RANT: So I go to tgi Friday’s in North Brunswick

… For a quick dinner. Steak, mashed, and cole slaw. Had it a ton of times before. I take a gob of cole slaw and I almost puke. It’s rotten?

Give it the bartender and tell Hume to have the manager taste it. He comes back — the bartender, not the manager — and says it a new formula. The other bartender says “I should have warned you no one likes it” — are you kidding me?

There’s enough lessons in this to choke a horse. Now how can I make my displeasure hurt?

TECHNOLOGY: APPLE is enforcing its headlock on “their” hardware


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Users of devices jailbroken by one of the methods that allows Apple’s test binaries to successfully run who attempt to open content purchased from the iBookstore are met with the following error message:

There is a problem with the configuration of your iPhone. Please restore with iTunes and reinstall iBooks.

Restoring a device from iTunes obviously removes the jailbreak, again rendering the device in compliance with Apple’s standards.

Apple’s tactics are of course drawing some scrutiny from jailbreak fans, many of whom are pointing to recent actions by the U.S. government to explicitly allow jailbreaking. Consequently, Apple’s move to prevent access to legitimately purchased iBookstore content just because the user attempts to view it on a jailbroken device is seen as interference with legal usage.

*** end quote ***

Now, I remember why I didn’t like LOTUS. And, why I shouldn’t like APPLE.


APPLE sells me some hardware and dares me to use it.

Henceforth and forever more, all APPLE hardware is, be definition, “NOT RECOMMENDED”. Windoze may be “bad”, but at least you can be “OPEN”!

On to Linux!!!

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GOLD: The poor man’s gold investment


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$300 face value (150 rolls @$2 face value per roll) fit easily fit in a standard U.S. Postal Service Medium Flat Rate Box, and that weighs about 68 pounds.) They can be mailed from coast to coast for less than $25. Doing so will take a bit of reinforcement. Given enough wraps of strapping tape, a corrugated box will securely transport $300 worth of Nickels

*** end quote ***

Everyone will laugh at “investing” in nickels, but he who laffs last …

Today, pre-64 silver coins command a 20 times face value. And, that’s what you get retail.

2011 – 1964 = 47 years

20x = 2000%

2000 / 47 = 42% roi

There is NO reason to think that nickels won’t have a similar experience.

Like the author says, the only the things that are certain in life are death, taxes, and inflation!

In fifty years, you’ll be saying “Shoulda, coulda, and woulda! if I’d a listened to that crazy fat old white guy injineer, I’d be rich.” I will be dealing with other problems when you say, so I will be unavailable to say “I told you so.”

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