RANT: Cut the Gooferment; taxes will follow


* OCTOBER 1, 2010
The Twister of 2010
America’s political landscape will never be the same.

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The primary reason is the severity of the moment. But another is that negative ads worked so well in the past. For a generation, the American people have been told their politicians are lowlifes. You know what they now think of them? They think they’re lowlifes! People don’t really expect high character from their political figures anymore. “Congressman Smith cheated on his wife.” That’s her problem. Cut my taxes.

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I think Ms. Noonan understates the demand.

It’s no longer JUST “cut my taxes”. I think the Tea Parties are now on to the game. It’s cut spending, cut taxes, and cut out all the other “barbara streisand”.

See we were fooled under Reagan, who cut taxes, but not spending. The tax and spend Democrats were repelaced by the borrow and spend Republicans.

So, the meme has changed.

Reduce Gooferment and taxes will come along naturally.

I always find it interesting that the Gooferment “cuts” (what I would call) Customer facing services. They want the Taxpayer and Taxconsumer to say I want that. (When I was on Wall Street if I’d done that, I’d have been looking for a job. The challenge was always to cut your budget WITHOUT cutting services. Figure it out.)

“We, The People” seem to be on the warpath to cut everything.

Is this a glacial shift? Yes. Will it last? Yes. (Our parent’s generation was scared by the Depression; we’ll be too.)

Will it be enough to save the Republic? I don’t know!

When the Gooferment shuts down the Federal Department of Education, then we will be on the road to recovery.

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TECHNOLOGY: A cost effective $23 stove

Wall Street Journal
Tuesday 20 Oct 09
Page A1 and A18

(behind a paywall)

Has an article about selling things to the poor at prices they can afford.

Here’s two of the products.  

http://www.instructables.com/community/Oorja-Stove-taking-off-in-India/ $28

http://www.naaptol.com/brands/WO-Brands-W77O-Brands-shopping-W139O/Godrej/Refrigerators.html $70

“Marketing ice to eskimos”?

Here are companies making stuff for poor people.

Since we in the good old US of A are poor, (just look at the dollar), maybe someone should be doing this here?

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JOBSEARCH: Turkeys must plan for “retirement” at 50!


Early retirement claims increase dramatically

Instead of working longer as the economy worsens, more Americans are calling it quits before age 66. The ramifications could be profound for the retirees, families, government and social institutions.

By Mike Dorning

May 24, 2009

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Once they lose their jobs, older workers have a harder time finding new ones. On average, it takes laid-off workers 55 and older nearly a month longer than their younger counterparts to find new employment, and the gulf has been growing recently, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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I’m much more skeptical than the BLS.

For turkeys (i.e., fat old white guys who had high paying jobs), they must plan, that when they lose their current job (as they surely will), for the contingency that thewill be unable to find another.


Not one at a lesser pay. Not one that is “yuckier”. Not one that is “elsewhere”.

No, they may never find another one at all.

That has terrible ramifications.

That means at age 50 or later, what ever you have is all that you will ever get. That means at 50, you may never have health insurance again. That means at 50, you will begin to draw against your “pot of gold” (i.e., your total savings and investments).

You may have to be the Greeter at WalMart to permit yourself the luxury of dining on the expensive dog food.

You may, in fact, be on welfare and / or food stamps in your not-so “Golden Years”.

You may be “medically bankrupt” if you get sick without insurance.

Sacred yet. You should be.

Immediately, turkeys using my not-patented not-copyrighted formula for “job replacement interval” —

{For those, who aren’t aficionados of the Big Turkey’s methodology for calculating “job replacement interval”. Using my patented and copyrighted methodology, you can easily determine how many months YOU will need to find a new job. That is a function of: Annual Salary; the likelihood of a layoff in your company, industry, or skill set; the ease of finding another job in their skill set; their age; and the economy.}

— I’m adjusting the age penalty formula from (Less than 40 is 1; 41 to 49 is 2; 50 to 57 is 3; 57 and up is 4) to (Less than 40 is 1; 41 to 45 is 2; 45-50 = 4, 51-55=8, 51-55=16, 56-60=32, and 61 is 64).

Yes, after 56, I don’t think you can get another job again ever.

My formula may be wrong, but it should serve as a wake up call.

