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What is Retaggr about?

* Unifying your online profiles. Bring all your profiles on all your sevices into one place, so the world can find out who you are, and connect with you.

* We’re not another social network. You already have your profiles all over the web. We help consolidate your identity.

* We give you a bunch of tools to do so. Retaggr widgets, badges, an email signature, the Add Me Button, and of course, your rich, interactive Profile Card.

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Interesting. I added their widget to the right column. We’ll see if it’s used at all?

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LIBERTY: End the drug war now!

Bush ‘pardons’ his last Thanksgiving turkey

*** begin quote ***

WASHINGTON (AFP) — With nostalgic words, US President George W. Bush Wednesday pardoned his last national Thanksgiving turkey, which will now fly first-class to Disneyland in California instead of ending up on a dinner table.

*** end quote ***

Would be nice if he did the same for all non-violent drug offenders.

Like that’s ever going to happen.

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PRODUCTIVITY: Getting refocused?

What Do We Worry About?

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When it comes to worry, studies have shown the following statistics:

40% never happens – so in essence we are wasting our time by worrying.

30% of what we worry about has already happened. Learn to “let go” and forgive yourself and others. You cannot change the past – no one can. Accept it for what it is and go on.

12% are needless worries, such as what someone else thinks about us.

10% are petty and unimportant such as we worry about what’s for dinner, we worry about being late, we worry about what to wear.

8% of what we worry about actually happens. Of this percentage…

4% of our worries that happen are beyond our control. We cannot change the outcome. These worries may include our health, the death of a loved one or an impending natural disaster. Often times the reality of these events are more bearable than the worry.

4% of what we worry about we have some if not all control over the results. Basically I think this is the consequences of our actions or inaction on the problems and challenges we face.

Given these statistics, you may find it worthwhile asking the following questions:

* How many times do we work ourselves into frenzy over a situation that is beyond our control?

* Why do we allow worry to stress us out so much that we become ill?

* Why do we waste our mental energy with worry?

*** end quote ***

I remember reading this. I have no idea if the stats are right. But, I’m internalizing it as I get refocused. Argh!

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GUNS: India has strict “gun control”? Guess that doesn’t work 100%!


Indian forces kill last gunmen in Mumbai Indian forces kill last gunmen in Mumbai

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MUMBAI, India (AP) – A 60-hour terror rampage that killed at least 195 people across India’s financial capital ended Saturday when commandos killed the last three gunmen inside a luxury hotel while it was engulfed in flames. Authorities searched for any remaining captives hiding in their rooms and…

*** end quote ***

I don’t see any mention in the liberal biased mainstream press (but, as mark twain said, i repeat myself), abotu the draconian gun control laws in India.

Guess we can’t trust victims to defend themselves.

Wonder how this disaster might have turned out?


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MCBA: Excessive Airport Scanning after 10.5.2

Re: Excessive Airport Scanning after 10.5.2

Posted: Nov 23, 2008 11:01 AM in response to: Gregory Vonderh…

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Glad to know I’m not alone. Slight comfort. I almost bought a new AP thinking that had to be the problem. Of course, this has only happened since the OS update. I never had a problem prior to that. None of the subsequent updates have helped, either. Getting rid of the airport status in the menu bar has only helped in that I don’t constantly see black bars fade to completely ghosted every 30 seconds. I’m hoping that this issue is resolved soon. It’s beyond maddening.

*** end quote ***

I’m also having the problem. Argh!
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RANT: Why Sarah Palin is vilified!

The Crimes of Sarah Palin
by L. Neil Smith
Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

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Unless you happen to have been jerked out from under a cabbage leaf during the last decade or so, you’ll remember a time when anyone who criticized Hillary Clinton was customarily accused by her admirers of resenting—or even being afraid of—a woman with political power.

*** and ***

Perhaps as important, Palin isn’t some pallid East-coast hotel dweller, accustomed to room service, but a real human being, a real live female who can do all of the things listed in the song “I’m A Woman”—she can handle a rifle, hunt, fish, clean and cut up wild game, make something edible out of it, keep house, raise five kids, keep her husband interested since they were in high school together, plus run a city and run a state—and most of the things any human being should be able to do, according to The Notebooks of Lazarus Long.

In short, she’s a Heinlein woman.

That, I submit, is why she’s hated by those females who are not Heinlein women, and by those Milquetoast males who are desperately afraid of the kind of real woman she is. That’s why she was betrayed by her own party—Mit Romney’s faction—which was the source, as it develops, of many of the most vicious falsehoods that were spread about her. That’s why she’s being blamed for McCain’s pathetic failures, in an attempt to make sure she won’t have a political future.

And that the peasants won’t revolt.

The 2008 election is behind us now, a part of history, and the collectivists who triumphed are going to enjoy it while they can. The observations I’ve made here might be unimportant, except that, owing to the ascension of their god-king, we’re going to be living with these animals for a while. In the end, it may be that the best thing Sarah Palin’s candidacy accomplished is exposing them for what they are.

