June 26, 2007
Social Networking: A Beginner’s Guide To Facebook
Robin Good
Edited by: Luigi Canali De Rossi

***Begin Quote***

However you feel about Facebook there is no denying that it has managed to make a huge impact. This is in no small way down to opening up of the platform to external developers – in many ways an industry first.

As a consequence Facebook has managed to go from being a well-put-together online social networking tool to becoming a socially powered content aggregation hub. By allowing you to bring together the vast majority of your favorite tools and services from around the web, and aggregate them in a single easy-to-navigate destination, Facebook has achieved something totally new.

***End Quote***

Robin Good is an excellent source of direction about new media. I’m a dilatant.

FACEBOOK interests me because of a huge population of young fellow alums that I’d like reading and contributing to Jasper Jottings.

Other than that, who needs another “time hole”. No RSS. No efficiencies.

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