Plan as if there was no job to work at tomorrow. There may well not be.

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JOBSEARCH: H1Bs benefit at the expense of American workers?


Senator Prods Microsoft On H-1B Visas After Layoff Plans Posted by Soulskill on Saturday January 24, @08:18AM

from the checking-their-priorities dept.

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CWmike writes “US Sen. Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) told Microsoft this week that US citizens should get priority over H-1B visa holders as the software vendor moves forward on its plan to cut 5,000 jobs. ‘These work visa programs were never intended to allow a company to retain foreign guest workers rather than similarly qualified American workers, when that company cuts jobs during an economic downturn,’ Grassley wrote in a letter sent Thursday to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. The letter asked Microsoft to detail the types of jobs that will be eliminated and how those cuts will affect the company’s H-1B workers.”

Reader theodp adds, “On Friday, Microsoft coincidentally announced it would postpone construction of a planned $500 million data center in Grassley’s home state of Iowa, although work on data centers in Chicago and Dublin will continue.”

*** end quote ***

Sounds like the “barbara streisand” is going to hit the proverbial fan.

I’m no fan of gooferment action. But corporations are creations of the gooferment.

Sounds like INS should yank 5k of H1Bs serving Microsoft. Today!?!


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RANT: Judge Green’s Bell breakup did more than ruin people’s lives.


News Discussion: AT&T Alumni
Does the AT&T Break UP Still Matter? – NYTimes.com
From: New York Times | December 19, 2008

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   When AT&T grudgingly agreed to break itself up 25 years ago, it was seen as a truly momentous event in the history of the teleco Read more at New York Times »

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Gene Russell
   * This article was submitted on December 19, 2008 at 09:00 AM PST

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I wrote the marketing and financial sections of the Pacific Telephone & Telegraph “Evaluation of Post Divestiture Provision of Customer Premises Equipment” Business Plan while on Jim Moberg’s team reporting to Sam Ginn. Ultimately many of Judge Green’s rules and regulations destroyed a lot of business strength and growth opportunities. For example the newly minted baby Bells were prohibited from manufacturing telephone equipment i.e. CPE. Ultimately we went off shore and created an intense stream of jobs to go away. We went to LG in Korea, some minor players in Hong Kong and ultimately to China. This lightly written and short article needs a much more serious study and review of all aspects of the break up, the restrictive rules imposed by a Judge without a business background. Many people speak about the break up in terms of their personal experience with their phone and phone service. The deeper industrial and corporate wastage and inefficiencies need to be given serous academic review. PhD proposal anyone?

By Gene Russell President and CEO

*** end quote ***

I know first hand the personal disruption this caused. Family and friends were hurt. I landed on my feet. In some ways, much better off. However, those friends and family never recovered. My mom was forced out after 45 years. She was expecting to work for another 5 years. They did give her 2 years pay. But, she was “her job” and never recovered. My friend was bounced around, ill-treated in the spin outs, and basically tossed. He was out for several years trying to find a slot. There went his “retirement”.

As a country, having been at the Labs a few times, that was the country’s crown jewel. That was nuked.

Western Electric, the manufacturing arm, was nuked as well.

A tremendous cost in people, hardware, and potential.

Down the drain by a bureaucrat in a funny dress.


Collective stupidity.

Supposedly to save money?

I just shake my head.

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JOBSEARCH: Recent advice to a new “turkey”

— In MyVirtualPowerForum, I wrote:

> > Jackie,
> > If I were you,
> > FIRST: I’d PUT JACKIE FIRST – I’m aware that this position may be

With all due deference, politeness, and know I may upset the tender sensibilities of the readers …

Dear Ms. Jackie:


They have just “voted you off the island” and your worried about doing a good job for them?

Are you NUTS?

Yeah, you want your thirty days of continuing paychecks, BUT, (there is always a big butt), you have to “look out for Numero Uno.

You need to do a “wet ware control alt delete”. Force Quit all the obsolete notions of employment loyalty of yesteryear. (“I love you my company. You my company love me. Oh how happy we will be … as you send me over Niagara falls sans barrel.”) Don’t sing the company song on the way to the firing squad.

