SERVICE: CAREMARK is robotic and uncaring.


in response to my simple message: “My wife, Evlynn, is dying in Saint Peters Hospital. It’s now inevitable. Please stop ALL RXs.

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Caremark Customer Service
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RE: Other – Other (Call Us, Better You, Corp) – ZBA21

Your Unique Tracking ID is: 493432

Dear Plan Member:

Thank you for contacting CVS Caremark. We strive to provide quality customer care to every one of our plan participants.

All pending orders have been canceled per your request. Thank you for allowing CVS Caremark the opportunity to be of assistance.

Should you need additional assistance, please respond to this e-mail or you may contact Customer Service at 1-800-701-5833. We appreciate the opportunity to serve all of your prescription benefit needs and to help you better manage your health.


Brandon M.

CVS Caremark
Web Support

This e-mail communication and any attachments may contain confidential and/or privileged information for the use of the designated recipients named above. If you are not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that you have received this communication in error and any review, disclosure, dissemination, distribution, or copying of it or its content is prohibited. If you have received this communication in error, please notify the sender immediately by telephone and destroy all copies of this communication and any attachments.

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The New

Always working hard to make things easier for CVS Caremark members, we will be launching a new and improved site soon! The new has simplified and enhanced the features of the current site to make getting your prescriptions, finding savings, and learning about your medications even easier. Get a preview of the new at”>< a=””> face=”Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif” size=2><>.

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From: EVLYNN REINKE_76299229 <>
Received: 2/25/11 12:24:55 PM CST
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Subject: PSDCSV: [CVS-76299229:76299229:902966664:APCS]

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Question Subject = Other – Other (Call Us, Better You, Corp) – ZBA21
Question Type = Customer Service
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Group Code = ZBA21
Member Id = 902966664
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My wife, Evlynn, is dying in Saint Peters Hospital. It’s now inevitable. Please stop ALL RXs. Thanks, fjohn reinke

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Argh! Doesn’t anyone really think about what they are doing? Do they really think we are fooled by this “caring” email? And, what about all the “barbara streisand” in and around it?

Finally, can they make the font any smaller?


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RANT: A comment about Gooferment Skrules

Despite having no children of my own, I fought about this during the NJ Tax Revolt of the 80’s. This is a multi-part problem. And, it’s not ALL the fault of the Teachers’ Union. The politicians and bureaucrats have created a mess and “We, The People” have allowed it to happen.

First problem is the Parents. Yup, they are part of the problem; probably the most important part. They tolerate this “barbara streisand”. No one has children and wants to see them ruined. Yet, that very decision they make to procreate, I am expected to pay for. Education is the parent’s responsibility. First and foremost. No one else’s. To assume that the Gooferment has a role, any role, in “education” is to cede the very ground that the battle must be fought on.

So now let’s deal with the situation at hand. We can’t wave a magic wand and make it “magically delicious”. People have been trained, like dogs doing tricks, into thinking that this is the best or only way. We have to reverse that over time and allow people to adapt.

Right now, “we” have Gooferment Skrules. The Gooferment “pays” and “operates”. So I would suggest we have to adapt out of it in two steps. Two twenty year plans! (Yeah, I know it sounds like the USSR and its always failing Five Year Plans.) Focus first on operation. Create vouchers equal to 20k and give them to 5% more students each year. At the end of 20 years, parents will have been trained to “buy” their children’s education. Then, for the next 20 years, reduce the voucher by 5%. This will push the bill more and more to the parents. (They decided to have them and they will have to pay to educate them.) Churches, businesses, and a civil society will create new forms of schooling for new subjects and the poor. (Remember Catholic schools were created for the poor.)

I think this would solve the problem. Not quickly but eventually it would. Permanently!

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HARDWARE: Thermostat absurdity


OK, here’s a hospital room thermostat. It’s cold in the room. How do I make it warmer? Or, colder.

Those three buttons must DO something, I feel like I’ve been dropped into a future civilization. Or stuff changes, and I didn’t get the memo.

How about a big + and – sign?


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