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Chat Subject: FiOS Television (Other)

Your Question: Box is cycling every few minutes.

A Verizon Service Representative will be with you shortly. Thank you. (21:05:16)

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Agent George has joined. (21:15:22)

George : Chat ID for this session is 03191189238. (21:15:22)

George(21:15:27): Thank you for using Verizon FiOS Technical Support. I apologize for any delays in reaching an agent today.

My name is George, for security purposes please post the name and address on the account as well as a good can be reached telephone number.

While I access your account and start running some diagnostic tests, please open a new browser window and type http://www.verizon.com/inhomeagent in the address bar and follow the prompts to download our new In Home Agent support tool, if you?ve not already done so.

Ferdinand Reinke(21:15:28): I don’t think there is much that can be done. The box is recycling every few minutes. And, my other box is running fine. Argh!

Ferdinand Reinke(21:16:11): I don’t want the inhome agent on my hardware.

George(21:16:36): please provide the information, i have asked for above please

Ferdinand Reinke(21:16:50): {Extraneous Deleted}

George(21:17:30): address on the account also

Ferdinand Reinke(21:17:45): {Extraneous Deleted}

George(21:18:20): ok

George(21:18:30): After our chat session is completed, I will send you a helpful email to the email address listed above reinke@reinke.cc

George(21:18:30): I’m sorry for any frustration this has caused, but I’d be glad to assist you with your issue today.

George(21:18:51): For security purposes can I please get you to confirm the account number, the last amount you paid, or the install date, please.

Ferdinand Reinke(21:19:07): I have no idea of that information.

George(21:19:42): i also need that information, i can wait also. if you need me to

Ferdinand Reinke(21:20:26):

{Extraneous Deleted}

George(21:21:01): thank you

George(21:21:27): also which box has the issue, the dvr or the sd box?

Ferdinand Reinke(21:21:51): the hd dvr box

George(21:22:22): is there any clicking or humming noise from the dvr/

Ferdinand Reinke(21:22:29): no

George(21:22:50): are you in front of it now?

George(21:22:55): i just flashed the programming on it

George(21:23:00): i need you to test it and see if it reboots

Ferdinand Reinke(21:23:03): sounds like the other tv has stopped playing

Ferdinand Reinke(21:23:19): press menu

George(21:23:34): i programmed both

George(21:23:40): go ahead and press menu

Ferdinand Reinke(21:23:44): done

George(21:23:54): picture?

Ferdinand Reinke(21:23:57): yes

George(21:24:03): let it play ok

Ferdinand Reinke(21:24:08): yup

Ferdinand Reinke(21:24:18): recylced

George(21:24:29): just did?

Ferdinand Reinke(21:24:32): yes

George(21:25:07): I’m going to mail out a replacement Set Top Box to you. It will arrive by UPS Next-Day Air (typically within 2-3 business days).

1. Once you receive the new Set Top Box, unplug the bad STB and power adapter and use the new STB and power adapter.

2. Then send back the bad Set Top Box using the supplied UPS shipping label and dropoff at the nearest UPS Store (www.theupsstore.com) or UPS Dropoff location.

Ferdinand Reinke(21:26:11): And I’m supposed to be happy about that. I’m without the TV service for 2-3 business days and I lose all the programs on the DVR?

George(21:26:31): yes you will lose all the recorded programs

Ferdinand Reinke(21:26:47): I know but I am NOT happy about that.

George(21:27:02): i am sorry, there is nothing we can do to make it not reboot

Ferdinand Reinke(21:27:36): OK let’s delete the DVR service completely. Just send me a replacement HD box.

George(21:28:06): can not do that, you have to talk to billing to do that

Ferdinand Reinke(21:28:26): This is the third DVR box that is being replaced.

George(21:28:31): if you want to swap to a lower priced box, they will have to do an ordr

George(21:28:36): i am sorry, but this isnt billing and orders

George(21:28:52): we do not, do orders to downgrade your box

George(21:29:02): i can only send you out a like for like unit

George(21:29:07): no downgrades

Ferdinand Reinke(21:29:43): Well you can credit the bill for at least four days out of service.

George(21:29:53): no

George(21:29:59): this isnt biling, this is repair

Ferdinand Reinke(21:30:04): NO>

George(21:30:24): repair, does not handle your bill or orders

Ferdinand Reinke(21:30:25): just shaking my head.

George(21:30:45): you understand, in repair we do not handle billing or orders

George(21:30:45): correct?

George(21:31:00): im going to send you out a replacement unit for your dvr

Ferdinand Reinke(21:31:00): I understand only to well.

George(21:31:05): since it keeps rebooting

George(21:31:11): it has been ordered

George(21:34:07): do you have any other questions, about the replacement unit

Ferdinand Reinke(21:34:32): NO!

George(21:35:08): I’m glad I could help. Chat Support is available everyday from 8am-9pm Central. Additional information on all 3 FiOS services can be found online at http://verizon.com/residentialhelp/.

Also, we have the Verizon In Home Agent that you can download at http://www.verizon.com/inhomeagent Thank you for choosing Verizon and have a great day.

Your session is now closed.

Thank you, have a nice day.

Your session is now closed.

Thank you, have a nice day.

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This is not help.

This is the THIRD DVR!


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INSPIRATIONAL: Death linked to inability to pay


Immigrant’s death linked to inability to pay for medical care
March 11, 2011

*** begin quote ***

A comatose immigrant woman died after she was discharged from Georgetown University Hospital and removed from her feeding tubes—against the wishes of her family—in a case that has raised concerns about the impact of finance on medical care.

*** and ***

A New York Times report on the case quotes bioethicist Arthur Caplan: “Any hint that withdrawing treatment might be linked to financial considerations—that’s a big ethical no-no. That’s death panel stuff.”

Moreover, providing nutrition through a feeding tube is not normally classified as “treatment,” but as fundamental “care” for a patient. The Vatican has indicated that the removal of nutrition and hydration, in order to hasten the advent of death, is never morally acceptable.

*** end quote ***

Having just had to make a similar hard decision, I can understand how difficult it is.

In my case it was easy since Frau Reinke and I had discussions about it as recent as the week before the inevitable happened.

That’s why it’s important to have all your papers in order.

Her wish was always to go home. If she couldn’t, she didn’t want absurd heroics. It never came to that. But, I was ready to execute her wishes.

To have someone’s ability to pay intrude on decisions is sad. To have it at a supposedly “catholic” institution is very sad.

Donna Nobis Pacem

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SOFTWARE: Chrome takes all free disk space

OK, I think I have ‘evidence’.

With only POSTBOX2 and CHROME running I get message ‘no space’. So, I quit CHROME and now I have 1+ Gig back.

(I have to figure out how to shrink IPHOTO. But there doesn’t seem to be any way to do it other than just delete stuff. Argh!)


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