You have a long road to travel. I’ve been down it 6 times and am currently going down it. The “trash-situation-transition road”. Been there, done that, and have the tshirt. And the scars to show for it.

By way of help:

(1) I have a “turkey farm” (that what job seekers are) (Me included!) http://tinyurl.com/lxu93 Feel free to browse and “steal” anything useful.

(2) Feel free to LINKEDIN to me “reinkefj”. Send me an invite.

(3) Listen to VW’s sage advice. (VW: I’d have said “assess financial status” first. Then get working. Need to know how close this shave is going to be.)

(4) Browse the state unemployment website NOW. On company time. They have a check for you. Understand exactly when you can get it and what you have to do for it. They don’t make it easy. But it’s gotten easier over the years. I know personally!

(5) DON’T spend money for “job search” help without vetting it here FIRST. I know the WSAs, the “get a job fast” industry, and “work at home” “barbara streisand” is VERY attractive but it’s designed to separate you from your money and it wastes your time and attention. You may need help with a resume. But that is NOT your immediate need. And, that is relatively cheap. (The good ones that is. Some are overpriced at any price because you do all the work.)   I don’t want to overload you with too much, but you need to quickly reorient yourself to the real world, figure out your Life’s Goals, define your Unique Value Proposition (I see everyone rolling their eyes!) to state what you are going to do to release value, and your Unique Sales Proposition (More eye rolling, I see) to state how you are going to “sell” yourself. Then get going.

Feel free to use me or my stuff or my network. And remember these lessons forever. Unfortunately, too many of our fellow turkeys fall into that old thinking immediately after they land.

We are a nation of “consultants” now. Very short term ones at that!

Best of luck,
the big fat old turkey hisself

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PRODUCTIVITY: Leaders empower their people


Tuesday, December 09, 2008
The Best Email of the Day Award

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…Goes to Peter Clayton, producer/host of Total Picture Radio. It needs no further commentary from me as it eloquently speaks for itself. Good on ‘ya Peter.

“Capital goes where it’s welcome and stays where it’s well treated.” Walter B. Wriston

Dear Dave,

When “The Citi Never Sleeps” ad campaign was first launched in 1978, Walter Wriston was running the place, and the motto had real meaning. Wriston was highly regarded, as was the institution he lead. Citibank / Citicorp was a cherished brand by its employees and a respected competitor in the financial services industry. Citibank had a unique, authentic, brand identity

*** and ***

According to David, “82% of shareholder value is intangible.” According to John, one-third of all shareholder value is attributed to “brand.
“So here’s an idea I’d like your help with: If we could find 24,000 Citibank employees willing to donate $10 each into a fund to “keep the trains running,” it might give the employees of this beleaguered institution something to be proud of, and smile about. I bet through Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, and Facebook we could mobilize enough Citibankers to take up the cause. Next year, the Holiday Trains at Citigroup Center exhibit could be “In memory of Walter B. Wriston.” The fund could be set-up as an old-fashioned “Christmas Savings Account.”
*** end quote ***

Dave always finds the great challenging ideas. Worth every nickel of my free RSS subscription.
It is clear that the current crop of “leaders” isn’t worth the power to blow them over. Poof! They’re gone. Gone; absconding with the salary, bonus, options, perks, and benefits. (I laffed at the Ford guy taking a $1/year! If the Congress MYOBed and Ford had to do Chapter 11, he could wave “bye” to his stock and options.)
It’s sad that “leaders” are so dishonest.
The time of large corporations is so OVER!
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MONEY: H.R. 2755: Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act


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You might also ask your US Representative to co-sponsor the Bill to Abolish the Fed. So far Ron Paul’s Bill has no co-sponsor. What does that tell us?

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[JR: That politicians are happy with the blank check that the current system provides them? ]


*** begin quote ***

Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act – Abolishes the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and each Federal reserve bank.

Repeals the Federal Reserve Act.

This bill is in the first step in the legislative process. Introduced bills go first to committees that deliberate, investigate, and revise them before they go to general debate. The majority of bills never make it out of committee.

*** end quote ***


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NJ: Lonegan NJ Guv candidate — for lower taxes!


Steve Lonegan
Republican for Governor

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Where Steve Stands On The Issues

Steve Lonegan is New Jersey’s number one fighter for overtaxed working families fed up with high taxes and an intrusive state government.

