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ADMINISTRIVIA: Due to a personal … I’m taking a break

2011-01-21 Our Girl feeling 'n' looking good

As I’ve often said this blog is really “Reinke Faces Life” and the events in the daily struggle. In the matter at hand, “Life” seems to have ground me down and won. I’m taking a break to focus on a higher priority. I may or may not continue this … or the struggle. We’ll just have to see.


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MONEY: Taxes are theft


Taxes are theft. Despite what the IRS says abut “voluntary”.

In the old days, prior to 1933 FDR gold seizure, the Gooferment had to tax folks to get their gold. After that, the FED just “printed” more dollars. No need to overtly tax anything. Just print more. The FED takes paper dollars out of circulation and puts more in. They used to just put more in than they took out.

This allows the bureaucrats to spend “dollars” that have less value. Without the pain of raising taxes.

Look at the purchasing power of a dollar in 1970 and again in 2000. Depending upon who you believe, even the FED own stats, show the “dollar” has lost 98% of its purchasing power in those decades.

It, of course, hurts the poor – working class – fixed income people worse since they have little option but to spend what they take in.

We’re on our way to a Hyperinflation. The recent — at first hidden and now overtly — purchase of Government Bonds by the FED is an overt “monetizing” of the debt. The Chinese with a guesstimate 6-10 T$ (trillion) dollars are hopping mad. That’s why you see them buying anything in sight. They are unwilling participants in this wild ride. If they start to dump dollars, then everyone will do the same. And, their dollars will swirl the bowl with everyone else.

Some say that the reason our Iraqi buddy Sadam was tumbled was that he wanted to be paid for his oil with gold. He was backing the golden dinar. Not out of religious fervor; that was a good cover. But because he saw his oil being paid for in cheaper and cheaper dollars.

What can the little guy do? Save nickels. Right now they are worth 7¢. Like the pre 1964 silver coins that are worth 20 times their face value, the little guy can save some of his wealth from inflation.

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SERVICE: Cute little video about calling via GMAIL


*** begin quote ***

We’re rolling out this feature to U.S. based Gmail users over the next few days, so you’ll be ready to get started once “Call Phones” shows up in your chat list (you will need to install the voice and video plug-in if you haven’t already). If you’re using Google Apps for your school or business, then you won’t see it quite yet. We’re working on making this available more broadly – so stay tuned!

*** end quote ***

[JR: Lotta times I see them announce stuff and it is not there. Hmmm?]

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RANT: The Irish bishops are making a severe blunder


Irish bishops condemn ‘selfish’ economic policies, support higher taxes
February 21, 2011

*** begin quote ***

Less than a week before elections in the Irish republic, the Irish bishops’ conference has released a statement charging that current public policies violate principles of justice and offend against the common good.

The statement released by the bishops’ committee on justice and peace, entitled From Crisis to Hope: Working to achieve the Common Good, said that the country’s current economic problems can be traced to immoral policies and perspectives. “Greed became dominant, trust was betrayed, and the result was the recession in which we now are,” said Bishop John Kirby of Clonfert, at a press conference in Dublin introducing the statement.

Bishop Raymond Field, a Dublin auxiliary who chairs the justice-and-peace committee, said: “Poverty and social exclusion, experienced by increasing numbers of people in Ireland today, North and South, represent gross violations of human dignity.”

The bishops’ statement called for greater efforts to relieve poverty, both in Ireland and, through foreign aid, in developing countries. The statement suggested that Ireland’s tax rates must be raised to support the necessary social services.

*** end quote ***

With all due respect to the Irish bishops, they are made a severe blunder. They are not fighting the evil King, defending human freedom, and protecting religious freedom.

They are buying into the meme of a government that does everything. The Nanny State.

A better meme is “That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”.

They would be better served by learning from the Good Samaritan. He helped the victim out of his own pocket. He didn’t make others pay for his charity. He took pity on the victim but didn’t call for the Gooferment to fix the problem.

