Tried to order a dumb cat toy.

Guess what?

The website didn’t work.

It kept asking for shipping country.

… … but there was no drop down box for it.


Does anyone test? Does anyone do use cases? Does anyone care?

Of course, there was no way to contact the seller except by phone.

So there’s one lost sale.

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WEBSITE: NCAA “bracket challenge” looks like it has a bug to me

No, I had ark. I was looking a frenchy’s bracket. 
But the brackets say I’m 25\160 and he’s 23\96. The summary has him leading 33 to 26?
Looks like a bug to me.
And, it’s really annoying me.
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WEBSITE: An online diary? with TWITTER-like limits. Good for kids?

As suggested by MAKEUSEOF

*** begin quote ***

(2) Memiary – Online diary keeping tool that helps you remember what you did each day and come back to it after years. You’re given a simple template where you can add 5 interesting things that you did today. Read more: Memiary – Online Diary Keeping Made Easy.

*** end quote ***

A tool for youngsters who don’t keep a diary?

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WEBSITE: Collecting “social media” information

What is Retaggr about?

* Unifying your online profiles. Bring all your profiles on all your sevices into one place, so the world can find out who you are, and connect with you.

* We’re not another social network. You already have your profiles all over the web. We help consolidate your identity.

* We give you a bunch of tools to do so. Retaggr widgets, badges, an email signature, the Add Me Button, and of course, your rich, interactive Profile Card.

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Interesting. I added their widget to the right column. We’ll see if it’s used at all?

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Facebook has a lot of bugs in it imho. I have folks, like YYYY, listed as “friends” in a search I did, BUT I can’t suggest them to XXXX who just joined. So I have to write a message to YYYY aiming them at XXXX.


As an old IT guy, to much happens on websites silently. FACEBOOK doesn’t inspire confidence with the “magic” things that happen. Data gets stale. There are unspoken limits (i.e., I can’t add any new “friends”; too many. Guess no one figured on someone who knows a lot of fellow alumni.) Drops are done silently (i.e., was that an error).

Long way to go before you can trust these sites. At least a rolodex didn’t lose the cards.

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TECH WEBSITE: Click on this week’s link and get last week’s issue.

Entertaining problem. Did Jasper Jottings this week as usual. Just under one hour. New issue up and pushed. Checked the JasperJottings website. New index is up. Click on this week’s link and get last week’s issue. Argh!

First thought is to blame Microsoft Word. Check the site’s web page the link is correct.

Second thought is it had to be 1and1’s problem. Call tech support. Got right through. Who has problems on Sunday morning. Nice lady confirms my stuff is right. (That’s a relief!)

She does some stuff. And, comes back to tell me my week 19 upload actually has week 18 in it. Huh?

So, very embarrassed, I ring off.

Word again?

So I cut ‘n’ paste to a new document. Upload.

Shazam, problem solved.

Elapsed time one hour!

Great productivity tool, Microsoft. Great one.

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TECH WEBSITE: SPOCK – a site you need to visit or risk digital dirt!


***Begin Quote***

Sent: Monday, December 17, 2007 3:19 PM
To: John Reinke
Subject: Re: SPOCK?


I got a request from stating that you requested that


Ferdinand Reinke has added you as a trusted contact on Spock. By accepting trust, you will be able to search each others’ network, share contact information, and get news.

Click here to get started.

Is this true or a hoax?


*** end quote ***

True. It’s another social network that everyone SHOULD be aware of. It’s one of those “sponge” ones that creates an identity for you whether you want it or not and collect “news” that may or may not be about you, may or may not be correct, or “flattering”. Unlike Jigsaw that does the same thing, SPOCK allows you to claim the identity and “fix up” what’s there. It might be advisable to “claim” what’s yours before someone else does. I’m still trying to understand the nuances of the social networking space, but I thought that I should make some folks aware of its existence. I’ve blogged about it. Forewarned is fore armed. Or is that “four armed”. One more thing that needs looking at.

p.s., there are records there for millions of people who have no idea that they are there. ?:-{

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TECH WEBSITE: strictly no photography

strictly no photography

***Begin Quote***

About us

Strictly no photography is a photo-sharing site for photographs taken where you are not allowed to take them. From the inside of the Kremlin to Kensington palace, from art galleries to war zones. Here you can see everything you’ve ever wanted to see that you’re not supposed to. There are pictures that range from the ordinary to the profound. Whatever the content or the quality though we think that each one stands as a little piece of art in itself, as a little expression of personal liberty.
Our mission

To organize the world’s forbidden visual information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Our friendly team are always ready and willing to answer any questions you might have. You can contact us here.
The magic

What you can capture in the shot that’s not allowed is unique. It can be in the surreptitious nature of it’s blur taken at speed or on the move with a long exposure. It can be in the crooked framing, taken on the skew shot from the hip or over an onlooker’s shoulder. Shoot first then aim. Intriguing things seem to happen without the overriding intervention of the logical mind. The best shots are the ones loaded with the kind of flair and spontaneity that might never have been caught if you had thought too hard about it, if you’d had longer, if you were allowed. Oh, and remember to turn off the flash.

***End Quote***

Maybe it’s my self image as a James Dean rebel coming out!

(Don’t you think I look a little like him?)

I remember seeing such a sign on the Goethals Bridge here in the Pepuls Republik of Nu Jerzee. And, I thought “where do the get off making such a diktat”.

Push back. Snap a pic and send it it.

Viva la revolution!

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TECH WEBSITE: IMDB wants “extra authentication”

Internet Movie Database

***Begin Quote***

Welcome to the Internet Movie Database, the biggest, best, most award-winning movie and TV site on the planet.

