EVLYNN: My Dear Friend Evy By Marge


My Dear Friend Evy
By Marge

Sometimes when people express their love for someone that they have lost start out by saying one word could describe so and so. Not true in this case, there are so many words that describe our Evy. Her love for her family and friends and especially for her “Johnny”. She loved her kids, from the time they were little to grown, and when their children came along the love grew even more. Her generosity was never ending, always seeing and making sure everybody had everything they wanted or needed. Even people she didn’t know, reading a newspaper article of someone who was in need, she would find out a way to help. She was always considerate of your feelings, a good listener, she could even name all my brothers and sisters and I’m one of 12! If I mentioned a niece or nephew she knew what sibling they belonged to. That’s a true friend, one who listens. I’m sure you have many words of your own that describe Evy, but here are a few that ring to mind when I think of Evy. Easy going, friendly, funny, hard working, honest, kind, smart, wise, moral, compassionate, selfless, optimistic, trustworthy, positive, loyal, bright, cheerful, out going, lucky, big hearted, down to earth, a peace maker, always a lady, gracious, a fighter to the bitter end, Irish, but the most of all loved. I’m sure I’ll think of many more. We all have great memories and our own words to remember Evy, we’ll never forget you Evy, you will be truly missed my dear friend.

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EVLYNN: Our song Leaving On A Jet Plane By Peter, Paul, and Mary


Leaving On A Jet Plane
By Peter, Paul, and Mary

A hit that became “our song” when I received my draft notice and joined the Air Force. We had became engaged. We were saving ourselves and money for the wedding and to start a life together. But were waiting to actually marry until after I graduated from Manhattan. Promises made to the two Moms. Then, I was drafted immediately. This was another delay. We, really me, but she agreed, decided that we had to wait until we had some stability. I could be going to be cannon fodder in Viet Nam. So, in January when I got notice for a 01 February 1970 induction, this became our song. Absence would either make the heart grow fonder or else. A great wind can blow out a match or fan a forest fire. We were both afraid the separation would kill what we had. Or even worse, it would kill me leaving her behind. So the song really captured what we were both feeling. Even later in life, it made us closer. If such was possible.

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” … … Oh babe, I still hate to go.”

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POLITICAL: BHO44 does something I agree with


OBAMA: Flag to Half Staff for Army Corporal Frank Buckles, World War I Veteran
March 1, 2011 posted by Veterans Today

*** begin quote ***

As a mark of respect for the memory of Army Corporal Frank W. Buckles, the last surviving American veteran of World War I, and in remembrance of the generation of American veterans of World War I, I hereby order, by the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, that, on the day of his interment, the flag of the United States shall be flown at half-staff at the White House and upon all public buildings and grounds, at all military posts and naval stations, and on all naval vessels of the Federal Government in the District of Columbia and throughout the United States and its Territories and possessions until sunset on such day.

*** end quote ***

Here’s one where there is no disagreement.

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EVLYNN: Memories By Jacki Bleacher Morales

By Jacki Bleacher Morales

So, today was a very hard day. I sit here thinking of all the things that Evlynn has taught me , helped me with, helped me thru, helped my children with and helped my children thru. I truly have thousands of memories. I am so lucky because I have double memories. I have work and family memories. We have laughed and cried together,talked for hours on the phone together, shopped together, taught the kids how to drive together. We watched them get their drivers licenses together. We watched them play on the beach a million times, Mom/Auntie Ev come in the water a million times. Let’s play cards, lets walk the board walk, lets play games a million time- frogs lets play frogs & goofy water balloon games. Trying to win ~ oh how she won~ just about every time. A toy for every kid, no kid left out as that wouldn’t be fair. I think Christmas was her favorite time of the shopping year. Toys R Us was her favorite spoil zone. LOL ! She loved to spoil them all, no matter what it was they wanted that year we seemed to find it. Every Christmas Eve- Chinese take out and then a thousand times can we do presents, please please please. That was her favorite part of the night. Watching the boys opening their gifts. We watched them play football & baseball & soccer. Plays and little shows and Graduations. We watched them grow up together, she never left me, she never left them. I am thankful for all that she taught me as a young professional. I learned so much from her and was one of my biggest fans when I decided to go back to school for my degree.

I am so thankful that she was in my life. She was the most generous person I have ever known. I miss her already. She gave me so many things, but one thing is in my China Cabinet, she gave me a decorated frame with a saying in it; she gave it to me at her party she threw after her first long stay in the hospital it reads:

Friends Forever

Friends stand by each other in times of sadness and times of joy. You have always been around to make me smile and to keep the tears away. Thank you for being a great friend. You will always hold a special place in my heart.

Funny she should give this me when it was her that helped me keep a lot of tears away.

So, to my Dear Sweet Mrs. Reinke/Ev/Auntie Ev- I say thank you for being my Best Friend for so many years. Love you always & forever. Jacki

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Cathy Joyce | February 27, 2011

Jackie that is so beautiful. I am so sorrry for your loss. You and your sons were a source of pride and joy for Ev. You have been a dear and true friend! God bless you.

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EVLYNN: Transcription of her speech at her joyous “Got Well” party

After escaping Saint Peter’s Hospital after her first brush with death — CHF, heart attack, and unexplained blood loss that just “stopped on its own”, she decided to have a party. In the hospital, she was sad that she’d never had a chance to say “thanks, i love you” to a bunch of people. She was going to fix that. Since she was walking and talking I was happy. Confused (What else was new?), but happy? So I say: “OK! What would you like to do?”