There are many reasons why the bishops are blundering. Two that come to mind right off the top of the head — charity to be effective has to be personal — AND — involving politicians and bureaucrats makes the overhead costs skyrocket.

Poverty can’t be fixed by stealing from some and giving to others.

The USA’s “War on Poverty” is an abject failure. The richest country in the world and in recorded history couldn’t “solve” poverty. Because Gooferment was the meme.

Is it charitable to keep the poor poor?

Gooferment “welfare” isn’t designed for people to prosper. It’s designed to keep the maximum number of voters voting and bureaucrats employed.

Peal away the disincentives to success and train people to stand on their own two feet and help themselves. Tough love. With Churches, Fraternal Organizations, Clubs, Societies, Families, Clans and groups to provide “help”. “Help” that really helps; not ensnares people in despair and multi-generational poverty as “welfare farmers”.

We can do better. And, the bishops should lead; not whine for more Gooferment handouts.


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POLITICAL: Some ‘solar” people get $X subsidy; the Gooferment has to steal 2X!


*** begin quote ***

Profit Opportunity: The Government Has Solar’s Back By Christian Hill

Yesterday, I talked about the tremendous year the solar industry had in 2010. While the S&P was up nearly 20%, some companies saw gains as high as 80% and 120%.

And for the first time ever, the industry installed over 1 gigawatt of capacity.

Solar has a lot of momentum going into 2011.

And that tailwind is being reinforced by the government.

For the past few years, they have been giving the industry all the help they can in the form of tax credits, grants, and incentives. These totaled $2.5 billion last year. That was four times the 2009 amount.

One example is the Treasury Grant Program (TGP). It lets the owner of a commercial solar project take a 30% cash grant instead of a tax credit.

The TGP was set to expire at the end of last year.

But the government wasn’t about to let all the momentum the solar industry has built up slip away.

So they extended the TGP for another year.

The government is aware that this is about jobs too. Job growth for solar companies is forecast to be 26% over the next 12 months. That compares to 2% for the overall economy.

*** end quote ***

SO let me understand this: the Gooferment robs Peter to subsidize Paul and that makes it a great investment?

I don’t think the author understands the value proposition.

To give some people, wearing “solar” on their t-shirts, a subsidy of X, the Gooferment has to steal 2 times X from other people.

And I like “solar” if by that you mean I can get electricity cheaper.

Maybe with the subsidy, maybe solar is “cheaper”. But it’s not a “fair calculation”. The Gooferment’s bug thumb is on the “butcher’s scale” influencing the calculation.

The Gooferment should have NO role in an “energy policy”. (Other than to prevent force or fraud. Ensuring a free and fiar marketplace.)


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POLITICAL: A useless skating rink

Received an email from a fellow Jasper. Space in the Jasper Jottings blog is limited and I wanted to expound more.

# – # – #

RE: Skating rink in VC

>Do you ever take your ideological blinders off and think of the positive possibilities of government projects
> like the Van Cortlandt Park skating rink right near Manhattan College?

The problem with Socialists is they can always find the beneficiaries of their policies, but they can’t, won’t, or don’t see those that are being penalized. I can only say “Broken Glass Fallacy”.


“In short, the broken window (and the boy who broke it) did not provide any net benefit to the town, but rather made the town poorer by at least the value of one window, if not more.”

In this case, the politician Bloomberg has “decided” that a skating rink should be built. Ignoring that a private skating rink, a few blocks away, went out of business. That private one’s failure was the invisible hand of the market declaring that it was not needed. If it had been, it would have found willing buyers of its services willing to pay for it, (and, by implication), valued it higher than the alternative uses for that amount of money.

The beauty of the price mechanism is it PEACEFULLY forces people to make choices. No external force required of a “government”. No extraction of wealth by theft. Just people peacefully deciding that they want this but not that. In a world of scarce resource, no one can have it all! So, someone can go ice skating or to the movies. The movies win and the rink looses. And entrepreneurs supply more movies and less ice rinks. Doesn’t say that movies are “good” and rinks are “bad”. It’s just that people are making “choices” or “decisions”, and the free market is peacefully allocating the resources to create the maximum satisfaction.