*** end quote ***

Yup, no secret I like Sarah. She was a refreshing change from the “template” D’s and R’s.

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LIBERTY: The proper role of Government!

Monday, November 24, 2008
Rutgers gets blitzed by committee

*** begin quote ***

I graduated from Rutgers in 1988 with a degree in English and have been a backer of the school as an academic institution since before I arrived on campus as a junior, having transferred in from Middlesex County College and Penn State.

*** and ***

The sports program is another story. It’s history is, at best, uneventful — a couple of good basketball seasons (a magical 1975-1976 season that saw the team make the Final Four, the football team a couple of years ago, and the girls basketball team).

*** and ***

The result — disappointment on the field after the team’s surprising 2006 season and questions about the impact that spending on football has had on other sports and other programs. (A report issued last week called for tighter controls and more transparency in the department after a sports marketing contract was issued without formal bidding, its stadium expansion failed to gain funding and it extended the contract of football coach Greg Schiano.)

The New York Times referred to the assorted failures as “The Rutgers Mess .”

Rutgers, the biggest and most important public university in New Jersey, has spent millions of dollars furthering its ambition to become a major football power that might otherwise have been devoted to academics. It has done so during a period of rising tuition and budgetary cutbacks in academic departments, and, worse, without any real oversight from the university’s president, Richard McCormick, and its Board of Governors.

*** end quote ***

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Libertarian at 08824 said…

Might you Rutgers alums explain why I have to pay taxes for Rutgers boondoggles? Or anything to do with Rutgers at all.

I’m sure there must be a reason that the gooferment subsidizes “education” with taxes, but for the life of me I see no benefit to me. Guess I just have that crazy notion that I should pay for things I receive and not pay for things I don’t receive.

It’s sad that a lot of people get to “chip in” for Rutgers, who have better use for their money, who get no conceivable benefit from their “contribution”.

Pass the hat; not rob folks at gunpoint!

12:36 AM

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Anonymous said…

Education is an investment in the future. Ever hear of the GI Bill? Millions of veterans were given tax money to go to college, to buy homes and to open up new businesses. It was an investment in America and it paid off. Of course I would not expect a goofy goofball goooooooooofertarian to understand the concept. In many west European countries, university is tuition free to the qualified because they are investing in the brain power of their youth. I met a brilliant UK biologist who came from humble origins and would not have been able to go to university save for the fact it was free in the UK.

1:01 PM

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Libertarian at 08824 said…

>Education is an investment in the future.

Yes. “Investment” by someone in expectation of a “return”. Unfortunately, the parties that benefit are not the people who pay ther freight and get the return. Depending upon how you define the various roles, the taxpayer is robbed for the benefit of politicians, teachers’ unions, and vast number of beneficiaries. Almost by chance, some people get “educated” and go to make more money that they would have without the “education”. But the “poor old taxpayer” doesn’t participate in the benefits, other than inderectly. Sorry, but I don’t want to “invest” in that. I’d like a Certificate of Deposit please. Or, a something that I choose.

>Ever hear of the GI Bill?

Sure. Socialism at work.

>Millions of veterans were given tax money to go to college, to buy homes
>and to open up new businesses.

Sorry, but just cause there is “good” done with the proceeds of a crime, that doesn’t absolve the criminal class. And, as Basat taught us, let’s look for the many victims of the crime. Many people were taken from. All those small “thefts” precluded people from doing good things for themselves. How many educations, homes, and business were “stolen” to transfer them to the returning veterans.

>It was an investment in America and it paid off.

It was NOT an investment. An investment is made by a person with their savings in search of a profit. Let me and my ten big friends with guns take your wallet and make an “investment”. I could go on and on, but you’re not going to look at it in the “cold light of day”.

>Of course I would not expect a goofy goofball goooooooooofertarian to understand the concept.

And, the obligatory ad hominum attack.

>In many west European countries, university is tuition free to the qualified because they are
>investing in the brain power of their youth. I met a brilliant UK biologist who came from
> humble origins and would not have been able to go to university save for the fact it was
> free in the UK.

And, how many people gave up their choices for that example? You choose NOT to see that “happy example” was paid for on the backs of other people’s preempted choices. And, you assert that there was no other way for it to happen. You don’t know that.

Besides, I wouldn’t use Europe of the example of what America should do.

I have a novel idea. Why don’t we let people alone to make their own choices without the Gooferment using force to make choices for us?

Yeah, like that’s going to happen. Pitchforks and torches. That’s the only way to stop creeping and creepy socialism.

I don’t want to pay for Rutgers. But I don’t get a choice. That’s fair?

2:46 PM

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Anonymous said…

I am astounded that you are against the GI Bill. Are libertarians against the government being in charge of the monetary system? So who would mint the money? The states, cities, towns, municipalities? Oh, now I get it, the goofertarians would be in charge of the monetary system, the goofertarians would mint the coins and produce the paper money. Libertarians hate government so much, hate everything about government except the military. I guess goofballtarians want to privatize the police, the courts, the prisons, fire departments, libraries, schools, the building and upkeep of roads, bridges and the whole infrastructure, the list goes on and on into bizarro land absurdity. So in goofballtarian world, when you call the fire department for help their first question will be if you have paid your fire department bill to the privatized fire company, if not, tough luck. Burn baby burn. Goofballtarianism is great for a guy like Steve Forbes, it makes sense for billionaires but not ordinary Americans.

