SOFTWARE: POSTBOX2 “SMEARING” appears to be related to “account” display

RE: POSTBOX2 has a serious value-impacting problem — “SMEARING” in message preview pane

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“SMEARING” in message preview pane POSTBOX2 Version 2.1.0 (PAID) While the workaround — “click on the message” and read it in a new tab — works, it destroys the usability of it.

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The support folks have tumbled to a key fact. “SMEARING” only appears to occur when (1) the ACCOUNT has many accounts; and (2) the ACCOUNT folder is open to show individual accounts. Close it, no “SMEARING”.

This is now a acceptable temporary (I hope) workaround.

Support was good in terms of responsiveness and follow thru.

Assuming this will get a fix, I’m downgrading my “NOTRECOMMENDED” recommendation to “WARNING”. (Like anyone cares.)

The implication is that it is NOT well tested if within a week of buying and using the product, I can hit a CLASS #2 bug which should have been obvious to find.

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TECHNOLOGY: Talking cars

‘Talking Cars’ Someday May Save Lives

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“This technology is an opportunity to help create a future where millions of vehicles communicate with each other by sharing anonymous real-time information about traffic speeds and conditions. This new world of wireless communication will make transportation safer,” said Peter Appel, administrator of the Transportation Department’s Research and Innovative Technology Administration.

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I wonder if the regional dialects will be preserved.

As they say in Brooklyn, Fuggedaboudit!

Another boondoggle.

Think runaway Toyotas are “fun”?

How about cars that “know better” than the driver!

Still a autobahn with 200 mph cars and no driver would be an interesting experience. Like the Disney attraction Mister Toad’s Wild Ride!

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