One of the problems that the Socialists have is “the calculation problem”. That is how do you decide this and not that. Or that and not this. The free market does it with pricing. And, humans making economic decisions. It’s like a continuous voting process. And, it is done quickly efficiently and peacefully. It’s a thing of beauty.

And, remember, you just can ask people. Everyone will want a “free” skating rink. And, everyone can imagine benefits from it.

Austrian economists have said it much better than I can. I like the formulation of a basic principle from the TV show “House”: “People lie”. Ask and people can and will tell you anything. But ask them to spend their weath, there’s an absolute measurable true indication of how much they value something.

So, in the free market, we have a giant computing engine, better than the Jeopardy champion Watson, continuously calculating “maximum satisfaction”.

Because the cost of this skating rink is divided up by millions of people, we don’t see those penalized by it. 250k$/25M NY taxpayers = a few cents each. But maybe they’d rather spend their money the way they see fit. Rather than have it extracted by force by Bloomberg for a rink that has not made economic sense in the past.

*** begin quote ***

Surely there will be talented ice skaters among future students at Manhattan who would not have had the chance to develop their inherent skills if not for the nearby rink. Think of an Olympic champion from Manhattan College and not the loss of a place for another high rise or high priced restaurant or strip joint that free enterprise might have put in its place.

*** end quote ***

But maybe that potential champion has deprived a thousand families of an affordable place to live?

See the problem with political decisions is that there is no “yardstick” for measuring. That’s the problem with “rent control”, zoning, diktats, and regulations. They distort the free market. And, by building the rink, we will never know what the true cost of it was. Maybe God can tell us at the Final Judgement.

*** begin quote ***

Where I live private enterprise has built an ultra-modern gambling casino while downtown needs more development to put it mildly.

*** end quote ***

Well, it’s really NOT “private enterprise” in a truly free market sense. It’s political as well. Gambling is highly regulated. So some politician has “decided” that the casino can be built. It’s wasn’t an entrepreneur risking his capital to satisfy his Customers.

“Downtown development” — could it be that high taxes make development “uneconomical”? If, for example, Detroit zeroed out it’s taxes and relied on fees for services, I’d bet you’d see a “gold rush” there. But, Gooferment thinks it knows best. “Development” means a political feeding frenzy where politicians, bureaucrats, and their toadies make out like the bandits they really are.

*** begin quote ***

Gambling addiction has become a major problem which the government needs to address … …

*** end quote ***

Gambling, like drug addiction, can’t be “addressed” by government. Unless you let them just kill the addicts. Didn’t China try that a few times? The death penalty for vices and those that trade off them.

As you know us little L libertarians want to legalize all drugs. Like it once was in America, before women got the vote and thought they could legislate sobriety and birthed organized crime. And, in a funny unintended consequence, expand the amount of drinking that Americans did.

I remember reading that the natural rate of addiction is 10%. No matter what you do, 10% of the population will be addicted. Look at the Gooferment’s own prisons. They can’t keep drugs out of there. It’s a MEDICAL PROBLEM. So why don’t we treat it as such. Put WalMart in charge of drug distribution. (Or, Walgreens, CVS, or such.) Estimates say that currently illegal drugs will be as cheap as aspirin. (Think about the soon to be poor Drug Kingpins and Gangs trading on human misery. What will they do when the huge flow of ill gotten gains dries up.) Look at Budwiser and Miller, no need to have turf war, with shots fired. Maybe a drug addict can even hold a job and support their habit. And, the huge expenditures on police, courts, and prisons can be put to better uses. Like research and treatment. And, since it will now be “legal”, it will be “un kool”. So the youth won’t be lure into trying it.

*** begin quote ***

while the public sector is already scraping for funds to keep the roads paved.

*** end quote ***

And, “paved roads” are a struggle because providing services to people is NOT what Gooferment wants to do; reward friends, punish enemies, and feather nests. Why doesn’t Disney World have trouble paving its roads?

