NJ: Lonegan NJ Guv candidate — for lower taxes!


Steve Lonegan
Republican for Governor

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Where Steve Stands On The Issues

Steve Lonegan is New Jersey’s number one fighter for overtaxed working families fed up with high taxes and an intrusive state government.

People know Steve Lonegan as a man of action — a champion for working families who don’t understand why their taxes keep going up and up.

Lonegan is a conservative concerned that state government has grown too big and out of control.

For too long, taxpayers have looked at Trenton as a hostile force working against the interests of working families and local towns. Those days will end when Steve Lonegan is Governor and taxpayers will finally have a friend in Trenton.

Thanks to Jon Corzine and his fellow liberals, New Jersey now has the worst small business taxes as well as the highest state and local taxes. Under Corzine and the Democrats, state government spending has increased from $21 Billion to $33 Billion — a 57 percent increase in just 8 years!

As Governor, Steve will put an end to out-of-control spending. Lonegan will veto liberal spending programs, eliminate wasteful agencies and completely overhaul state government.

New regulations on small business owners from landscapers to fitness trainers will be overturned. Regulations forcing high-density, Low Income Housing projects on our suburban towns will be repealed.

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Sounds good to me.

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2 thoughts on “NJ: Lonegan NJ Guv candidate — for lower taxes!

  1. The problem with NJ is no initative and referendum. We tried to get it but the polititicans refuse it because it is against themselves and their lawmaking power.

    Therefore petitions dont mean anything unless we get a million signatures.

    They tried to recall Corzine thru http://www.recall corzine. com and nothing happened because you needed to have them all notarized inividually.

    The most effective thing we can do is hold another rally in Trenton with notaries there. We need to demand initiative and referendum and we also need property tax reform.

    Remember the big crowd for the pigs rally look at nj101.5 news pictures and the big turnout ( against toll hikes)

    We need to demand property taxes to be lowered with a rally .

    We need to demand reform with health benefits and pension reform for njea. It is our biggest expense and sky is the limit with their benefits.
    Right now we still pay 100 % for teachers premiums. It is rediculous.

    Everyone else pays for premiums dont they ? Trust me I know after 10 years in the inurance industry. NO one gets that kind of perk these days. Generally its 0 to 25 percent for small or maybe 50 percent for a large business.

    No employers contribute 100% but NJEA, but they forget are not their employers ! We are the tax payers.

    Who wants to talk about another rally ?

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