POLITICAL: Obama is Just One Vote Away in Ga. from Total Control

POLITICAL: Obama is Just One Vote Away in Ga. from Total Control

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Any one in Georgia?

While I think their suggested tag line is a little over the top, it does have an element of truth to it. I’m a little L libertarian; not a D or an R. BUT, it would be nice to deny either the D’s or the R’s that filibuster 60th Senate vote. Divided, stuck, squabbling government is my preference.

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RANT: Don’t bailout the UAW!


Look! There’s Another Wolf! No, I Just Saw Him, Behind That Tree!
by Vin Suprynowicz

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Once Congress steps in and forestall the orderly, deliberative process of bankruptcy relief, we’ll likely end up with white elephant auto plants in Detroit that will never again compete on true cost and quality with free-market factories elsewhere, instead turning out “fuel-efficient, green” cars consumers don’t want, under management by a consortium of federal bureaucrats and the labor unions, abetted by a bunch of hollow public relations happy-talk.

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And, that’s why we don’t want Congress to bailout the UAW!

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