The Blob (i.e., politicians, bureaucrats, and their toadies) always cut the public facing service and then wail they have no money. The FIRST thing that entrenched politicians and bureaucrats do is cut services to the people. It is a sham. A pretense. A fraud. Did they cut the internal costs? How many honchos and hangers-on did they nuke?

And, why do we let the Gooferment run the roads any way?

*** begin quote ***

Please think about the long term ramifications of your libertarian policies. I do not think you would really like the outcome.

*** end quote ***

I’d like to try some little L libertarian policies. I think it would be great. Unfortunately, there are criminal gangs in fancy costumes with high fluting words and fancy flags occupying the ground. But, as more and more humans understand, they can identify a critical meme.

Government is the meme that enslaves and kills us.

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RANT: Just heard Huckabee on TV

The Huckster says R’s shouldn’t waste time on Obama’s birth certificate because “if there was any hard evidence Hillary would have found it”.

Sorry but what is being hidden?

I don’t agree with him. Where there’s smoke there is fire.

The Birgitta have raised a plausible and credible claim. Congress held hearings on McCain’s eligibility; why not Obama’s?

Was a deal struck between the D’s and the R’s?

As Judge Judy says about “notarized tongues”, I don’t trust any of them. Maybe Ron Paul, but none of the others.

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TECHNOLOGY: Having one is really having none


The 10 Essentials for Outdoor Adventures
by CHRIS on NOVEMBER 15, 2010

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Navigation: As mentioned above, the navigation system could include traditional forms of orienteering such as a good topographic map of the area you are in and a compass, or it could include a GPS unit. Just remember, should you choose to rely solely on GPS, you put yourself at risk of poor signal coverage, dead batteries, water damage, and other mishaps that could leave you without a navigational aid.

*** end quote ***

In the tin foil hat TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) crowd, there is a very relevant expression:

“Having one is really having none.”

First heard that in the USAF Survival School. And, having done that two weeks of hell on earth, I can attest that in every field exercise, every man had TWO compasses. True the secondary one, your eye sight better be good to read it. But there was TWO.

Two ways to make a fire. Two knives — one big and one small. Two canteens — one which was required to always be full and secured to your personal belt. Your only excuse for losing that belt was to be sawed in half.

And, you certainly didn’t want to fail that course and have to repeat it if you were lucky. Otherwise, you were scratched and sent back to “personnel”. Euphemistically call “Human Resource Assignments”. There was always a need for garbagemen, grease trap cleaners, or “weeds ‘n’ seeds”. (We were told that one flunk out was sent to do gardening at “Than Sue Nutt, VeitNam, Republic of”! But we thought that was a fairy tale to scare us. Since we all had our next stations assignments, it did. If I’d have flunked, I’d have lost my gig in Maryland. Sweet.)

SO I have a quibble with the navigation advice, one GPS and TWO compasses and one analog watch, are the minimum.

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POLITICAL: How about an American Jasmine Revolution?


Chinese People Power: A Primer

Jesse Walker | February 20, 2011

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While our eyes are glued on the collapsing Qaddafi regime, the authorities in China are getting jittery about a Jasmine Revolution of their own:

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How about an American Jasmine Revolution?

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SERVICE: Google’s two factor authentication

Google’s two factor authentication has arrived at one of my accounts.

It’s an excellent idea and turns one’s cell phone into the equivalent of a SecureId token. Maybe better?

Basically, before you turn it on, you have to consider THREE things.

(1) Understand that the initialization process takes a few minutes of your undivided attention. (If you screw it up, then I’m not sure how you fix it.) So “multi taskers” be forewarned.

(2) Understand what you need to do for all things that access your Google Account but don’t support two factor authentication (i.e., you email program). You’ll generate a special password for each of these applications. (It doesn’t say to, but makes it easy to generate on unique on for each such use.)

(3) Understand you have to have a plan if you loose your cell phone (i.e., losing one of your two factors will lock you out). Google allows you to specify another number and to print out a bunch of backup one time use passwords. Don’t fail to do this.

