Autopsy performed on UD freshman By John Lewis

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Authorities were looking into the possibility of an alcohol overdose in the death of the freshman from Kendall Park, New Jersey.

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Does any politician who has voted for “drinking age restriction” feel any shame about the death of this young man?

Of course not!

No one holds them accountable!

If there was no “drinking age” — an absurd concept since you can’t keep people from putting stuff in their bodies; you can make it difficult or more expensive, but you can’t stop it with a law!! Suppose “children” were allowed to drink anything, anytime, anywhere. Would they drink? Sure. They do NOW! Only an “ostrich” would think differently.

So, make the drinking age ZERO and let people learn in much safer circumstances. We don’t hear of European kids binge drinking themselves to death. Do we?

I remember as a sixteen year old going to Nevada where I could drive as fast as I wanted on the open high way, drink, and gamble. They even had no age on the “chicken ranches”, but my Mom wouldn’t have approved.

A much “free-er”, and safer time!

Victimless crimes have terrible consequences!


I pray for this poor lad and his parents. A casualty of gooferment!

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