Downloaded the latest release. Some platform problems getting it down, but got it. Luggable comes up on the live distribution clean. Connected to the home wireless network by selecting the network and supplying the admission password. Looks like we have something that will be my “production” release for my secondary desktop. Good bye Microsoft is on the horizon!

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New MP3 logo gets online support

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Seven of Britain’s largest music download sites have got together to promote a new “MP3 compatible” logo.

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No DRMs for me. I’ve been fooled too many times. I have load of cassettes with great content; don’t lock me in. Argh!

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MONEY: Principal Group?

On Bob Brinker’s radio program today, during the second hour, had a caller call and report that one of the Principal Group’s Stable Value Funds was refusing redemptions. That’s earthshaking. Bob advise legal counsel be retained. Doesn’t sound good for Principal?

Also, on the show, a caller reported a 30+% loss in an California Muncipal Money Market fund. That shouldn’t be possible?

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