EVLYNN: Stories captured

Stories from yday

  • poncho
  • take a something to ensure coming back
  • smoke breaks
  • alaska cruise
  • weldotron spreadsheets
  • passbook banking
  • post-tax Principal Financial check
  • young couple aruba
  • grandma at turning stone
  • Marion in VT
  • Barnstable airport
  • fight at Carswell over transfer seeking to Ohio
  • 299$ three rooms of furniture
  • Langley mortgage; how will we pay for it
  • 60k at Geico in 1972; please stay
  • 28/1 team
  • mystery diagnosis: 63 day at SP, 45 days at RWJ, 75 days at RWJ
  • Fremont kitchen
  • tuberculosis; 6 months of rioazmid(?)
  • “Just one day, I’d like …”
  • Hawaii for her Mom
  • The envelope system
  • saving for our wedding
  • buying the Nova; half and half
  • Her walker
  • Father Capano take the uniform money for chairs
  • Lucky Chair #5
  • Her reaction to BLOODDOC#5 “not assertive”
  • “I’d be disappointed …”
  • “”Evlynn Marie””
  • “No, I won’t marry you. We can be friends.” 7/1 year after.
  • “Don’t make a fuss.”
  • HORSE with her “boys”
  • Food shopping with Russ and Bob
  • Call to come home; return with care packages
  • Ski trip before marriage; Hunter Mountain with Kattie and Gene
  • “”We had to get married.”” at Christmas time
  • “Your girlfriend doesn’t write”
  • Riding bike, she told us.
  • Security briefing
  • Cop that followed her home
  • In a West Virginia wedding
  • Fort Meade commissary
  • Luck faded over the years
  • Eric jacket
  • Losing Megan
  • Frenchy forgetting Megan
  • Pete’s condolence call

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POLITICAL: Care and compassion?


February 15, 2011 22:24
UK: Care and compassion?
Report of the Health Service Ombudsman on ten investigations into NHS care of older people

*** begin quote ***

Sadly, of the ten people featured in this report, nine died during the events described here, or soon afterwards. In accordance with the legislation, my investigations were conducted in private and their identities have not been revealed.

I encourage Members of both Houses to read the stories of my investigations included in this report. I would ask that you then pause and reflect on my findings: that the reasonable expectation that an older person or their family may have of dignified, pain-free end of life care, in clean surroundingsin hospital, is not being fulfilled. Instead, these accounts present a picture of NHS provision that is failing to respond to the needs of older people with care and compassion and to provide even the most basic standards of care.

*** end quote ***

And, we expect Obamacare to deliver something better?

If you believe this, I have a bridge for sale!

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