There is no successful libertarian run government in the world, not Ireland (with universal health care and free university), not India (which has socialism written into its constitution) and not Hong Kong which is owned by commie China.

3:35 PM

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Libertarian at 08824 said…

>I am astounded that you are against the GI Bill.

Let me help relieve your astonishment. Libertarians, (in general), think that government only has a few proper functions: (1) provide for the common DEFENSE (against invaders); (2) ensure domestic tranquility (i.e., prevent crime and fraud); and (3) secure the blessing of liberty for our posterity. Surly, you will recognize the words of the Founding Fathers. I’ve read the Constitution and, not only is there NO authorization for a STANDING ARMY, there is no provision for Congress to do most of what it did to get to the GI Bill. Sorry, but I’m surprised at your “astonishment”.

>Are libertarians against the government being in charge of the monetary system?

Most “libertarians” are against the gooferment being “in charge” of anything. I’d say especially the monetary system. As much as I hate the Fed, I’d like even less for the Congress or any gooferment to be in charge of any such thing. If you remember your American History, money was whatever the PEOPLE decided they would accept. Spanish doubloons, English pounds, French francs, gold, silver, and script all circulated as money. Common wisdom was that Congressional money was as “worthless as a Continental damn”. The Dead Old White Guys enshrined that gold and silver were money! This launched a period of peace and prosperity with declining prices from 1780 to 1860. There were experiments with central banks and printing press money, but they were discarded as abuses abounded. Then the tyrant Lincoln brought us inflation and printing greenbacks without backing. Can’t fight a war with out paper money. Sorry, but fiat currency allows the gooferment to spend more than it takes in. It allows the Congress and the Executive to escape the chains of “poverty”. Can you envision a war that the people had to pay for in the form of taxes? I can’t. It makes it obvious who are the big losers in any war. The people. Libertarians are generally very peaceful people who will never arress but will defend themselves.

>So who would mint the money?

Anyone who wants to. See you fall into the Socialist’s trap that there is “the money”. It’s that trap. That meme. That locks you into a “central gooferment” paradigm. People could never figure out “money” without gooferment. Why do you think the gooferment objects to e-Gold, the Liberty Dollar, the Lakota dollar, or the Ithaca dollar? Remember that dollar originates from the word “thaller” which was the name of a silversmith that made fine coins and became the standard. In short, money becomes what ever you want to take as money.

>The states, cities, towns, municipalities? Oh, now I get it, the goofertarians would
>be in charge of the monetary system, the goofertarians would mint the coins and
>produce the paper money.

Heaven forbid. We don’t want to be in charge of anything but ourselves. I have enough problems just managing “me”. I can’t possibly mange you, Herb, and my neighbors. I just would give people the liberty to run their own lives. Repeal the “legal tender” laws and you can use whatever money you would like. The FED (the Federal Reserve Bank, which is not Federal, has no “reserve”, and is not a “bank”), which is a private banking cartel unaudited and uncontrolled, would have to figure out what to do with its pretty green peices of paper. Forget centrally set interest rates, forget inflation, forget the 5T$ in FRB that China has. We’d be back in the messy world of lots of competing monies.

>Libertarians hate government so much, hate everything about government except the military.

Don’t leave out the military. Remember the DOWGs didn’t want a standing army or “private army or militias”. (I know Socialists are weak on their history. The three letter “police” gangs that you love so much like the FBI, CIA, DEA, BATF, and things like the “Park Police” are what the DOWGs would call “private armies”.) So, there is no reason for the Federal Government to have such things. State Governments have SOME limited ability to form these things, but that we will leave to the State Constitutional scholars.

> I guess goofballtarians want to privatize the police, the courts, the prisons,
> fire departments, libraries, schools, the building and upkeep of roads, bridges
> and the whole infrastructure, the list goes on and on into bizarro land absurdity.

Yes, privatize everything. Really privatize it. Not this Socialistic public-private regulate privatization. Libertarian theorists predict that Insurance Companies, (true mutual Insurance organizations; not the jokes you see now), would provide dispute resolution, police, fire, and adjudication services. In competition with each other, they would seek to deliver such “services” quickly and cheaply. (Imagine Judge Judy without the cap of “small claims court”. As I understand it, the backlog for Judge Judy type “private dispute arbitration” is less than three months.)

>So in goofballtarian world, when you call the fire department for help their first question
>will be if you have paid your fire department bill to the privatized fire company, if not,
>tough luck. Burn baby burn.

