RANT: Gooferment abuses its power


http://www.loweringthebar.net/2011/02/immigration-officer-puts-wife-on-the-no-fly-list.html or http://tinyurl.com/4qghpxg



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A UK immigration officer decided to get rid of his wife by putting her on the no-fly list, ensuring that she could not return to the UK from abroad. This worked for three years, until he put in for a promotion and — during the routine background check — someone investigated why his wife was on the no-fly list.

Okay, so he’s an idiot. And a bastard. But the real piece of news here is how easy it is for a UK immigration officer to put someone on the no-fly list with *absolutely no evidence* that that person belongs there. And how little auditing is done on that list. Once someone is on, they’re on for good.

That’s simply no way to run a free country.

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Gooferment just does stuff. No appeal. No checking. No oversight.

There’s a reason that the judicial systems requires a battle of adversaries to determine the truth.

Where’s the “Appeal to God” when you need it? You know like in the movie “Ivanhoe”.

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DATA: Open Gooferment data in New Hampshire


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Now, with over a dozen Free Staters elected to the NH legislature, these geeks are starting to affect government data-sharing policy.

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Chalk up a new one for the open-government-data geeks.

In the past few days, New Hampshire’s General Court, as the state legislature is officially known, started releasing data on legislation and legislators in nerd-friendly, “pipe-separated” files, uploaded daily. In non-geek speak, this means the data is presented in a way that any competent web developer can easily process for use in an application or a researcher can feed into a database system to explore.

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Seems like the “crazy Free state Project members” are making a change that was completely unexpected.

They are cracking the Gooferment data open like a dropped Chinese porcelain urn.

Imagine that people are actually interested in what the Gooferment is up to.

“Very interested”!

Now we just need to make the Gooferment switch to free Open Source Software and save some money.

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