TECHNOLOGY: Serendipity! I get to watch a red light camera from wife’s ICU room

I find the Universe has a sense of humor.

In observing the Red Light Camera by Saint Peter’s University Hospital, I think it’s “unacceptable”.

I don’t have a stop watch to determine the timing.

Some folks obviously enter the intersection on red and it ain’t even close. Other’s not so clear.

If a car is in the intersection to make a left turn, and the light goes red, sometimes it “fires”.

If a car yields to a light’s ‘n’ sirens ambulance while in the intersection, it fires?

If a pedestrian interrupts some poor slob making a legal right or left, and he’s caught in the intersection, it fires.

To do a good study, we need to mark the pavement with what I’d call the 25mph line. If a poor slob is doing 25mphs, how much distance does the yellow give him to stop. I can’t tell with out some tools: radar gun; pavement markings; and a stop watch.

If the Old Lady is stuck in the ICU long, maybe I’ll have time to do a real study.

Make a movie?

Yeah, I have too much time on my hands.

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TECHNOLOGY: Red light camera as like an ATM to the Gooferment

More Fights Over Red Light Cameras
Radley Balko | February 7, 2011

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Actually, the argument is that there’s good evidence showing that lengthening yellow times is a far better way to prevent intersection accidents than red light cameras. It’s more effective, and doesn’t come with the creepy surveillance state vibe. Somehow, that doesn’t seem as appealing a policy to city governments. Another reason we critics have impugned the motives of public officials is that several cities have been caught shortening yellow times at intersections after they’ve been outfitted with cameras. That would seem to be a pretty good indication of a government that values revenue more than safety.

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Yes, cash-strapped jurisdiction would have a very good motivation to install the camera and then shorten the yellow.

See the Gooferment can’t be both a participant in the game and the game’s referee.

Any illusion that there is a difference between the supposed three branches of Gooferment is just a corrupt illusion.

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ADMINISTRIVIA: Happy Saint V’s Day

After a weekend of mostly “altered mental status” — with unexplained causes, and after the innumerable transports of Frau Reinke to the toilet, I returned her to the comfort of her recliner. She couldn’t get comfortable. In a raspy strained voice struggling for breath, she said: “I have to get fresh air. I have to stand up.” So for the innumerable plus one time, I helped her to stand. I doing most of the lifting. “Just stand here” was her quiet words as she tightened her grip around my neck and held me close. Like one of the many slow “dances” we shared forty plus years ago. Until her legs tired out, she said “thanks”, and I placed her back in the recliner. Where she promptly was sound asleep. And, I was energized for the innumerable plus two times to come. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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