Sorry. But one would envision, what better way to get more customers than to save your house BEFORE you were a customer. Right now, if California, crappy socialistic insurance companies are visiting communities where they have insureds and making suggestions, doing “wood and brush” work, and deploying “funny chemicals” that stop wildfires on houses that they DO NOT INSURE. Why? It’s cheaper than paying off a loss. You are so locked in your current paradigm of “big gooferment good” that you can’t eve see the possibilities of another path.

>Goofballtarianism is great for a guy like Steve Forbes, it makes sense for billionaires
>but not ordinary Americans.

I, obviously, don’t agree with that. Liberty, for EVERYONE, allows EVERYONE to make choices.

>There is no successful libertarian run government in the world

Well, Somalia has no central government. Iceland for about 250 years had no central government. Just because we have not been able to see our way past the concept of “big government”, doesn’t mean that it’s not a good idea. What that means is that “entrenched interests”, the aristocracy, and the blindness of the common man prevents it from forming. Eventually, just as the Kings fell to liberty, so to will the Socialists fall to liberty. See the natual state of human beings is to be free. If you can’t keep your prisons “secure”, what makes you think you can succeed at life. And, remember only Big Governments commit genocide. Big Governments are oppressive.


Feel free to drop back anytime for a lesson on liberty.

I would like to make one disclaimer. “Libertarian” is a label applied to a wide swath of folks. I am a little L Libertarian. Currently estranged from the “Libertarian Party” because they abandoned their principles to try to get elected. I’m some where between a “miniarchist libertarian” and an “anarchist libertarian”. At my end of the Nolan Chart, there are no fans of “big government”. While we can disagree heatedly on orthodoxy of libertarianism, we all agree what we have now ain’t it.

I don’t pretend to speak for any libertarian of any flavor other than myself.


(OK, Fred? We have some other libertarians here in South Brunswick. And, he quibbled about one of my representations about “libertarians”. I am sure that I could live very comfortably in Fred’s world. As he probably could in mine. But, I don’t want to “defraud” anyone by misrepresentation! )



7:55 PM

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Anonymous Anonymous said…

Ahh, the old it’s not in the Constitution game. Lots of things aren’t in the Constitution: there is no right to travel or marry in the Constitution, no right to vote, no right to privacy, no right to smoke, nothing about a Pledge of Allegiance, etc. The Supreme Court gets to decide what the Constitution means. They got to rule what the 2nd amendment “really” meant. The 2nd amendment is actually kind of ambiguous with its enigmatic wording and odd punctuation and so a different supreme court might have ruled differently.

In 1939, the S.C. ruled in U.S. v. Miller that a sawed-off shotgun transported across state lines by a bootlegger was not what the amendment’s authors had in mind when they were protecting arms needed for military service.

An Earl Warren court would be very different from the present supreme court. In June 2005 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Jessica Gonzales had no Constitutional right to police enforcement of her restraining order against her estranged husband who killed her 3 daughters. They decided that there is no right to police enforcement in the Constitution. If libertarians hate government so much why would they like the Constitution which is the underpinning of our democratic republic.

The more I hear about libertarianism, the less I like it. It’s a scam run on the gullible who think that they can live in a civil and civilized society without paying any taxes. Libertarianism is a cult, an unbending hide-bound sect-like ideology.

1:05 AM

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Blogger Libertarian at 08824 said…

>Ahh, the old it’s not in the Constitution game. Lots of things aren’t in the Constitution:

Yeah, that dog gone old scrap of paper. Your big gooferment purports to be “bound” and “limited” by it. (What a joke!)

>there is no right to travel or marry in the Constitution

So that means that the FEDERAL GOOFERMENT should have ZERO to say about those issue.

>no right to vote, no right to privacy, no right to smoke, nothing about a Pledge of Allegiance

So, there are no defined FEDERAL interest in these things. And, the Pledge! Written by a Flag Salesman who was a NAZI. And, we tolerate this intrusion.

>The Supreme Court gets to decide what the Constitution means.

It’s no surprise that the GOOFERMENT COURT decided that it has the power to DECIDE what the limits of GOOFERMENT POWER is. Then it’s a surprise that it expands GOOFERMENT power. (Please stop making me laugh!)

>The 2nd amendment is actually kind of ambiguous with its enigmatic wording and

>odd punctuation and so a different supreme court might have ruled differently.

It’s really clear. IMHO! Similar to the First Amendment? When you read it in the terms of the DOWGs, “well regulated” means hitting what you aim at AND “the Free State” is the ideal government entity. First Amendment says you have free speech; Second gives you the tools to protect your rights.

>In 1939, the S.C. ruled in U.S. v. Miller that a sawed-off shotgun

Miller is a good example of the GOOFERMENT making rules for itself. It was an unopposed adversarial proceeding. (The defendants never showed up.) And, it was flawed in its findings, during WW1, American troops used sawed off shotguns in trench warfare. (Some were even sent from home.) So that decision was and is flawed. AND, the Constitution is very clear “shall not be infringed”!

> no Constitutional right to police enforcement of her restraining order

SO you are arguing for a GOOFERMENT that has no duty to protect its citizens?

