2011-03-17 @ 2241

Several dropped signals and restarts early this evening. I just noticed that the DVR is working. “Cloud crap”? Argh!

Inet working fine. Don’t know about phone.

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2011-03-18 @ 0845

Checking the DVR and the initial menu comes up. But then it recycles. Powering down the DVR.

Watched TV again. Get ready to touch the DVR and it recycles. No signal. “Press menu to watch”


Ran the DVR trying to find the Jaspers on Saint Pat’s Parade. Recycles again.

@0854 recycles again.


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POLITICAL: Fixing Social Security


March 9, 2011
Social Security: How to deal with your biggest problem
Posted by James Leroy Wilson

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Quote of the Day: “He who will not economize will have to agonize.” — Confucius [Kung Fu-tse] (551-479 B.C.)

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1. Phase in a gradual increase in the retirement age (Retirement Age)

2. Means-test Social Security benefits to pay less to those who have other means of support (Means-test)

3. Allow young Americans to keep some of their Social Security taxes in return for forgoing future Social Security benefits (Partial Opt-out)

4. Reduce other federal spending in order to maintain Social Security for those who depend on it, while improving the opt-out deal for young people (Budget Cuts)

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It’s going to be painful, but what else can be done?

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