FUN: Mars Needs Moms

Oh, come on now, do they really think that children are that gullible.

Colors were good.

The family icon was strangely “universal”.

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The grand nephew in law had words of wisdom. Enough to make you cry.

“I miss Auntie Ev” Me2

“I told Mommy we should get you a puppy so you wouldn’t be lonely. (I’d heard that one before. I explained my “one dog, one wife, one house” policy)

“When will you get remarried? Then you won’t be lonely.” Argh! Explained policy again.

(Now that’s either a penetrating insight or he’s repeating what he’s heard.)

Caught me by surprise. Out of the mouths of babes.

How could anyone replace, match, or even come close to, another soul mate?

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MEMORIES: A grandma at turning stone

In one of our many trips, there was an interesting incident.

We were on our way to the casino at Niagara Falls. For some reason, we stopped at Turing Stone, an Indian casino. I remember it was out of our way. We hadn’t like it when we had been there before. But she wanted to go there for some reason and despite my lack of enthusiasm.

We were there, played for a while, lost, and eventually I asked if she was ready to go. (I’d lost my stake.) She said “no”. So we set a time, and I went to food court (or whatever you’d call it). Got a cup of coffee and read my book.

At the appointed time, we met up. She was ready to leave.

(I assume she had lost the amount she was prepared to lose. She hated to lose. At anything.)

As we’re walking to the exit, a granmotherly type is sobbing — you know “my dog died” type tears — sitting at a slot machine. Our Girl zoomed right over, put her arm around the woman, and said: “What’s wrong? Are you OK?” The lady sobbed out: “I’ve lost my wallet with my money for the week in it.”

(OK, my fraud alert radar went off. “Danger, Will Robinson”. Scam?)

Our Girl says: “It’ll be OK. We’ll help you.” (We will? Huh!)

Our Girl magically summons a Casino Worker. I hadn’t seen one most of the day. I knew they existed, but like Bigfoot, a legend. After conversation, an alert went out. A Casino Guard showed up. An executive. Another executive.

(At this point, I thought we were done. Not so, Our Girl. She kept her arm on the lady. Reassuring her.)

Shortly, 15 minutes or so, a Casino worker came with a wallet. The woman looked at it and found her Drivers License and credit cards in it. But no cash.

(My fraud alert is going to double alert status. What thief leaves the credit cards?)

The casino folks quietly exited stage left. The woman wasn’t their problem.

The woman started crying again. Our Girl asked why. “I had my money for the month. 200 dollars. I came and cashed my check. Then I played the odd money. But I always kept my money to live on for the rest of the month safely aside.”

Our Girl, without hesitation, whips out her “roll” — anyone, who knows her, knows how she liked cash — and gives the woman three one hundred dollar bills. The lady is profusely grateful and wants her address to pay her back. Our Girl replies: “No need. You help someone else out. I’ll get my reward in heaven.”

So they part company.

(I bite my tongue cause I think we have just been hustled.)

On the way out, at the last row, she says: “I want to play that machine over there.”

(Yeah, again, anyone who knows her, can guess the punchline.)

I whine that we’ve lost enough, getting late, yada yada. She says: “No, I want to play that one.”

“OK”, I reply, “do you want me to get lost?” (She always thought I brought her bad luck when I shadowed her.) “No, you can stay. We won’t be long.”

50¢ machine, 9 lines, 2 per line max.

She summons the “card seller / reloader”, gives a CNote, and gets 100 loaded on the card. Sticks it in. Presses max bet.

And, we wait ½ hour to get the tax forms for her $1900 win.

(The taxes were always MY problem. Argh!)

All the time, she just smiled at me smugly. She loved to win.

In the car, she said: “See, I always get back more than I give away.”

And, she did.

(I still think she was scammed.)

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BUCKETLIST: Starting a new one for me

*** begin quote ***

Doctors have spent centuries trying to understand why some people die when hit with sudden devastating news or on the anniversary of a stressful event, Sweeney said. According to him, psychiatrists have studied the phenomenon for a century.

However, he said, “for the most part, the medical community discounts the notion of a human being dying of a broken heart.”

*** end quote ***

Well, clearly, the “medicine men”, for all their education and experience, don’t know it all.

Given that we don’t have an “operating manual” one can’t discount the phenom.

So, I’m getting my list of the things I want to do, need to do, or feel I must do.

I’m not planning to leave early. And, I don’t want to leave yet. But … one never knows.

“My love, were it in my power, I would sadly grant thee this boon. But, we have to continue to follow His Plan for us. Let’s go forth and speak no more of this. Who ever is last will be last. It will be His choice; not ours. We’re but humble custodians of His temple on earth. It’s not our place to trump His plan. Whatever that plan be, know that I will be with you to my last breath.” — character “John” in CHURCH 10●19●62 Volume 2 Page 399

We all travel the same “road”.

“You can’t be afraid. It’s not right to be afraid. It’s as if you don’t trust the Lord with our lives. I’m not a big Bible Banger, but it seems rude to joggle God’s elbow. Like a little kid, who has no concept of what is happening.” — character “John” in CHURCH 10●19●62 Volume 2 Page 206

I just want to “touch all the bases” before I too “go home”.

I welcome your suggestions for my list.

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MEMORIES: Evy’s first game

She told me once about her first game for HFA. As a freshman, she started. And for the first few minutes she just passed the ball to the seniors. Her coach pulled her out and she sat on the bench for a few minutes. Coach Mac then asked her: “You like being on the bench?” “No.” “If I put you back in, will you shoot?” “Yes.” Went back in at the half and scored 17. I believed her.

I’ll have to see if I can find her clippings. I know she had some. Shoulda grabbed them when I saw them.

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MONEY: L. Neil Smith on “money”


Banks and Bankers

*** begin quote ***

Banks are the means by which European aristocracy regained control of America once again following what we thought had been our Revolution.

—L. Neil Smith

*** and ***

The power to create money must be taken from the government backed banking cartel called the Federal Reserve. Lawful money, as mandated by the Constitution—precious metal coins and nothing else—must be substituted for the wastebasket trash that we’ve become accustomed to.

*** end quote ***


But, as always, the problem is how do we get to there from here?

It would be nice if getting there didn’t include complete societal collapse.

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