>If libertarians hate government so much why would they like the Constitution

YOUR GOOFERMENT asserts that it follows the Constitution, us Libertarians would like YOUR GOOFERMENT to leave us alone. The only tools we have to do that is to demand it follow its own rules!

>The more I hear about libertarianism, the less I like it.

So we’re even. The more I hear about YOUR GOOFERMENT, the less I like it.

>It’s a scam run on the gullible who think that they can live in a civil and

>civilized society without paying any taxes.

Absolutely right! No one should pay TAXES! You should buy “services” from truly competing service providers. Exactly how much “service” (i.e., police, fire, garbage, education, etc. etc.) I want to buy and at a mutually agreed price. I don’t want or need GOOFERMENT SERVICES, that I have to pay for, that I may or may not want, that are “offered” at a price I can’t afford, that are just oppressive. Sorry, keep your GOOFERMENT. I’m happy to allow you to do whatever you want. Just don’t impose it on me. Keep your GOOFERMENT to yourself.

> Libertarianism is a cult, an unbending hide-bound sect-like ideology.

Yup, it’s a principled movement. Unbending, yup! Driven by an idea that human beings should be able to make choices as they see fit free of force or fraud which don’t impose on others by force. If you don’t like “libertarianism”; how about “voluntarist”?


Drive by comment anytime.

8:07 AM

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Facebook has a lot of bugs in it imho. I have folks, like YYYY, listed as “friends” in a search I did, BUT I can’t suggest them to XXXX who just joined. So I have to write a message to YYYY aiming them at XXXX.


As an old IT guy, to much happens on websites silently. FACEBOOK doesn’t inspire confidence with the “magic” things that happen. Data gets stale. There are unspoken limits (i.e., I can’t add any new “friends”; too many. Guess no one figured on someone who knows a lot of fellow alumni.) Drops are done silently (i.e., was that an error).

Long way to go before you can trust these sites. At least a rolodex didn’t lose the cards.

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JOBSEARCH: “Linking The Laid Off”

Linking The Laid Off On Linkedin, On Facebook, And On

To members of My Linkedin Power Forum

Are you, or someone you know, one of the 1.2 Million Americans who lost their jobs in 2008? If so, please join us in “Linking The Laid Off”.

The purpose of “Linking The Laid Off” to help those who’ve been laid off to expedite their job search via brainstorming about the social media services you and I know so well. If social media can be used to help fill the most powerful job in the world, it stands to reason that social media can help you and me find the jobs we need for ourselves and for our families.

At present there are three places you may choose to join “Linking The Laid Off”:

1. On Facebook, it’s located at:

2. On Linkedin Groups, it’s located at:

3. On My Linking Power Forum, it’s located at:

We intend to focus on job search so, PLEASE help us get the word out.

Thanks, and Keep STRONG, Everybody!!

Vincent Wright

Entrepreneurial Recruiter/Social Media Consultant | | | | |

Skype/Gtalk = MyLinkedinPowerForum


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POLITICAL: Obama is Just One Vote Away in Ga. from Total Control

POLITICAL: Obama is Just One Vote Away in Ga. from Total Control

# – # – #

Any one in Georgia?

While I think their suggested tag line is a little over the top, it does have an element of truth to it. I’m a little L libertarian; not a D or an R. BUT, it would be nice to deny either the D’s or the R’s that filibuster 60th Senate vote. Divided, stuck, squabbling government is my preference.

# # # # #

RANT: Don’t bailout the UAW!

Look! There’s Another Wolf! No, I Just Saw Him, Behind That Tree!
by Vin Suprynowicz

*** begin quote ***

Once Congress steps in and forestall the orderly, deliberative process of bankruptcy relief, we’ll likely end up with white elephant auto plants in Detroit that will never again compete on true cost and quality with free-market factories elsewhere, instead turning out “fuel-efficient, green” cars consumers don’t want, under management by a consortium of federal bureaucrats and the labor unions, abetted by a bunch of hollow public relations happy-talk.

*** end quote ***

And, that’s why we don’t want Congress to bailout the UAW!

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TECHNOLOGY: AntiSPAM tactic that Yahoo misses

Here’s a spam that I received at my Yahoo account. It purports to be from a Yahoo user id. BUT, if it didn’t originate entirely inside Yahoo, then Yahoo should be able to NUKE it before it hits my inbox. Seems simple to me?

*** begin quote ***

Return-Path: <>

Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig)

Received: from (EHLO ( by with SMTP; Thu, 20 Nov 2008 21:25:19 -0800

Received: from User ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.3959); Fri, 21 Nov 2008 05:17:48 +0000

Reply-To: <>



Add sender to Contacts

Subject: Question about Item – Respond Now

Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 23:24:41 -0600

MIME-Version: 1.0

Content-Type: text/html; charset=”Windows-1251″

Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit



Message-ID: <>

Content-Length: 10368

*** end quote ***

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JOBFINDING: Somerset County NJ hedge fund client is looking to hire

My Somerset County NJ hedge fund client is looking to hire a FULL TIME EMPLOYEE. There is as yet no spec but he is looking for someone with CURRENT/VERY RECENT FOREIGN EXCHANGE applications either as an Applications Development Manager or as a Project Manager. MUST COME FROM A .NET ENVIRONMENT. An appropriate comp package will be offered to the right candidate.

