RANT: Lawrence Taylor — a sad pathetic image of a past idol

Imus roasted him yday. (Rightly so.)

His sidekick whined that Taylor was getting a raw deal.

They played a clip, where Taylor says: “Everybody does it.”

Nope, sorry, I don’t! I have to much respect for the role of women in human civilization.

All that being said, as a little L libertarian, being pro-choice on everything that doesn’t hurt another human being, prostitution could be a victimless crime. If, and only if, the Gooferment took it guns and went home.

Nevada has legal prostitution and you never ever hear anything about it. If Nevada, why not everywhere else.

Consenting adults. Harming no one else.

Just don’t ask me to pay for your problems that arise from it.

Pimps, public prostitution, disease, Johns, and a ton of police hours wasted on attempting to legislate morality and curb the “oldest profession”.

Only the Gooferment could be this stupid!

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POLITICAL: My economic recovery plan


Fallen Angel
by George Giles

*** begin quote ***

Our one party has two wings blue state socialists and red state fascists, they only disagree on minor conjectures like should we fleece the public fisc through the Federal Reserve, or the Internal Revenue service, or both?

*** and ***

If eternal vigilance is the price of liberty then Americans, as a culture, have been found wanting. The immense debt, the vanishing equity, and the struggling economic infrastructure are the waves upon which our ship of state sails.

*** end quote ***

Wonder if the sheeple will realize they have been had? If we have faith in the “American experiment”, then we can return to our roots of rugged individualism, cast out the socialists, and let the truly free market return us to prosperity. Enlightened individual self-interest is a powerful engine of prosperity. But, we have to be the “home of the free and land of the brave”.

(1) Let the bad actors in the marketplae fail. Citi, GM, NBC, or whomever has a problem; it’s just that. Their problem. Hard bitter medicine? Yes, but essential into correcting the “moral hazard” that our politicians have allowed to happen.

(2) Restore the “uptick rule” that prevents bear raids. FIre the genius at the Treasury, Fed, SEC that changed that one historical gem of an idea.

(3) Restore the marketplace in mortgages. Home ownership may not be for everyone. 20% down! Review every mortgage for criminal fraud. (Rumor hath it that Organized Crime went into the mortgage business.)

(4) End the “Drug Prohibition” policy. Sorry, but it’s nobody’s business what anyone puts in their own body. Pardon all non-violent drug offenders. Allow WalMart to battle the “illegal violent drug dealers”. (The cost of impure illicit drugs will dissolve overnight when Sam Walton’s children become “drug dealers”.) Clean safe drugs at everyday low prices will take all the profit and sexiness out of the drug culture. Hard to imagine a drug war over aspirin level prices. Pot, heroin, crack, and speed for $4 for a month’s supply? Maybe then as a society, we can focus on the medical problems that addicition represents. And, stop killing children both directly and indirectly. Eleimate all the drug agencies: DEA, FDA, and on and on. Consumers Reports, Underwriters Labratory, and “Drug Stores” like WalMart will do a far better job of keeping us safe.

(5) Downsize governemnt at all levels. Let’s conduct a raid on all these bloated kingdoms of waste. Let’s cut 5% per year. Every year.

(6) Let’s cut taxes. Business tax should be 0, but let’s start but cutting it to 10%. (Ireland is 11%!) We know that businesses don’t pay taxes; people do! Personal income tax ditto 10%. And, ONLY ONE ENTITY can collect our 10%. Either Federal, State, or Local gooferment. How they divide it up I care not, but no more than 10%. Property taxes should also be 0. Let the police, fire, and trash be supplied on a competitive basis.

(7) Let’s all MYOB. Marriage should be left to churches; not the gooferment.

How’s that for an economic recovery plan?

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Autopsy performed on UD freshman By John Lewis

*** begin quote ***

Authorities were looking into the possibility of an alcohol overdose in the death of the freshman from Kendall Park, New Jersey.

*** end quote ***

Does any politician who has voted for “drinking age restriction” feel any shame about the death of this young man?

Of course not!

No one holds them accountable!

If there was no “drinking age” — an absurd concept since you can’t keep people from putting stuff in their bodies; you can make it difficult or more expensive, but you can’t stop it with a law!! Suppose “children” were allowed to drink anything, anytime, anywhere. Would they drink? Sure. They do NOW! Only an “ostrich” would think differently.

So, make the drinking age ZERO and let people learn in much safer circumstances. We don’t hear of European kids binge drinking themselves to death. Do we?

I remember as a sixteen year old going to Nevada where I could drive as fast as I wanted on the open high way, drink, and gamble. They even had no age on the “chicken ranches”, but my Mom wouldn’t have approved.

A much “free-er”, and safer time!

Victimless crimes have terrible consequences!


I pray for this poor lad and his parents. A casualty of gooferment!

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