INTERESTING: Insurance Companies cast as villians


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I hate insurance companies…why are the decisions of our future based on their bottom line?

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Well, insurance companies are really “us” in disguise. Don’t you really want the pool to well-managed properly-risk-adjusted and fiscally sound? This way when you make a claim against the pool, there’s “water” in it? :-) The average profit margin in running insurance is more than a grocery store, but a lot less than WalMart. Think back to the old days of our grandparents when there was no “health insurance” and one good illness would completely ruin families financially, emotionally, and physically. With proper insurance, getting sick is not a complete disaster. The insurance companies need a better brand manager.

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TECHNOLOGY: FACEBOOK can’t be the internet’s identity server

How Facebook is Killing Your Authenticity
Mar 6, 2011 at 6:14pm

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Face it, authenticity goes way down when people know their 700 friends, grandma, and 5 ex-girlfriends are tuning in each time they post something on the web.

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An interesting and astute observation.

On a personal note, I have some relatives, close friends, some not-so-close friends, acquaintances, e-friends I’ve never met, fellow alums fro different schools, past colleagues from various past employers, consulting contacts, fellow “outplacement” turkeys, headhunters, fellow authors, a few companion tin foil hats, and a few complete strangers.

On Facebook, like Twitter, like LinkedIn, they become one glob of undifferentiated mass of folks.

It makes the news streams into a torrent of items that can’t be reviewed, used, or actioned in any rationale way.

Since Facebook doesn’t allow alternate identities, either by its initial design — back when they required a college email address to get on, its current TOS (according to how I read it, but I’m not a lawyer, or do I play one on TV), or its new assumed role as the inet’s “identification server”.

In considering “identity”, information security gurus always identified the concept of an “identity” with the concepts of “roles” and “user control sharing”.


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Hi – thanks for sending me a message. I am using Boxbe to manage my email inbox. Once you’re on my Guest List, your email to me will be delivered with priority.

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BOXBE doesn’t present the challenge for me to “solve”.

So there is no way for my message to get thru.

Anyone ever test these things?

And, when you use spam filters, what are you missing?


BOXBE, and all spam filters as a general rule, NOTRECOMMENDED!

I “wash” email though gmail for a spam filter.


Sorry, but the ISPs could stop this in a heartbeat if they wanted to spend the effort of implementing email authentication.

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