She, with that impish gleaming smile that all Irish girls can unleash when they really want to turn a man to putty or something else, said: “I want a ‘Thank You’ party where I give out some gifts.” “Like a Christmas Party?” “No more formal.” “Like a wedding reception. With everyone happy.” “OK, a wedding reception, without a bride and groom, where you give the gifts. Sure, we can do that.” “And, I want all the pictures of my life lined up for everyone to see how lucky and blessed I’ve been.” “OK.” “And, I want to pay for it out of my money. And, you can’t change anything.” “OK, for you Princess, anything.” … and I don’t have to pay anything. Sounded to good to be true. So she threw herself into it. And, pulled it off. I was pushed out and the woman folk took over.

At the party, I find out she’s written a little speech.

Here’s that speech recreated from her notes.


To all our friends and extended families:

We are extremely fortunate to have all of you in our lives. Cherished memories we have of all the good times out smiles on our faces every time we think of them.

First, I would like to thank everyone for coming. It means a lot to me to see all my family and friends.

I would like to begin by thanking some people who couldn’t be with us today. Mainly, my parents Peg and Jack.

We didn’t grow up with a lot of money, but we knew we were loved. And, they instilled in us a great sense of caring and charing. Also, discipline was a “big” word in my Mom’s vocabulary and I thank God everyday for having wonderful parents.

Also, John’s grandparents “Grandma & Grandpa” who loved everyone unconditionally.

A cute story about Grandma. Everyone called her “grandma”. My nephew Scott had a black friend named Eric. One day Scott and Eric rode their bikes to my house. I asked what they were up to. Eric said: “Oh we just visited Grandma!”

One of my treasured compliments in life was when Grandpa Ed told me “I was a good little driver for a girl”.

Next, I would like to thank John’s Mom for raising a caring and loving son. She worked very hard to see that he received a great education. My Mom told me when I met the guy I was to marry make sure he and his mom have a strong relationship because how he treats his mom is how he will treat you. So please raise glasses and toast Marge for a job well done. Also to Diddy, John, and Patti for always being their (sic) for John as he was growing up.

To Aunt Kay, for always sending special cards for all occasions. We always look forward to receiving them.

Aunt Jenette, my Godmother, for letting me eat lunch every school day at her house when Mom was working.

Now Scott. My favorite memories of Scott growing up was playing catch. One day I made the mistake of doing play by play as we were throwing the ball. I’d say: “Ball hit to Silvay. Throw to Reinke at first. Batter out.” Well from that day forward we could never play catch unless we did the play by play. Also we would be out there for hours and I’d get tired so I’d start throwing the ball over his head, or way to his left, and make him chase the ball. It took him a long time before he realized what I was doing. Based on this story, (giving him a picture of her brother Jack with Scott who was wearing a baseball uniform) I hope when you look at his picture, it will remind you of the hours we played catch.

Megan. The best memory is our trip to California where Megan got introduced to Dungeoness crabs and we would go to the warf every day and have crabs for lunch. After SanFran, we went to LA and Meg’s big thing was to visit Hard Rock Cafes. As we walked in, Meg saw a denim jacket with the Hard Rock logo on it. We got seated for lunch and Meg scarfed down her hamburger and fries. She said: “Auntie Ev, can I go see how much the jacket is?” I said sure. She comes back and says: “It’s only 80 dollars.” Folks that’s almost 20 years ago. $80 was a lot of money. I said we’d have to think about it. On the way out, softy Uncle John hands Meg $100 and says “Get the jacket.” Well that jacket was worth the money. She wore it everywhere and was the only one at school with it. Every time she wore it, people would ask where we got it. In keeping with tradition, Madison please come up here and see Auntie Ev. (Giving her a Hard Rock jean jacket)

Jacki. What can I say. We laughed, cried, and laughed again. My fondest memories are at the beach house where every summer you’d swear you were not going home but staying at the beach. Also our late hour runs to the boardwalk to get zeppoles.Here is a token of our friendship that I cherish very much. Also, thanks to Jackie’s Mom, Salie, for raising a caring and generous daughter.

To my buds CJ and Matt. For keeping me young. All our after school chats. Our trips to McDonald’s, Wendy’s, the Sub Shop, Confects. And all the fun times at the beach house. Uncle John and I love you very much and are glad you are part of our lives.

Last but not least. John. What can I say? How could one girl from Bayonne get so lucky to find a terrific husband. On our wedding day, you told me how important our vows meant. In sickness and in health. Well health was good for a short time. In sickness, you were there every day for hours at the hospital through every procedure making sure I got the best of care.

For richer or poorer. We were pretty poor in the beginning. Military didn’t pay a lot. Remember on our way home to visit our parents, we would sing in the car: “We don’t have a barrel of money, maybe we’re ragged and funny, but we’ll travel along side by side.”

For richer. You have provided a freat life for us. All our vacations. Anything I want, all I have to say and you get for it me.

Also you have been very generous in helping family members in need. Never asking questions.

So here is a gift (an inscribed watch) that I hope that every time you look at it you will remember just how much I love you and I thank God every night for bringing you into my life.

— 30 —

[JR: This is her recollection. I’m sure there are some ‘memory errors’ that diminish her role, and magnify mine.]

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