RANT: Rohrssen fired; MC acts like its competition


Manhattan Announces Change in Men’s Basketball Program
Barry Rohrssen Released as Jaspers’ Head Coach after Five Seasons at the Helm

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“Barry is a true gentleman who has represented Manhattan College very well,” explained Byrnes. “As we make a difficult decision to move the program forward, we remain committed to the academic and personal, as well as the athletic development of our student athletes. We wish Barry well and thank him for his service.”

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“58-95 while at MC”

Or, is the real objective to live out out version of morality. To serve public witness that we are following a different vision of what its right and proper and invite other to travel that path with us?

(I ranted about Bobby G and his antics despite his winning and results.)

I have blogged about I think it was Arkansas winning the NCAA but their graduation rate was under 10% and they were sued by one of their “graduates” sued for being an illiterate. The NCAA basketball offering is about money. Pure and simple. “Schools”, or organizations purporting to be schools, suck in young poor black men, with the illusion that they can make it to the NBA, supposedly compensate them for their effort with an “education”, create all sorts of “rules” to supposedly keep the game amateur, collect millions operating a meat grinder, all to support the illusion of amateur “Student Athletes”. The only part that’s “amateur” is that the players don’t get paid. And, they said Lincoln freed the slaves. That was an illusion too.

The fact that most of the top sports programs are State funded schools further illustrates the arena that MC is completing against. The deck is stack in sports, and in the economics of free public education. MC will succeed only be being unique and offering that something that I think makes my fellow Jasper “good people”.

Firing a Coach, for not winning, is imho morally wrong. When the NCAA sanctions Schools for “student athletes” being illiterate, then maybe it’s be OK. Till then, have no doubt, it’s about money. Nothing else. To play their game is a mistake.

I apologize to my fellow Jaspers here and on FACEBOOK if this comes off “holier than thou”. Here’s my minority opinion. Like that movie line, “We’re better than that”. … …

… … I think MC is better than that.

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TINFOILHAT: Obama’s papers?

Wed Mar 9, 1:35 pm ET

Barack Obama jokes about ‘birther’ debate

By Rachel Rose Hartman

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He’s laughing at us now. But why has he spent millions to prevent any disclosure of his records? His college transcript for example.

Where there is smoke, there’s fire.

I’m a “proofer”; not a “birther”. I don’t know anything. Haven’t seen any evidence.

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