Sorry but they will not consider candidates without strong F/X and .NET background.

Jack M Schwartz

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POLITICAL: My economic recovery plan

Fallen Angel
by George Giles

*** begin quote ***

Our one party has two wings blue state socialists and red state fascists, they only disagree on minor conjectures like should we fleece the public fisc through the Federal Reserve, or the Internal Revenue service, or both?

*** and ***

If eternal vigilance is the price of liberty then Americans, as a culture, have been found wanting. The immense debt, the vanishing equity, and the struggling economic infrastructure are the waves upon which our ship of state sails.

*** end quote ***

Wonder if the sheeple will realize they have been had? If we have faith in the “American experiment”, then we can return to our roots of rugged individualism, cast out the socialists, and let the truly free market return us to prosperity. Enlightened individual self-interest is a powerful engine of prosperity. But, we have to be the “home of the free and land of the brave”.

(1) Let the bad actors in the marketplae fail. Citi, GM, NBC, or whomever has a problem; it’s just that. Their problem. Hard bitter medicine? Yes, but essential into correcting the “moral hazard” that our politicians have allowed to happen.

(2) Restore the “uptick rule” that prevents bear raids. FIre the genius at the Treasury, Fed, SEC that changed that one historical gem of an idea.

(3) Restore the marketplace in mortgages. Home ownership may not be for everyone. 20% down! Review every mortgage for criminal fraud. (Rumor hath it that Organized Crime went into the mortgage business.)

(4) End the “Drug Prohibition” policy. Sorry, but it’s nobody’s business what anyone puts in their own body. Pardon all non-violent drug offenders. Allow WalMart to battle the “illegal violent drug dealers”. (The cost of impure illicit drugs will dissolve overnight when Sam Walton’s children become “drug dealers”.) Clean safe drugs at everyday low prices will take all the profit and sexiness out of the drug culture. Hard to imagine a drug war over aspirin level prices. Pot, heroin, crack, and speed for $4 for a month’s supply? Maybe then as a society, we can focus on the medical problems that addicition represents. And, stop killing children both directly and indirectly. Eleimate all the drug agencies: DEA, FDA, and on and on. Consumers Reports, Underwriters Labratory, and “Drug Stores” like WalMart will do a far better job of keeping us safe.

(5) Downsize governemnt at all levels. Let’s conduct a raid on all these bloated kingdoms of waste. Let’s cut 5% per year. Every year.

(6) Let’s cut taxes. Business tax should be 0, but let’s start but cutting it to 10%. (Ireland is 11%!) We know that businesses don’t pay taxes; people do! Personal income tax ditto 10%. And, ONLY ONE ENTITY can collect our 10%. Either Federal, State, or Local gooferment. How they divide it up I care not, but no more than 10%. Property taxes should also be 0. Let the police, fire, and trash be supplied on a competitive basis.

(7) Let’s all MYOB. Marriage should be left to churches; not the gooferment.

How’s that for an economic recovery plan?

# # # # #

FUN: ISTP is that like an ITSJ?

The analysis indicates that the author of is of the type:

ISTP – The Mechanics


The independent and problem-solving type. They are especially attuned to the demands of the moment are masters of responding to challenges that arise spontaneously. They generally prefer to think things out for themselves and often avoid inter-personal conflicts.

The Mechanics enjoy working together with other independent and highly skilled people and often like seek fun and action both in their work and personal life. They enjoy adventure and risk such as in driving race cars or working as policemen and firefighters.

# # # # #

TECHNOLOGY: Yahoo Group fails to send message!!!

*** begin quote ***

DistributeJasperJottings · Distribute Jasper Jottings

Post Message We’re sorry, but we were unable to complete your request at this time.

If you continue to receive this error for more than 48 hours, please contact our Customer Care team. We apologize for this inconvenience.

*** end quote ***

ARGH! What kind of nonsense is this? No wonder their stock is in the toilet! FORTY EIGHT hours? Are they kidding me? Time to search for alternatives.

# – # – #


The problem is in their “Rich-Text Editor (Beta)”. That allows you to send an HTML message. The old version forces a plain text message. That is working.

# # # #

TECHNOLOGY: Website fraud User Sues; Schoolmates Weren’t Really Looking for Him
By Ryan Singel Email 11.12.08

*** begin quote ***

When told user Anthony Michaels last Christmas Eve that his former school chums were trying to contact him, he pulled out his wallet and upgraded to the premium membership that would let him contact long-lost fifth-grade dodge-ball buddies and see if his secret crush from high school had looked him up online.

But once he’d parted with the $15, Michaels learned the shocking truth: No one he knew was trying to contact him at all.’s come-on was a lie, and he’d been scammed.

