LIBERTY: Time to end “government education”?

>The book is called “Raising the
>Grade: How High School Reform Can
>Save Our Youth and Our Nation.”

Maybe as a society, we are finally going to escape the “government education” paradigm. We can’t ‘afford’ it from both the input side (i.e., taxes) and the output (i.e., quality of what it produces). Socialists have used it to undermine our national commitment to individual achievement and rugged individualism that made America great. And, put them in control of everyone’s lives.

The purposes of the education system we imported from Prussia was to make cannon fodder soldiers and malleable factory workers. All that could be easily let by a powerful “elite”. Seems to have worked.

Unfortunately, cannon fodder soldiers are not how wars are fought today. Factory workers don’t exist any more in the USA. And that “smart elite” isn’t very ‘smart’ and have clay feet.

Time for a paradigm shift? Not just more meaningless diplomas.


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RANT: 90 days in prison for refusing to stand

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal” is a concept taught in American schools as a fundamental truth that all people are deserving of respect and life and prosperity. Why then is Ian Freeman in prison for the next 100 days?

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Here’s the video! I still think this is an over-reaction by the gooferment. Like Gandhi, Ian is showing them up for what they are. A gang writ large.

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RANT: 100 days for contempt?

90 days in prison for refusing to stand
Monochrome Mentality

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Today, Ian appeared at their trial and intended only on calling the damaged person making a complaint against him. He never got that far, it seems. In keeping with the doctrine of “all men created equal”, Ian Freeman refused to stand for the man called “Judge”. It would be considered rude to refuse a hand extended to you in greeting, yet this man called “Judge” did not greet Ian by standing. Instead, he decided that Ian’s refusal to stand was somehow and offense, and then proceeded to instruct some other men to arrest him. They ushered him off to a separate room for the supposed “trial”.

*** and ***

In this private back room, the man called “Judge” convicted Ian of three counts of “contempt of court” (why shouldn’t an ethical person be contemptuous of men using violence and threats to tell other men what they’re allowed to store their property?) and sentenced him to 90 days in prison with fines with an additional 10 days in the cage for refusal to give the government people some of his money.

Welcome to the United Socialist States of America. The government people own your property. They dictate to you what you can do on your own land. You no longer have to hurt someone to have the government people turn against and hurt you. You have no right to confront your accuser. There no longer need even be an accuser, no injured party. You have no right to a public trial. “We will use force against you” the government people are saying “if you don’t obey us.”

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Clearly, Ian picked his line in the sand. The gang that called itself “government” struck back. They can’t have any one pulling back the curtain and showing them up for what they really are. Thugs!

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