RANT: We have an “economic illiterate” as US Senator!



November 04, 2008

How stupid is Senator Menendez?

Larrey Anderson

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Either he is stupid or he is intentionally confusing the difference between the income tax and capital gains taxes.

Watch this interview of Senator Robert Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat, by Neil Cavuto on FOX news.

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Well, we have Lautenberg too.

<Just shaking my head!>

I don’t think we have ANYTHING to worry about. There won’t be any tax cuts period.

Then sheeple have been fooled again.

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POLITICAL: Who’s to blame for the election?

Well. clearly, the McCain campaign was a disaster, but is it all his fault.

(1) The liberal media certainly was Obama’s chief cheerleader.

(2) George Bush made his first mistake when there was no viable VP to take over for him.

(3) George Bush was a closet liberal. He didn’t govern as a “conservative”; compassionate or otherwise.

(4) The failure to regulate the mortgage market with a simple effective “damping” of the sub-prime mortgage market was a critical gooferment failure. NINJA loans were a well known scandal. The Fed could have put in a minimum percentage down payment rule; akin to its margin requirement rule. Congress — being paid off by Fannie and Freddie — could have passed restraining legislation; at least to divide Fannie and Freddie into small regional competitors. The Judiciary could have found that loan agreements that had negative amortization, adjustable into the sky, or other terms as unenforceable as “fraudulent” or “unsuitable”. So there’s enough blame to go around.

(5) The sheeple are easily led. A victory for the dis-education system of Horace Mann. It’s created uncritical voters who are easily swung by emotional media.

The question becomes what will the Republican / December duopoly? Does Liberty have a doorway to slip through with the demolition of the Republican Party and will the Democrats be destroyed by success?

Out of the rubble can Liberty activists forge a new path to a voluntary society?

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