MEMORIES: Our Girl’s Name

Our Girl’s Name

Most folks don’t know that Frau Reinke was named after a cousin, Evlynn Mahoney, who died very young. Given that Our Girl had that high school ring from Saint Dominic’s in Jersey City, her namesake died after high school. Like a dummy, I don’t remember any of the details. That ring was carried in her jewelry box from place to place over the years. It was never lost or far from her thoughts. When diabetes swelled her hands, my class ring and her wedding ring joined that ring in her treasure chest. We got some much larger rings for her to wear and never talked much about the swelling and what it portended.

Her first battle over her “name” occurred when she hit Holy Family Academy in Bayonne. She showed up and gave her name “Evlynn”. Tilt! She’s told: “There’s no saint named ‘Ev Lynn’. No one ever got anywhere arguing with Nuns. So she registered as “Ev E Lynn”. Not happy but that’s life.

Fast forward about four years. She’s graduated from her beloved HFA and it’s time to get a job. Off to AT&T in NYC. I have no idea what led her there? It might be interesting to know. That decision predetermined so many other events. One wonders what might have happened.

So she gets the job and is filling out the forms. She has her diploma, social security card, and her birth certificate. No problem. Turns them into HR and is waiting get her I’d card. Tilt! Big hub bub and consternation. Finally it’s determined she’s not “Ev E Lynn”; she’s “Evlynn” as far as AT&T is concerned. (You really had to her tell the story!)

The story doesn’t end there!

I got in the habit whenever asked “Wife’s name?” to reply “First Name Evlynn Spelled Funny ‘E’ ‘V’ and ‘LYNN’ six letters only one E”.

When we bought our first house, despite all the reminders about name, the papers were all wrong. She had to go through, cross out every misspelling, and initial it. And, had to sign an affidavit to that effect. Boy was she <past tense synonym for urine output> off. She may have even said an Irish Prayer for the lady who did it.

When we bought the shore house, guess what happened?

Yup, another cross out and initial session.

Airline tickets, drivers license, auto title … none ever went easy.

But she was EV LYNN! And, never got rude with the paid help, no matter how they butchered her name. She was much more patient with it than I would be.

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FUN: Mars Needs Moms — Part 2

MARCH 14, 2011, 7:00 AM ET
‘Mars Needs Moms’ May Be One of Hollywood’s Biggest Bombs
By Anthony Kaufman

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Disney’s latest 3-D animated film “Mars Needs Moms” may be one of the biggest box office bombs of all time.

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A smart ten year old told me all I needed to know about this stinker.

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INTERESTING: Luftwaffe Over New York; another alternative history

Luftwaffe Over New York, a WW2 Secret
March 11, 2011 posted by Veterans Today
The Most Dangerous Photo-Recon Mission of World War II
By Jim Newsom U.S.A.

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On August 27th 1943, a German Luftwaffe long-range photo reconnaissance bomber, a Junkers Ju-390 took off from its base in Norway and flew out across the Atlantic Ocean. Among its four man crew was a brave and daring woman Anna Kreisling, the ‘White Wolf of the Luftwaffe’. A nickname she had acquired because of her frost blonde hair and icy blue eyes. Anna was one of the top pilots in Germany and even though she was only the co-pilot on this mission, her flying ability was crucial to its success.

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Wow, I never knew that. And, I was interested in WW2 as a child. Stunning revelation!

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POLITICAL: BHO44’s Egypt policy called “flip, flop, flip”


Naill Furgeson, a history prof from Harvard, (hardly a Fox News contributor), roasts President Obama about Egypt. The MSNBC hosts look like they got slapped upside the head by a 2×4. Obviously smart and deeply knowledgeable about the region and history, he just blew their socks off.

The most important quote: “The military is in charge and that’s not usually seen as a successful outcome of a democratic revolt.”

In a five minute segment, he shows how the American electorate made a mistake that will forever change the world. And, he slammed Hillary, Gates, and the Obama administration’s foreign policy staff as “not even second rate”.


And, this made it on to MSNBC? The propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. The crown Jewel of Gooferment Electric. I’m sure there will be a strong memo to follow.

Hey, Fox News, you need to have this guy on more often. He’s as good as Dick Morris as calling folks out about facts.

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RANT: Bring the girls and boys home … now

Secession movement spreads well beyond Texas

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A campaign called “Bring the Guard Home” is pushing legislation in 23 states that would empower governors to recall state National Guard units from Iraq on the premise that the federal law authorizing such deployments has expired. “It’s gaining momentum, to say the least,” said Jim Draeger, program manager for Peace Action Wisconsin. He said the initiative has a respectable chance of passing the Legislature in his state.

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Bring the girls and boys home under any excuse!

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