GOVEROTRAGEOUS: Arrest real criminals; not stupid people

Cops clip Madrid driver in mower case
By REGINA ZILBERMINTS • • July 8, 2010

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It may have been how Robert Grimstad was driving that caught people’s attention. He was all over the road. Or the fact it was after midnight and the 38-year-old didn’t have headlights on. Most likely, though, it was the fact he was riding a lawn mower down the highway.

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Doesn’t this point out the absurdity of Gooferment “laws”?

(It’s also absurd to call what the Gooferment passes and seeks to enforce a “law”. Diktat! I like the German word better. An authoritative or dogmatic statement or decree. When I think of “law”, I think of the “Law of Gravity”. <Remembering Michael J. “Crocodile” Dundee saying to the mugger with a knife] “That’s not a knife.” [draws a very large Bowie knife] “This is a KNIFE.” ROFL> Yeah, “Law of Gravity” that’s a big hairy “you can’t break me” law. It says “GO ahead and try to break me. I dare you.” That’s a LAW!)

Any way, “drinking and driving” diktats started with the common sense idea that impair drivers are dangerous. But as usual, somewhere between common sense and effectiveness, the politicians and bureaucrats took a left turn. And, I use the word left accurately. It’s all about “feelings”. So, instead of insisting on a victim, they make up diktats where the Gooferment is the victim. If you have an accident and are found impaired, you lose a lot of stuff. If you injure some one, in addition you go to the “penalty box” for a long time. And, heaven forbid, you kill someone, you go to the isolation chamber for the rest of your life. None of this “sobriety checkpoints” and repeat offender “barbara streisand”. Penalties and sanctions with teeth.

Instead the police are arresting lawn mower drivers, argh!

Where’s the victim in this case?

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