{Extraneous Deleted}

*** end quote ***

Instead of NJ chasing after eHarmony for not “servicing” homosexuals, maybe they should chase the corrupt politicians who are stealing our tax dollars. Or, this site that is defrauding folks.

# # # # #

RANT: “Eddy kation” for the hard times ahead

Why School is Bad for Kids
by Rachel Grobstein

The following Op/Ed article appeared in the December, 1999 issue of The Spoke, the student newspaper of Conestoga High School in Berwyn Pennsylvania, and appears here by permission of Rachel Grobstein, who was a sophomore and Spoke Art Editor when the article appeared. The article orginally appeared both in print andon-line

*** begin quote ***

Once upon a time a child is born who, after spending many days blissfully watching how his fingers move and poking at the cat, enters the first year of what will be the focus of the next decade of his life: school.

And so, as he embarks upon his educational career, he learns many things.

First of all, he’s taught that there’s a difference between learning and living – as if learning is here in the school building, and living is outside, and there’s no correlation between the two.

As if what he did for the first five years of his life – like discovering language – wasn’t learning at all.

He learn that to be confused or wrong is a crime. The school wants Right Answers, and he learns countless ways to con the teacher into thinking he knows something he doesn’t; he learns to bluff and cheat.

He also learns to be lazy. Before school began he worked for hours and hours, with no thought of reward, to make sense of the world. But in school he learns that no one does anything they don’t have to and he learns to be bored.

Poor guy.

*** and ***

Because essentially, however grading may be justified or supplemented with explanations, it shows the student that what counts in the end is not whether he has learned the material and will apply it or use it to enrich his life, but that a high number will get him into a good college.

How do you truly measure what someone knows? In the words of Holt: “Let the child learn what every educated person must someday learn, how to measure his own understanding.”

What, after all, is the goal of education? Making honor role? Or making sense of the world?

*** end quote ***

Silly writer! (Like the Trix commercial. Silly rabbit, Trix re for kids.) “Education” is for the teacher’s union and their politicians.

It has NOTHING to do with educating anyone. It’s sole purpose is to create a dumbed down population suitable to being led by the elite. (Where do the politicians send THEIR kids? The Kennedys, Kerrys, Bushes, and Obamas? Not to YOUR school! Last one to do that was Jimmy Carter and look where Amy is; as opposed to Carolyn Kennedy!)

No, the American education paradigm was Horace Mann lifting the Prussian model to create good soldiers (i.e., cannon fodder) and factory workers (i.e., “human resources”) that could be easily led “by their betters”. Argh!

In case anyone hasn’t noticed. It ain’t the 1800’s. We don’t need no “factory workers”. Never “needed” cannon fodder, but that’s another discussion.

The world has changed so why are we using an “education model” from the last century?

Simple. There is an incestuous relationship between politicians and the teachers’ union. Together they like the current system just fine. The Union gets fatter and the politicians keep getting reelected. Round and round it goes. Decade after decade.

Where does it stop?

When the parasite kills the host, of course. And, “we” are almost there.

In NJ for example, property taxes that fund the “education industry” are at the breaking point. In NJ, after being amused and trained from ages 3 to 22, functional illiterates pop out of the “daycare” (aka, public school system) and can’t find jobs.

Doesn’t anyone notice that this generation will be the first generation that will be worse off than their parents? (I’d say than their great grandparents. At least, those folks could grow their own food.) Does anyone see the key factor that Diamond points out as one of the factors in societal collapse? Have with our “education” system literally “sawed down the the last tree on Easter Island”?

We have a large population of “idiots” running around unemployable and thinking they actually know something. Ask them to make change or list to them attempt to articulate their frustration by writing something. Anything? Read their “totem poles” on MySpace, Facebook, or blogs. It’s sad.

They have been deluded into think that they are actually thinking.

So, one can’t just kvetch. One has to offer solutions.

(1) Stop paying for the “education” of others. Parents had ’em. They should pay to educate them. Sorry, but the only way to get a better educated population is to put the people in charge who will really care that it gets done. When people spend their own money, it is truly amazing how demanding they become.

(2) Parents need to realize that they and their children are being defrauded by “public education”. They need to be Hercules cleaning the Aegean stable getting what their children need to succeed.

(3) Children need to wise up that they are getting screwed. Instead of a tattoo, they need to “educate” themselves. And not about American Idol. or what the latest Hollywood harlot is doing. They need to learn that when ANY politician’s lips move, they are lying. And, they need to seek to educate themselves for the hard times ahead.


# # # # #

JOBSEARCH: Free ebook on topic

*** begin quote ***

Jonathan Fields has launched the Career Renegade site, and with it he’s giving away a great free ebook called the Fire Fly Manifesto

*** and ***

… shows us that this bad economy, downsizing and all, is actually a great opportunity to do a whole bunch of things with your career, if you look at things in a new way.

*** end quote ***

I’m reading it now.

