RANT: TLE gets surpressed?


Federal Marshals Threaten, Censor «Libertarian Enterprise» By L. Neil Smith

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“I’ll remind you all, however, that for government, existence is a privilege, not a right.” L. Neil Smith

For the first time, in its sixteenth year of publication, this journal of libertarian views and opinion — bound by an absolute moral resolve never to initiate force against anyone for any reason, nor to advocate or delegate its initiation — has been threatened by agents of the federal government and ordered to remove content from its website.

We have done so. When you learn, in a general way, what that content consisted of, you will be perplexed, at first, then angrier and angrier as you see what has been done to what was once a free country, and realize precisely who is most responsible for having done it.

Last August, _TLE_ ran a piece by our frequent contributor Jim Davidson about the hypocrisy of the federal judiciary. Three federal judges had just authorized a practice in which armed government agents could feel free to trespass on a citizen’s property without a warrant or probable cause, in order to affix a GPS tracker to that citizen’s car.

Our columnist’s natural and logical response was to deprive these judges of privacy the same way they were allowing the privacy of the individuals who pay their salaries (however involuntarily) to be violated. Using only publicly available sources, he published their names, addresses, and other information. Let me state that again, so there can be no mistake: he published their names, addresses, and other such information which he had obtained from purely public sources.

This week — six months later — we have been notified, first by our domain registrar GoDaddy.com, then in an e-mail from the U.S. Marshals’ “service” that we must remove the offending article from _TLE_’s website, in order to assure the safety of the judges and their families. (This, of course, begs the question, why in the hell their information is publicly available if it constitutes a threat to their safety.) GoDaddy.com has refused to answer reasonable questions about this affair — such as precisely what Terms of Service we were in violation of — instead simply repeating the order to remove the material.

We have complied.

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Clearly, The Elite are becoming very concerned that “We, The People” know where they live. The Mundanes have no privacy; the Efete Elite do!

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RANT: Bribes to Brazil to Continue

Bribes to Brazil to Continue | Cato @ Liberty.

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An amendment to end what Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) rightly called “lunacy” failed this afternoon in a depressing show of cowardice on cotton subsidies. The amendment [Amendment No. 89] would have ended payments to Brazilian [yes, sic] cotton farmers that cost U.S. taxpayers $150 million a year.  The House rejected the amendment 183 to 246.

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POLITICAL: Hillary and free speech; say one thing, do another


FEBRUARY 18, 2011
Free Speech for Them but Not for Us
David Henderson

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Does Hillary Clinton Understand Irony?

On Tuesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a speech at George Washington University in which she criticized foreign governments for cracking down on freedom of speech.

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Right while Clinton was touting free speech and look at the back of the small room and could, presumably, see McGovern, goons roughed up McGovern and hauled him away. Did Hillary Clinton protest? No. She didn’t even miss a beat.

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Interesting. And, no media attention at all.

Hillary is making a lot of missteps if she’s trying to become President?

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POLITICAL: Hillary “Israeli Settlements Illegitimate”

Hillary Clinton: Israeli Settlements ‘Illegitimate’ – ABC News.

Wonder how this will impact the liberal Jewish vote and it’s “love affair” with the Democratic Party?

I’d feel like I got <synonym for the act of procreation, past tense>


Think Hillary is bolstering her foreign policy credentials for a POTUS2012 run? Not with this blunder. And, not by associating with this blundering naive administration.

Hope we survive to 2012.

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SERVICE: DROPBOX client didn’t restart after reboot


Could have been disastrous. So there is nothing in the MACOSX operating system that ensures everything that should be in your environment is. And, by extension, nothing that shouldn’t be there isn’t either.


What else can’t we see?

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SOFTWARE: LibreOffice 3.3 recommended “Office” suite



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Sure, LibreOffice 3.3 is basically a recolored OO.o, at this point. But, adding its own fixes and features sets it in a new direction. LibreOffice should retain its compatibility with OO.o so that extensions, fixes, patches, and code enhancements can be used in either product.

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