JOBSEARCH: Amazon gives away three free “jobsearch” e-books (probably to get folks using their Kindle or Kindle software)

February 1, 2011 10:16 AM PST
Get ‘The Career Survival Kit’ e-book collection free
by Rick Broida

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Amazon says these three e-books are worth $45. But they’re actually worth $30. Does it matter? They’re free!

Every so often, rolls out an e-book freebie that’s perfect for the business crowd. Here’s the latest: “The Career Survival Kit (Collection).”

Available for the Kindle reader or any device that can run a Kindle application (including Android and BlackBerry devices, iPhones/iPods/iPads, PCs, and Macs), this download contains three e-books.

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Probably to get folks using their Kindle or Kindle software?


A little confusing.

You must install the Kindle Software on your PC and / or MAC. Or other IOS devices.

Then, you buy the book collection. It’s free. Just strange to buy a free book.

Then, you tinker to have it deliver it to the registered platform.

Then, you go to archived content, and double click.

And, you’re done.


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POSTBOX2, a OSX mail application, is in my doghouse.

  • Smearing in message preview screen when paging down in a message.
  • Support told me that I’m unique and they can’t reproduce it.
  • Don’t have the accounts open.
  • Unable to “next” thru an mail folder from message to message.
  • It’s “involved” in several high CPU usage incidents.
  • It’s “involved” in several disk space exhaustion incidents.
  • It has “performance issues” especially when switching mailboxes.

I’ve fallen back to APPLE MAIL.

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