RANT: Education’s value


Tuesday, November 04, 2008
Mike for President
Dave Opton
Norwalk, Connecticut

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Anyway, what caught my eye was not just the subject which I found of immediate interest, but after reading it, I was pleased to see that he too was pounding the drum on one of the subjects about which readers of this blog will recognize as one about which I have pretty strong feelings – read public education.

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Sorry, but I don’t expect the Teacher’s Union to allow any fundamental shift in “education” policy.

If we have any hope, it will be from parents refusing, or being unable, to pay for “education” that doesn’t have an ROI. If we have any hope, it will be the children realizing that the “eduction” being offered them is a time waster and the strike out on their own. If we have any hope, it will be from the pre-College students refusing to take on the debt load for an education that doesn’t have an ROI.

In short, not a lot of hope.

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