# # # # #

INTERESTING: Kudos to RU; Princeton embarassment

No. 3/2 Rutgers Trounces Princeton, 83-35
Posted on 11/18/2008 10:13:32 PM

*** begin quote ***

PISCATAWAY, N.J. – Three players scored in double figures as No. 3/2 Rutgers cruised to an 83-35 win over intra-state rival Princeton on Tuesday evening at the Louis Brown Athletic Center.

*** end quote ***

The game was unremarkable. RU overmatched Princeton.

But that was not what I found interesting.

It was the National Anthem.

RU lined up properly and respectfully. The Princeton team was disrespectfully apparently ignorant of the proper protocol.

Interesting to see the government minions have been doing their brainwashing job in RU’s case and not in Pton’s case. Because the gooferment is heavily involved in what they call “education”, I call them “minions”.

Just interesting, disrespect of the anthem is a strange and interesting phenom?

# # # # #

RANT: We can’t afford ANY “bailouts”

Why the Big 3 Bailout is Bullshit: Cadillacs Made in China
By nostalgiphile in MLP
Wed Nov 19, 2008 at 05:02:40 AM EST

Tags: bankruptcy, automobiles, Japan, made in China, Detroit, YFI (all tags)

*** begin quote ***

First, they say that between 160,000 and 3 million manufacturing jobs are on the line, but then turn around and blame the unions (the organization that represents those workers). In fact, foreign (mainly Japanese) automakers employ almost as many Americans as the “Big 3” do (113,000). Helping GM, Ford, and Chrysler could actually hurt those American auto-workers at non-Big 3 factories.

*** end quote ***

These “bailouts” are wrong on so many levels it’s hard to find a positive reason FOR them.

My pocketbook can’t afford it. So, sorry Chapter 11.

# # # # #

TECHNOLOGY: Missed opportunity

`$100 laptop’ group reboots Give 1 Get 1 offer
Nov 18, 12:06 AM (ET)

*** begin quote ***

SEATTLE (AP) – The One Laptop Per Child project is set to resume its Give One Get One promotion for its kid-friendly computers Monday with logistics help from Web retailer Inc.

*** end quote ***

Boy, did they miss their opportunity. I tried to get some last year. Argh! Now with the various alternatives, they have missed the boat.

# # # # #

RANT: Taking on the RIAA

Nov 17, 7:22 AM EST
Law professor fires back at song-swapping lawsuits
Associated Press Writer

*** begin quote ***

Nesson argues that the Digital Theft Deterrence and Copyright Damages Improvement Act of 1999 is unconstitutional because it effectively lets a private group – the Recording Industry Association of America, or RIAA – carry out civil enforcement of a criminal law. He also says the music industry group abused the legal process by brandishing the prospects of lengthy and costly lawsuits in an effort to intimidate people into settling cases out of court.

*** end quote ***

Like to see the RIAA get taken to the woodshed.

# # # # #

RANT: When Alzheimer’s Hits at 40

When Alzheimer’s Hits at 40

*** begin quote ***

One evening in 2003, after yet another test, a type of brain scan called a positron emission tomography, Mr. Kammerer’s physician called. Sitting in their bedroom, Mr. and Mrs. Kammerer got on separate phones to listen in.

“Mrs. Kammerer, I have some terrible news,” she remembers the doctor saying. “I believe your husband has Alzheimer’s.”

Mrs. Kammerer dropped to her knees. She recalls that her husband didn’t understand what was going on and told the doctor, “You have to hold on, something’s wrong with my wife.” They locked the bedroom door so the children couldn’t walk in. After Mrs. Kammerer explained to her husband that he had been diagnosed with a form of dementia, they sat quietly. “Your life kind of flashes before your eyes,” she says.

Mr. Kammerer had private disability insurance, but he relied on his job at Clipper for the family’s health insurance. Another significant concern was the cost of the children’s private school education. Mr. Kammerer decided to work as long as possible.

*** end quote ***

This story has lessons on so MANY levels:

(1) Medicine ain’t science.

(2) We have no idea of the really BAD things that can happen to us out of the blue.

(3) What we call “bad” is at worst a speed bump in our daily lives and probably a petty annoyance.

(4) Disability insurance is “cheap” insurance; like life insurance.

(5) You are the expert on “you” and how you feel.

Prayers have to go out to this family.

# # # # #

LIBERTY: Time to end “government education”?

>The book is called “Raising the
>Grade: How High School Reform Can
>Save Our Youth and Our Nation.”

Maybe as a society, we are finally going to escape the “government education” paradigm. We can’t ‘afford’ it from both the input side (i.e., taxes) and the output (i.e., quality of what it produces). Socialists have used it to undermine our national commitment to individual achievement and rugged individualism that made America great. And, put them in control of everyone’s lives.

The purposes of the education system we imported from Prussia was to make cannon fodder soldiers and malleable factory workers. All that could be easily let by a powerful “elite”. Seems to have worked.

Unfortunately, cannon fodder soldiers are not how wars are fought today. Factory workers don’t exist any more in the USA. And that “smart elite” isn’t very ‘smart’ and have clay feet.

Time for a paradigm shift? Not just more meaningless diplomas.


# # # # #