TECHNOLOGY: There’s nothing more frustrating than bouncing email

Don’t you just hate when you “lose” someone? I do. The symptom is that you’ve taken your “eye” off them for a minute and — poof — like Jack in Titanic they’ve slipped beneath the waves. Lost forever. That’s what happens. Guess it’s a fact of life. Emails, especially corporate emails, cease when the person moves on. Would it be such a big deal to forward it? People should really use their personal email or, even better, have their own domain.

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May I suggest that you have your own domain? The common wisdom, or is that common whizdumb, is to own your own name as a domain name. I own “”. (I like saying “sea sea me at”! will actually work!) I gives one quite a bit of control. And, it’s very cheap. I know three solutions at 15$/year using wordpressdotcom with gmail, 25$/year email only with 1and1, and 60$/year for domain+email+webspace also at 1and1. My point is not that you should use 1and1. I could care less which one you use. It’s that getting on to your own domain with email is cheap and easy. And, it’s not hotmail, yahoo, or gmail. It IS your own “personal brand”.

May I suggest that you need a website? As a student, you have tons of time and are producing content. Papers, pictures, whatever. You need to get them on the web to estabish “your brand”. The web is always straved for content. By adopting a consistent strategy of displaying high quality content under your own “brand name”, you will take over the first page of Google. (For example, Google “Ferdinand J. Reinke” or “ReinkeFJ” and you’ll see I have EVERY one of the first page entries.) You don’t want a dry static page, but a page that shows off all that stuff you claim to have (i.e., organizational and communications). :-) LOL

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People shouldn’t be “lose-able”.

They should “stay” where I left them. Like keys.


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INSPIRATIONAL: “Subject to all the usual caveats”

“Your Mom and I love you very much. We want the best for you. We will do whatever we think is in your long term best interest as we see it. We may be wrong, but don’t ever doubt that we want you to be happy, healthy, and wise. That being said, be careful what you ask for, it may be more than you wanted. We will not deprive you of the chance to be happy by paving the road in front of you; someday we won’t be here to do it for you and happiness is in the struggling journey. We will not deprive you of the chance to be healthy by doing for you or not allowing you to grow; that, which doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger. We will not deprive you of the chance to be wise by giving you the ‘test’ answers; while we might even be occasionally right, we recognize any answer, that is the ‘right’ answer for us from our point of view in our circumstances, maybe totally the ‘wrong’ answer for you from your pov and in your circumstances. Having said that, we will love you, regardless of anything. We will provide a shoulder to cry on, a modicum of advice, and a swift kick if needed. You call us heroes? We’re just travelers on the same road as you, just a little further down that road. Remember we are all in the Holy Presence, and His Grace is Abundant, if you ask for it.”

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