PRODUCTIVITY: Getting refocused?

What Do We Worry About?

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When it comes to worry, studies have shown the following statistics:

40% never happens – so in essence we are wasting our time by worrying.

30% of what we worry about has already happened. Learn to “let go” and forgive yourself and others. You cannot change the past – no one can. Accept it for what it is and go on.

12% are needless worries, such as what someone else thinks about us.

10% are petty and unimportant such as we worry about what’s for dinner, we worry about being late, we worry about what to wear.

8% of what we worry about actually happens. Of this percentage…

4% of our worries that happen are beyond our control. We cannot change the outcome. These worries may include our health, the death of a loved one or an impending natural disaster. Often times the reality of these events are more bearable than the worry.

4% of what we worry about we have some if not all control over the results. Basically I think this is the consequences of our actions or inaction on the problems and challenges we face.

Given these statistics, you may find it worthwhile asking the following questions:

* How many times do we work ourselves into frenzy over a situation that is beyond our control?

* Why do we allow worry to stress us out so much that we become ill?

* Why do we waste our mental energy with worry?

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I remember reading this. I have no idea if the stats are right. But, I’m internalizing it as I get refocused. Argh!

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GUNS: India has strict “gun control”? Guess that doesn’t work 100%!


Indian forces kill last gunmen in Mumbai Indian forces kill last gunmen in Mumbai

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MUMBAI, India (AP) – A 60-hour terror rampage that killed at least 195 people across India’s financial capital ended Saturday when commandos killed the last three gunmen inside a luxury hotel while it was engulfed in flames. Authorities searched for any remaining captives hiding in their rooms and…

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I don’t see any mention in the liberal biased mainstream press (but, as mark twain said, i repeat myself), abotu the draconian gun control laws in India.

Guess we can’t trust victims to defend themselves.

Wonder how this disaster might have turned out?


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