People know Steve Lonegan as a man of action — a champion for working families who don’t understand why their taxes keep going up and up.

Lonegan is a conservative concerned that state government has grown too big and out of control.

For too long, taxpayers have looked at Trenton as a hostile force working against the interests of working families and local towns. Those days will end when Steve Lonegan is Governor and taxpayers will finally have a friend in Trenton.

Thanks to Jon Corzine and his fellow liberals, New Jersey now has the worst small business taxes as well as the highest state and local taxes. Under Corzine and the Democrats, state government spending has increased from $21 Billion to $33 Billion — a 57 percent increase in just 8 years!

As Governor, Steve will put an end to out-of-control spending. Lonegan will veto liberal spending programs, eliminate wasteful agencies and completely overhaul state government.

New regulations on small business owners from landscapers to fitness trainers will be overturned. Regulations forcing high-density, Low Income Housing projects on our suburban towns will be repealed.

{Extraneous Deleted}

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Sounds good to me.

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POLITICAL: My economic recovery plan


Fallen Angel
by George Giles

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Our one party has two wings blue state socialists and red state fascists, they only disagree on minor conjectures like should we fleece the public fisc through the Federal Reserve, or the Internal Revenue service, or both?

*** and ***

If eternal vigilance is the price of liberty then Americans, as a culture, have been found wanting. The immense debt, the vanishing equity, and the struggling economic infrastructure are the waves upon which our ship of state sails.

*** end quote ***

Wonder if the sheeple will realize they have been had? If we have faith in the “American experiment”, then we can return to our roots of rugged individualism, cast out the socialists, and let the truly free market return us to prosperity. Enlightened individual self-interest is a powerful engine of prosperity. But, we have to be the “home of the free and land of the brave”.

(1) Let the bad actors in the marketplae fail. Citi, GM, NBC, or whomever has a problem; it’s just that. Their problem. Hard bitter medicine? Yes, but essential into correcting the “moral hazard” that our politicians have allowed to happen.

(2) Restore the “uptick rule” that prevents bear raids. FIre the genius at the Treasury, Fed, SEC that changed that one historical gem of an idea.

(3) Restore the marketplace in mortgages. Home ownership may not be for everyone. 20% down! Review every mortgage for criminal fraud. (Rumor hath it that Organized Crime went into the mortgage business.)

(4) End the “Drug Prohibition” policy. Sorry, but it’s nobody’s business what anyone puts in their own body. Pardon all non-violent drug offenders. Allow WalMart to battle the “illegal violent drug dealers”. (The cost of impure illicit drugs will dissolve overnight when Sam Walton’s children become “drug dealers”.) Clean safe drugs at everyday low prices will take all the profit and sexiness out of the drug culture. Hard to imagine a drug war over aspirin level prices. Pot, heroin, crack, and speed for $4 for a month’s supply? Maybe then as a society, we can focus on the medical problems that addicition represents. And, stop killing children both directly and indirectly. Eleimate all the drug agencies: DEA, FDA, and on and on. Consumers Reports, Underwriters Labratory, and “Drug Stores” like WalMart will do a far better job of keeping us safe.

(5) Downsize governemnt at all levels. Let’s conduct a raid on all these bloated kingdoms of waste. Let’s cut 5% per year. Every year.

(6) Let’s cut taxes. Business tax should be 0, but let’s start but cutting it to 10%. (Ireland is 11%!) We know that businesses don’t pay taxes; people do! Personal income tax ditto 10%. And, ONLY ONE ENTITY can collect our 10%. Either Federal, State, or Local gooferment. How they divide it up I care not, but no more than 10%. Property taxes should also be 0. Let the police, fire, and trash be supplied on a competitive basis.

(7) Let’s all MYOB. Marriage should be left to churches; not the gooferment.

How’s that for an economic recovery plan?

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JOBSEARCH: Free ebook on topic


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Jonathan Fields has launched the Career Renegade site, and with it he’s giving away a great free ebook called the Fire Fly Manifesto

*** and ***

… shows us that this bad economy, downsizing and all, is actually a great opportunity to do a whole bunch of things with your career, if you look at things in a new way.

*** end quote ***

I’m reading it now.

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