POLITICAL: Think badly about O and get a visit from the Secret Service?


Number 495, November 30, 2008
“The Thought Police have arrived.”

Entering the Age of O-ppression? by William Warren

Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

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“I certainly feel like they were trying to make me be quiet and trying to intimidate me and take away my free speech… That’s what really enraged me is that I thought ‘there’s a lot of people out there that if [the secret service] showed up on their porch, that’s exactly what they’d do—they’d be quiet’… I wasn’t going to be the one.”—Jessica Hughes, in an exclusive interview with ALG News, November 20th, 2008.

In the face of insurmountable intimidation and bullying from armed Obama lieutenants, Jessica Hughes of Lufkin Texas has remained defiant—like any good American who values free speech and views dissent as a patriotic duty.

*** end quote ***

Obviously, things are not going to improve with the “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS” when one doesn’t agree with the Obama “true believers”.

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