***End Quote***

I wanted to ask a question about a movie so I endured the usual signup non-sense. (I use roboform to fill out forms and generate random passwords so it not too onerous.) But then we come to the security question, where I followed my usual policy of not giving them anything useful. “Mother’s maiden name?” “Maiden” “Maiden is the question!” How about “Mai den”. “OK” Argh! I answered their email. And now I am ready to (finally) ask my question. “Extra authentication required” HUH? What! “Give us amazon id, credit card, or sms my cell phone”. HUH? HUH? I don’t think so. Bye.

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TECH WEBSITE: Found three SPLOGS. What to do?


*** begin quote ***

attorney » MONEY: Estate planning email | attorney. wpbloggers. com/?p=2370 | IP:
[…] Read the rest of this great post here […]
Not Spam — Oct 13, 4:26 AM — [ View Post ]
insurance » TECHNOLOGYSERVICE: Microsoft Wants Your Health Records | insurance. wpbloggers. com/?p=1713 | IP:
[…] Read the rest of this great post here […]
Not Spam — Oct 13, 4:04 AM — [ View Post ]
lawyer » MONEY: Estate planning email | lawyer. wpbloggers. com/?p=3165 | IP:
[…] Read the rest of this great post here […]
Not Spam — Oct 13, 2:26 AM — [ View Post ]

*** end quote ***

Where I find:

*** begin quote ***

MONEY: Estate planning email
Posted in lawyer by on the October 12th, 2007

I read an interesting post today on MONEY: Estate planning email
Here’s a quick excerpt…
(The estate lawyer may ask for a custodian for all the children en masse, and a guardian for each individual child. Have some extra names in your pocket. See each child has a unique fiduciary interest.) …

Read the rest of this great post here

*** end quote ***

Nosing around I find that all posts are essentially the same. Direct takes of snips of content. The other two “blogs” are essentially the same. Trivial design with snips of other people’s blogs.

It’s a very “polite” theft since there is a link to the original post.

***Begin Quote***

Domain Name: WPBLOGGERS.COM Registrant [558497]: Moniker Privacy Services 20 SW 27th Ave. Suite 201 Pompano Beach FL 33069 US Administrative Contact [558497]: Moniker Privacy Services Moniker Privacy Services 20 SW 27th Ave. Suite 201 Pompano Beach FL 33069 US Phone: +1.9549848445 Fax: +1.9549699155 Billing Contact [558497]: Moniker Privacy Services Moniker Privacy Services 20 SW 27th Ave. Suite 201 Pompano Beach FL 33069 US Phone: +1.9549848445 Fax: +1.9549699155 Technical Contact [558497]: Moniker Privacy Services Moniker Privacy Services 20 SW 27th Ave. Suite 201 Pompano Beach FL 33069 US Phone: +1.9549848445 Fax: +1.9549699155 Domain servers in listed order: NS1.DOMAINSERVICE.COM NS2.DOMAINSERVICE.COM NS3.DOMAINSERVICE.COM NS4.DOMAINSERVICE.COM Record created on: 2006-12-13 12:21:55.0 Database last updated on: 2006-12-13 12:22:02.113 Domain Expires on: 2007-12-13 12:21:56.0

***End Quote***

So what does one do with that knowledge?

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TECH WEBSITE: Heinlein available online

***Begin Quote***

UCSC partners with Heinlein Prize Trust to make archive of renowned science fiction author available online:

***End Quote***

Did I mention that Heinlein was my favorite author? Did I mention that his StarshipTroopers led me the being a libertarian? Did I mention that his Door Into Summer taught me the scam of fiat money? Did I … …?

Well you get the idea.

Great idea. Good execution.

# # # # #


June 26, 2007
Social Networking: A Beginner’s Guide To Facebook
Robin Good
Edited by: Luigi Canali De Rossi

***Begin Quote***

However you feel about Facebook there is no denying that it has managed to make a huge impact. This is in no small way down to opening up of the platform to external developers – in many ways an industry first.

As a consequence Facebook has managed to go from being a well-put-together online social networking tool to becoming a socially powered content aggregation hub. By allowing you to bring together the vast majority of your favorite tools and services from around the web, and aggregate them in a single easy-to-navigate destination, Facebook has achieved something totally new.

***End Quote***

Robin Good is an excellent source of direction about new media. I’m a dilatant.

FACEBOOK interests me because of a huge population of young fellow alums that I’d like reading and contributing to Jasper Jottings.

Other than that, who needs another “time hole”. No RSS. No efficiencies.

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TECH WEBSITE: WORDPRESSDOTCOM allows domain redirection

I’ve always had the domain registered and forwarding to the blog. Now the redirection should be “invisible”. We’ll see?

So for example, a blog post would have looked like:

Now, it will look like:

Like a real blog. (added cost $10) Worth it? Who knows.

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TECH WEBSITE: A self-improvement website with an ezine

What more important technology that the hardware, software, and wetware that makes up a human being? Maybe it doesn’t fit your definition of “technology” but it sure does mine.

Any way, here’s a nice ezine that I’ve been reading for a while. I’ve even interacted with the author and writers. Before I started blogging, some those pearls are probably lost forever in my “knowledge base”.

In my quest to tame the email beast, I have now started using LookOut rules to put stuff in folders. So for example, this ezine gets its own folder because its a keeper.

Brings up the interesting question, is an ezine just a blog with a restricted readership?

TECH WEBSITE: Edit your jpeg on the web

Here’s a quick way to edit a jpeg without a lot of trouble. I just “photocopied” Ron Paul’s website to a jpeg. Uploaded it to PICNIK. Cropped it to the size I needed. Downloaded the result.





Now I wanted to put the image in a WORDPRESS test widget, like so:

<a href=””><img src=”” /></a>

But it didn’t work.

Maybe I’m too tired, but I don’t see what’s wrong. Maybe if I sleep on it, I’ll get it! Argh!