All in all, seems like a good working implementation.

I’d suggest that you do it on a test id. (Like I didn’t. I was excited to see it finally. That’s could be a bad blunder.)

I assume that you can revert if you want to. But I don’t know that for a fact.

Do as I say; not as I do?

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INTERESTING: Don’t look away


Injection are less painful if you resist the natural impulse to look away, scientists have claimed.
By Laura Roberts 7:00AM GMT 11 Feb 2011

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The body naturally reduces the pain experienced if the limb or body part affected is focused on visually.

Researchers found that people had a higher pain threshold if they looked at the arm or hand being treated.

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Is this version of the placebo or nocebo effect being demonstrate?

Fascinating stuff, imho.

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RANT: Bears’ Duerson shot himself

Bears’ Duerson shot himself; brain to be studied – Chicago Breaking Sports

Bears’ Duerson shot himself; brain to be studied

February 19, 2011 6:52 PM |

By Dan Pompei and Duaa Eldeib

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Former Chicago Bears safety Dave Duerson died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest, a source with knowledge of the situation told the Tribune.

His death has been ruled a suicide, but the Miami-Dade police department has yet to make the information public.

*** end quote ***

Sad. Maybe the “game” needs more safety?

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NEWJERSEY: Behappy, the Pharoh has decided to spend our money here


“Thanks to a recent $260,000 grant from the Department of Transportation”

It’s not like the DoT ran a bake sale to get that 260k. And, it’s not that a “bike way” might not be nice thing to have. BUTT (there’s always a big but) (1) We can’t afford it while the finances are in such disarray. That means that everything MUST wait until the Federal, State, and Local finances are back to normal. AND, (for sake of argument) let’s assume that every time a dollar passes thru a level of bureaucrats it loses half its value due to administration. So we have a dollar of taxes paid to the Federal Gooferment and it has to transit down to South Brunswick. Working back that 260k must have cost some multiple of it. 520K, 1040k, 2080k, who knows? It’s just crazy to be happy about this.

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RANT: TLE gets surpressed?


Federal Marshals Threaten, Censor «Libertarian Enterprise» By L. Neil Smith

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“I’ll remind you all, however, that for government, existence is a privilege, not a right.” L. Neil Smith

For the first time, in its sixteenth year of publication, this journal of libertarian views and opinion — bound by an absolute moral resolve never to initiate force against anyone for any reason, nor to advocate or delegate its initiation — has been threatened by agents of the federal government and ordered to remove content from its website.

We have done so. When you learn, in a general way, what that content consisted of, you will be perplexed, at first, then angrier and angrier as you see what has been done to what was once a free country, and realize precisely who is most responsible for having done it.

Last August, _TLE_ ran a piece by our frequent contributor Jim Davidson about the hypocrisy of the federal judiciary. Three federal judges had just authorized a practice in which armed government agents could feel free to trespass on a citizen’s property without a warrant or probable cause, in order to affix a GPS tracker to that citizen’s car.

Our columnist’s natural and logical response was to deprive these judges of privacy the same way they were allowing the privacy of the individuals who pay their salaries (however involuntarily) to be violated. Using only publicly available sources, he published their names, addresses, and other information. Let me state that again, so there can be no mistake: he published their names, addresses, and other such information which he had obtained from purely public sources.

This week — six months later — we have been notified, first by our domain registrar GoDaddy.com, then in an e-mail from the U.S. Marshals’ “service” that we must remove the offending article from _TLE_’s website, in order to assure the safety of the judges and their families. (This, of course, begs the question, why in the hell their information is publicly available if it constitutes a threat to their safety.) GoDaddy.com has refused to answer reasonable questions about this affair — such as precisely what Terms of Service we were in violation of — instead simply repeating the order to remove the material.

We have complied.

*** end quote ***

Clearly, The Elite are becoming very concerned that “We, The People” know where they live. The Mundanes have no privacy; the Efete Elite do!

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