INTERESTING: STATEFARM responds about their ad

In your recent commercial, who backs up over another car, who is the young woman who plays the girl friend? Or who are the two women? Idle curiosity. Yeah, I know, shouldnt let little things bug you. But, no one has a definitive answer — one girl, two, or twins? Inquiring minds want to know. Thanks, fjohn

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From: Tim J Thomas @

Subject: Actress in
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2011 13:07:29 -0700

The actress playing the “Before” girlfriend is Gabrielle Dennis. The “After” girlfriend is model/actress Salita Ebanks.

Thanks for your interested in our advertising!

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Amazing invention the internet!

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INTERESTING: A new story echos what I wrote in my novel!

February 8th, 2011 at 9:28 am
Hole-Digging Competition In Japan

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Over a thousand people gathered on the outskirts of Tokyo, shovels in hand, to dig it out for the top prize in the Japan All-National Hole Digging Competition and claim the coveted Golden Shovel award.

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When I read this story, I went nuts! Life imitating art. Or some sort of repressed memory? Did I hear this, forget it, and it bubbled up in my novel?

Here’s the passage from CHURCH 10●19●62 (Vol 1) 978-0-557-08387-9 page 14

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He wanted to teach life skills, encouraging boy scouts, track, and public speaking. He knew that one couldn’t stand in a corner and pray. Like the old joke about praying to win the lottery and God says ‘help me out a bit; buy a ticket’. He had weekly awards, monthly awards, special recognition, and anything he could to motivate his children. He had ‘dig a hole’ competitions with prizes for deepest, widest, best teamwork, fastest fill in, and even prettiest. He focused on all the children — boys and girls.

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Isn’t that weird?

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