WEBSITE: Collecting “social media” information

What is Retaggr about?

* Unifying your online profiles. Bring all your profiles on all your sevices into one place, so the world can find out who you are, and connect with you.

* We’re not another social network. You already have your profiles all over the web. We help consolidate your identity.

* We give you a bunch of tools to do so. Retaggr widgets, badges, an email signature, the Add Me Button, and of course, your rich, interactive Profile Card.

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Interesting. I added their widget to the right column. We’ll see if it’s used at all?

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LIBERTY: End the drug war now!

Bush ‘pardons’ his last Thanksgiving turkey

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WASHINGTON (AFP) — With nostalgic words, US President George W. Bush Wednesday pardoned his last national Thanksgiving turkey, which will now fly first-class to Disneyland in California instead of ending up on a dinner table.

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Would be nice if he did the same for all non-violent drug offenders.

Like that’s ever going to happen.

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